Zucchini Breakfast Tacos

Makes 4 big tacos
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Zucchini Breakfast Tacos
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These breakfast tacos are the perfect use for ripe summer zucchini. They are completely loaded with bacon, eggs, mushrooms, avocado, and just enough cheese. The perfect way to start the day!


4-5 strips bacon, cooked
1 medium zucchini, sliced
1/2 red onion, sliced
4 ounces button mushrooms, sliced
1 jalapeno, sliced (optional)
4 large eggs, scrambled
2-3 ounces queso fresco, crumbled
Ripe avocado, diced
Medium corn or flour tortillas


  1. Chop bacon and add to a medium or large skillet over medium-low heat. Cook until bacon is crispy and the fat has rendered out. Remove bacon from the skillet and drain off bacon grease, leaving about two tablespoons in the skillet.
  2. Add sliced zucchini to the skillet and cook over medium heat for about 2-3 minutes per side until the zucchini are charred in spots but not completely soggy.
  3. Remove zucchini and add sliced onions, mushrooms, and jalapenos. Cook until veggies soften and season with a pinch of salt and pepper. There should be enough grease left still at this point to cook the veggies, but if the skillet is very dry, add a drizzle of oil.
  4. Meanwhile, scramble eggs and cook them in a nonstick skillet over low heat until just cooked through.
  5. Assemble tacos by add a layer of egg to each tortilla and top with queso fresco, zucchini, onion mixture, bacon bits, avocado, and chives. Eat immediately!