Slow Roasted Chicken Wings: These are the best wings you can make without a deep fryer and maybe even with one! Fall off the bone tender with an awesome spice rub!

Low and Slow Chicken Wings

Slow Roasted Chicken Wings require a bit of planning, but are hard to mess up and you'll be left with fall-off-the-bone tender wings perfect for game day.

If you’re looking for a quick game day appetizer, chicken wings can almost always be counted on for good eats. Toss them in a fryer, slather them with sauce, serve them with blue cheese, and accept accolades from friends. It’s that easy.

Of course, that requires you to have a deep fryer and be sober enough to deep fry something.

This Slow Roasted Chicken Wings recipe requires almost no thought or skill. It requires a small amount of planning ahead, but other than that it’s about as fail safe as a recipe can get. Instead of cooking the wings in a blazing hot oven or deep fryer, this recipe requires a low and slow bake that results in wings that literally fall off the bone.

You could sauce them, but they don’t really need it. They are perfect with a slightly spicy rub.

Slow Roasted Chicken Wings

These require a bit of planning, but are hard to mess up and you’ll be left with fall-off-the-bone tender wings perfect for game day.
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Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 4 hrs
Total Time 4 hrs 30 mins
Course Appetizers, Side Dishes, Snack Time
Cuisine American
Servings 4 Servings
Yield 3 pounds chicken wings



  • 3 pounds chicken wings
  • 1 tablespoon kosher salt
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon paprika
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • Blue cheese for dipping
  • Hot sauce for serving


  • Preheat oven to 250 °F. In a small bowl, stir together salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, and cumin.
  • Lay out wings on a few baking sheets with wire racks so they are suspended over the baking sheets. Rub wings liberally with spice rub.
  • Bake wings for around 4 hours, rotating every hour or so to make sure they are cooking evenly. Check the wings around 3 and a half hours to make sure they aren’t overcooking.
  • Serve wings immediately with blue cheese dressing and hot sauce if you want. They are great with nothing on them also though.



Serving: 6chicken wingsCalories: 427kcalCarbohydrates: 4gProtein: 35gFat: 30gSaturated Fat: 8gPolyunsaturated Fat: 7gMonounsaturated Fat: 12gTrans Fat: 0.3gCholesterol: 141mgSodium: 1914mgPotassium: 404mgFiber: 2gSugar: 0.4gVitamin A: 1740IUVitamin C: 1mgCalcium: 46mgIron: 3mg
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Slow Roasted Chicken Wings

The Rub

Before we talk about the wings, let’s talk about the rub. I used a really basic spice rub for these guys. Since the wings cook so long, this rub really has a chance to bake into the wings for some excellent flavor.

It’ll look like a lot of rub, but you’ll want to use most of it for a 3-4 pound batch of wings. A lot of it will fall off during baking.

Slow Roasted Chicken Wings
You can wing it a bit…

The Wings

There’s only one real trick to making these Slow Roasted Chicken Wings successfully: wire racks.

Anyone who has eaten a chicken wing can tell you that they tend to be on the fatty side and since we are baking these for around four hours, most of that fat will slowly melt off the wings. If you don’t elevate the wings slightly, they will just sit in pools of rendered chicken fat and turn soggy. Of course, you could drain off the fat occasionally, but that’s way more work.

Just by placing the wings on a rack like this, we solve the problem. The fat can cleanly drain off the and the wings get even heat from the oven.

starting slow roasted chicken wings
The rack trick.

When it comes to rubbing the wings, use a liberal hand. Don’t just sprinkle on. Actually rub the wings so the spices stick on in a blanket of flavor.

Slow Roasted Chicken Wings
Liberally rubbed.

Baking the Wings

These wings need to bake for around four hours at 250 degrees F. The baking time isn’t set in stone. I tried a few of mine at three hours and five hours and decided that the middle ground was perfect.

Rotate the wings every hour or so as they bake just to make sure they are cooking evenly.

This was my wings after two hours of baking.

Slow Roasted Chicken Wings after 2 hours of cooking
After 2 hours…

And then after four hours which is when I pulled my wings. You can almost see that the skin on the wings is a bit firmer. They may look a bit overcooked, but trust me, they are still tender due to all the fat in the little guys.

Slow Roasted Chicken Wings - Macheesmo
Four hours…

The baking time will vary though based on the size of your wings so if you have smaller ones you might want to check on them around three hours. For normal sized wings, I would try one out at 3 and a half hours just to see how things are going.

Four hours was perfect for me though.

You can serve these Slow Roasted Chicken Wings with blue cheese and a splash of hot sauce, but it’s also perfectly fine to just serve them naked.

There’s no fighting these wings. The juicy meat just falls off the bone cleanly. You’ll be left with an almost cartoonish plate of clean bones when you’re done.

Tender Slow Roasted Chicken Wings
Ridiculously tender.

On a lazy weekend, I’m almost always willing to trade time for ease and this recipe is as easy as it gets.

If you’ve never tried to make your own chicken wings, this is an excellent place to start. I think you’ll be happy with the results!

These are the best wings you can make without a deep fryer and maybe even with one! Fall off the bone tender and an awesome spice rub!

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  1. great recipe. A Brining is equally little work and will ensure more than naturally juicy chicken wings cooked in the same great way. You get good results with just salt and water!

    1. Hi,

      Any recommendations for temp and time for air fryers? I just got an air fryer for Christmas and I would love to try your recipe.

      Thank you!

  2. Made these last weekend…so freaking amazing! Best wings I’ve made and the meat literally did fall off the bone. Fantastic recipe, thank you.

  3. I made these today and yes they are amazing. No hot sauce needed and I dipped them in bleu cheese dressing. I also paired these with homemade pizza and yes that is a good pairing.

      1. I haven’t personally Pamela but I know others who have. As long as you use bone-in it should work fine! Good luck!

      2. If you used this recipe for thighs and legs would they still be baked the same temp and time?

  4. This was my first try at making wings and thanks to your recipe it was a huge success. I brought them to a super bowl party and got rave reviews, with numerous “best evers” Thanks for helping a wing novice get off to a flying start.

  5. I made these for my super bowl party and they were fantastic. My husband is a huge wing fan and we agreed that these could be made every weekend and we don’t think we would tire of them. I made a Greek yogurt and bleu cheese dip to go with them. The dry rub was perfect and the technique of the rack is one I will employ with other recipes now, thanks for the tip!

  6. The wings were great (wish I had the discipline to let them go the full 4 hours!), but this rub is incredible. I use it for chicken thighs & breasts, roasted sweet potatoes, all sorts of stuff. Seriously, it’s life-changing.

    1. Preheat the oven to 450* and after it reaches temperature let it heat for at least 15 minutes. After 10-15 minutes of cooking at 450* reduce the oven to 250* (don’t open the oven too peek) and bake for 3 hours, flipping them every hour. This allows you to knock off an hour or so of cooking time. I also found this creates an extra crispy skin as well as the same fall off the bone deliciousness.

  7. Having friends over tonight and going to make these wings for them. I hope to have a lot of smiling faces!

  8. Yes! You have to try these. It’s everything Nick claims they are. I used table salt and seems I needed a bit more which I just sprinkled on for the last half hour (there–I’m busted–I tasted during the last hour).

    I would advise if making for a crowd, make way more than you think you’ll need coz folks are gonna keep coming for more.

  9. I’ve cooked wings in a similar fashion for over 10 years. I use various rubs but I’ll start the wings @ 250 for 1 hour, turn them and increase the temp to 275 for an hour, turn them and cook 1 hour @ 300.
    I make baked hot wings in a similar way by dipping them in hot sauce and finishing them for 15 minutes more in the oven.

    1. I followed your cook times rather than the ones listed but I went 1:15, 1:15, :30. They were killer. Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Excellent wings!! I have had afair share of wings in my life but these are by far the best I’ve ever had. The meat literally fell off the bone and was very juicy. I did not have a rack toset themon so just in the bottom of the pan. I drained the juices out about 10 minutes before done and then broiled them for about 5 minutes on each side to give them a little crisp. Just Awesome!!

  11. These are the best wings I have EVER had at home or outside. They just get crisp and tender, the skin is delicious and the meat just falls off the bone.
    It’s so quick and easy (aside from the baking time and the fact my oven only goes on for 1hr at a time).

    The only downside is being tortured by the smell and keep looking in the oven wishing the time go by quicker! :-)

    I do however change the dip to a homemade roast vegetable mayonnaise;
    1 onion, 1-2 sweet peppers, 1 head of garlic, 1-2 tomatoes. toss them in olive oil and salt and pepper, then bake at about 300F for 1hr until they are soft. Put them in the food processor until they are a puree.
    Next you add about 2 parts of this to 1 part mayonnaise and mix, looks like thousand island but tastes so much better!
    Before adding the mayonnaise you could add some cream and turn it into a roast vegetable soup.

  12. These are awesome! I’ve made them at least ten times, including a huge batch for a big 4th of July feed — they are a hit with everyone!

  13. I really want to try these, but baked wings are a MESS. Do they splatter all over the oven less than they do at higher temps? Seriously. I have been turned completely off baked wings for a while now because of the mess.

    1. Hey Elle! I know that problem well… haha. Yes.. I found that this method really reduces that because they cook slowly which causes the fat to render (melt) off rather than fry (splatter) off. I found the cleanup to be much easier actually on this version! Good luck!

  14. O.K. I’m making these tomorrow, but I’m really apprehensive. 4 hours seems like a long time for wings. Cannot wait to do them though cause the wing is my favorite part of the chicken!

    1. Hey Vivian! If you’re worried about it, definitely check them at 3 hours. Keep in mind you are cooking them at 250 so they are gonna go really slow. If you have a hot oven though or small wings they might be done early. Good luck and report back! :)

    2. I made these for Superbowl and they were done in 2 hours 30 min. I guess they might have been on the small side.

  15. This recipe is definitely a keeper. I let them go 4 hours and they were fall off the bone tender and juicy!

  16. This recipe was a true success. I could literally taste the seasoning in the bones. The only problem I personally had, was the smell of the chicken wondered around the house and woke up the food zombies. I seriously had to fight to keep the wings in the oven for 3 hrs. My hunny was so serious about eating the wings they found your recipe online to some how prove they could be taken out earlier. I seriously would check the rack and find a open space were a wing previous laid. Awesome recipe.

    1. Wasn’t easy to find a recipe not drenched in sweetness so I was excited to come across this one. I used small wings so they were ready sooner. Excellent recipe and definitely a keeper. Thank you so much for posting!

  17. Followed directions did not turn out close to the comments listed. Rub was ok, wings very dry at 3 hour mark, glad not to have left them in oven any longer. Not enjoyable experience.

    1. Hey John, sorry it didn’t work out for ya man. If you have one, you might check your oven temp with a thermometer. My guess is it’s running 25-50 degrees warm which is pretty common honestly. That could definitely hurt a recipe like this but you might not notice it day-to-day. Cheers man!

  18. Nick, I just had to chime in and say that I’ve been using this rub not just for wings but for ENTIRE cut-up fryers (1.5x the rub quantity) with great results! Last spring my guy was diagnosed with a form of cancer that is low-grade and slow-progressing, but cancer nonetheless. So I went on the hunt for low-temp. (i.e., low-carcinogenic) ways to cook chicken, and found your awesome recipe! I lightly cover the breasts w/ foil after 1.5 hrs. or so… and sometimes I’ll brush everything with some coconut oil… and it is always DELISH. My last 2 times I added turmeric (1 tsp.) and I have to say, that has made it even BETTER. (I used to sometimes find the rub a little intense and this just… grounds / calms it in the most yummy way.) Don’t mean to be a buzz-kill by mentioning the C-word, but just wanted to thank you and also share that turmeric tip w/ you & your readers!

    1. Hey Marcy! Thanks for the comment and I’m sorry to hear about your guy. Sounds like you both are staying in good spirits though and hopefully he can kick its butt. Really glad you liked the rub. ;)

  19. Great recipe. I was wondering if this method (with the baking rack) would work in a crockpot. Perhaps if I finished them in the broiler to crisper up?

    1. Hey Sha! I’m not sure about that… I think the fat needs to drain away and the oven gives the wings enough surface area to crisp up. I think I’d stick to the oven!

  20. Hi Nick. In your expert opinion, is this a type of recipe that would benefit from ‘convection bake’ or do I want to use a regular bake setting. I’m just never sure when to use convection (and 4 hours is too long to wait to be wrong :) ).

    1. Hey Joey, I think I wouldn’t use convection here unless you have the right racks to allow the air to circulate. The recipe is super flexible though so if you do have a setup that allows that then you probably could. It would probably trim 30 minutes off the cooking time if I had to guess. If it’s your first time making them though I think I would just keep it simple and use the non convection option good luck sir!

  21. Just discovered your wing recipe today & will definitely be trying it out Super Bowl Sunday. Sounds very similar in to the recipe, “The Amazing Five-Hour Duck” I’ve been using for 15+ years to roast my whole ducks. Low and slow renders all of the fat out, leaving the meat still moist. I really love the idea of not having to fry the wings. Every little bit helps!!!

  22. Best wings ever. I’ve made them 10 times in both convection and non convection ovens – turned out fine each way. I use about a tablespoon of garlic powder instead of a teaspoon – personal preference and I coat the wings in a plastic bag just like shake and bake. I have a large 15.5″x21.5″ cookie sheet that I put two 16″x10″ cooling racks ($3 each from Walmart) that just fits 5 lbs of jumbo split wings.
    I tried drumsticks but they dried out after 4 hours – probably not enough fat and the skin only covered 2/3rds of the meat.
    I have used the rub on pork tenderloins about 40 min at 350 on the same racks with great results.

    1. Hey Rich, thanks for the comment! Your method sounds perfect. And yes, drumsticks dry out a bit with this method. That said, thighs do well. They have enough fat to make it work if you wanted to try those. Thanks for reporting back and glad you liked them!

  23. I LOVE these wings. I make them a lot. I was wondering – can I use the same method for full size drumsticks?


    1. Hey Brandy, they will mostly work. You’ll want to watch them a bit as drumsticks can dry out more easily than wings (less fat), but they are still fatty enough for this method to work just fine. Just not quite as flexible, but should still work and be delicious. Good luck!

  24. I have the chicken wings in the oven now and can hardly wait for them to get done. I love your video`s.


    1. Hey Roe, sure. But make sure they aren’t breaded in any way and thaw them before rubbing them and cooking them. Good luck!

  25. I used this recipe for a party and used thighs. 5 pounds of thighs cost me $3.00 less than 5 pounds of wings would have cost me and less bone loss. They were yummy..

  26. This sounds perfect in the smoker as I have plenty of spare room when smoking a brisket or racks of ribs.

  27. In the oven as I text…. love love love wings, any kind but baked are less clean-up and healthier I think. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into them…. the wire rack is genius! Will repeat for future wings.

    1. Hey Sonja, honestly, I wouldn’t use this recipe as a starting point for chicken breasts. They are very different and wouldn’t really work well here. If you wanted to use the spice rub and just bake them at 350 until they were cooked through, that would be okay, but the low-slow method really only works for bone-in chicken with a higher fat content. Hope that makes sense and good luck!

      1. Hey Dolores! They are! Most racks will have a safe temp on them. Usually they are fine up to 400 degrees or so. I have a few that I just use for baking. :)

    1. I wouldn’t recommend it PJ. You need the bone-in fatty chicken wings for it to really work. Cooking chicken strips for 3 hours in the oven will result in basically chicken jerky. Hope that helps!

  28. at what temp and how long if you want a faster turnaround. its still kinda hot out here and dont want the oven on that long. thanks so much look so easy

    1. You could do 375 for 45-60 minutes but it’s not the same result. Same reason you can’t cook ribs in an hour. They will be fine, but not the same as if you do a low-slow approach. good luck!

  29. Hi Nick!! Trying these tomorrow for our first football game!! Wanted to know if I can use whole wings? GO STEELERS!!

  30. If I wanted to use this on chicken legs at low temp how long would you recommend cooking them for.

    1. I think the same temp should work and maybe add on 30-45 minutes. They should surprisingly close to chicken wings actually. Just check one before you pull them out. Good luck!

    2. Earlier you said to someone you would Not recommend to do legs like this as they aren’t as fatty, (thighs may be better)and wouldn’t be as good now you say cook longer?

  31. I tried the recipe today the first time for the Auburn vs. Clemson game and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Did it just like the recipe called and they were GREAT!!!! They were the FIRST to go out of all the food there. Even had request to make some for my friends :). Thanks so much for sharing. This is now MY favorite way to make wings!!!

  32. Niiiiiiiick. Holy smokes my dude. These things blew my mind! Incredibly good, and I’d have no problem ditching B-dubs carryout for these for the rest of my days. Thank you.

    1. I made these for the OSU vs Oklahoma game though and now I’m not sure if they’re cursed lol. JK we just played real bad.

    2. Nice man! So glad you liked them. Thanks for reporting back! (And sorry about the OSU curse… I have a feeling you guys will be okay!)

  33. OMG…. I made these wings a week ago and like you said they need to be elevated…. So I made them today 9/17/17, and let me say these wings are so DELICIOUS…. even better than Outback wings. I will be making them again very soon. My family LOVED the seasoning….

  34. Roughly how many does your recipe serve? I’ve got a soccer dinner to prepare for and thinking these wings would be great but I have 40 girls and 6 coaches to serve? How many lbs of chicken wings would you suggest for this size crowd?

    1. Hmm… for that large of a group i’d say 36 wings for the coaches (6x coach) and maybe 3 per girl (120 wings) so maybe just round up and say 160 wings total. You can cook them all according to the recipe and multiple it as needed. Good luck!

  35. I made these for a football party last night and they did not disappoint! Everyone asked, “Who made the wings?” And, “Have you tried these wings?” Needless to say I was thrilled at the response as I have never put a dry rub on wings before. Will be making these again and again. Thank you! P.S. I also put in a teaspoon of onion powder by mistake in addition to the garlic powder. I don’t think that it hurt anything.

  36. I guess you can fit 3 dozen wings in the oven at a time??? The recipe looks amazing, just trying to figure out how to get them all in the oven at once.

  37. Great recipe made these they were awesome the only think I would only bake for 3 hours they were a little dry but they went fast.

  38. Should the wings be room temperature before baking or should they be closer to the temperature straight out of the refrigerator? Thanks!

  39. Would love to pin this recipe. The pin displayed is not working. Very frustrating because I’m handicapped.

  40. Used this method but I substituted the wings for thighs. My family loved them as well. The thighs took a little longer to ensure even cook through but I totally recommend this recipe to anyone whether using wings, thighs, or breasts.

  41. I want to make these in an electric roaster for a party this weekend – I am making 10 lbs. I assume still about 4 hours cook time?

    1. Hey Lisa, I’m not sure honestly… assuming the roaster will hold the temp the same as an oven then I would think the time should be the same, but honestly I’ve never tried it! Good luck!

  42. Trying them today. If they turn out as well as these comments and my Steelers win, I’ll have them for the rest of the season on Sunday.

  43. Hello Nick, thanks for your recipe. Can’t wait to make it. I have a quick question, is it 250 degree Celcious or Fahrenheit? Could you pls clarify that?

    Thanks onec again.

  44. Does the skin get nice and crispy? I bake them on parchment paper and they get nice and crisp.

  45. These sound really good, I am wondering though, when can I add bbq sauce to them. My husband wanted fall off the bone bbq chicken wings.

  46. Regarding drumsticks, for those like me that are looking for a more slow-n-low method:
    1. Brine chicken for about an hour or two.
    2. Rinse completely and pat dry.
    3. Pre-heat oven to 275F
    4. Arrange pieces in non-stick oven-safe pan (I used my Copper Chef for this).
    5. Use Nick’s dry-rub but only use 1 tsp salt (brining will add some saltiness to chicken).
    6. Lightly spray chicken with cooking oil (or drizzle a little soft, clarified butter like I did).
    7. Put chicken in oven and cook for 2 hours and 30 minutes (turning pieces over halfway through).
    The end result should be chicken that is tender and moist. Hope that helps someone!

  47. Game Changer! Made these for the first time this weekend and wow! Just, wow! They were enjoyed by all and didn’t last long. Thanks for sharing – we will be making these often.

  48. I can’t wait to try these! Any suggestions on transporting them after baking? I wouldn’t want to go through all that work, and ruin them by packing them up wrong!

    1. Hey Michelle, I would just bake them and then let them cool to room temp. Then transport them in foil or airtight container and then reheat them briefly in the oven (no microwave!). Good luck!

  49. Has anyone transported these? I want to make them for a Super Bowl party but it’s across town.

    1. Hey Angie! Shouldn’t be a problem. Just make them well in advance so they can cool down completely. Then transport and reheat slightly. Letting them cool completely to room temp is to avoid steam/sogginess when packaging and transporting. hope that helps!

      1. Update: I cooked them for 3 hours (they were done at that point). cooled them on the rack. Then I put them in one of those aluminum roasting pans with about half an inch of space between each one. Then I transported them in my cooler to the party and reheated them in the oven there. They were amazing and gone very quickly.

  50. That rub looks/sounds fantastic. I will try it.
    I’m going to use my pellet smoker though and cook at 220 for the 3-4 hour period.
    Have you ever used a Searzall? I was thinking I’d use that to put a crisp on the skin once the cooking was done.
    I use my Searzall when I sous vide and/or reverse sear meats.

  51. I’ve made these dozens of times always great! I finish them with a drizzle of hot honey for the last 30 minutes. Never fails to stun everyone eating them!

  52. Hello and thanks for posting this recipe. I was searching for a recipe for oven roasted turkey wings as I’m tired of eating beef, chicken, lamb, and pork. I had about two and a half lb of turkey wings that I used the recipe for. I misread the list of seasonings and thought that everything called for a tablespoon so my entire kitchen smells like garlic right now haha. I will let you know how they turn out!

  53. Thank you for your quick reply. Will be making these in a few days after leaving the rub on overnight. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

  54. I’m looking to make wings on Friday for a Sunday wedding brunch – any thoughts on how best to do this? The wedding is Saturday and Sunday will have a houseful for the after wedding brunch. I’d like to put these in a slow cooker to warm up for brunch. I like the idea of dry rub (and this one sounds amazing) then give people options of dipping sauce.

  55. I plan to make these soon. I am a chilehead, so I’ll add a little hot pepper powder to the rub. Will also cook them in my smoker. To get rub to stick better, you can spray lightly with non-stick kitchen spray first. You could also cover them with a little mustard or mayo or even sriracha before adding the rub.

    1. Hey Bill, Probably just once half way through and then again about 30 minutes before you take them out should do the trick. Good luck!

      1. Thats what I use. I put them on a cookie sheet lined with foil for easy clean up

  56. Ive been meaning to make a comment for a while now, so I may finally going to do it!
    These wings are definitely my go to now. They’re the best. I’ve tried new recipes in the instant pot, which are ok if you’re short on time but they don’t measure up to the crunchy, super flavorful recipe of yours!
    Thanks for posting!

  57. I’ve made these so many times now that it has all but ruined my ability to eat any other wings, especially fried. For those that are pushed on time or just don’t want to wait, try this –
    Preheat the oven to 450* and after it reaches temperature let it heat for at least 15 minutes. After 10-15 minutes of cooking at 450* reduce the oven to 250* (don’t open the oven to peek ) and depending on the size of the wings, bake for 2-3 hours, flipping them every hour. This allows you to knock off an hour or so of cooking time. I also found this method creates an extra crispy skin as well as the same fall off the bone deliciousness.
    One last note – the dry rub Nick suggests is great; however, don’t be afraid to experiment with other ingredients like brown sugar, onion powder, bell pepper, and worcestershire dry rub. Also, if you’re not wanting to create your own there are countless pre-made dry rubs you can use.
    Thanks Nick!

    1. Awesome Nate! Yea… in the future if you are using table salt and the recipe calls for kosher salt, half the amount. Kosher salt has more surface area and isn’t as salty by measurement as table salt.

  58. The various salts are of various crystal size, which affects how much air is in the salt container. Think of the difference between table salt and pretzel salt. So, to change from one salt to another, you need to know the weights, and simply use the same weight of any salt. Here is a table that shows the differences.

  59. An easy way to dust or add rub is to put all ingredients in a plastic bag, shake ingredients together, add wings shake well and press into seasoning for good thick coating arrange on racks on trays and bake ,if any coating left I sprinkle it over them before going in oven save wasting it.

  60. Made the wings yesterday…delicious! Just wondering….do you have a recipe for a rub to make lemon pepper wings? Thanks, karen

  61. Never appealed to me that much in spite of all the hype. Your video was playing when I came for the Monte Cristina recipe and won me over. I just know they will be terrific and the rub wonderful on other things too. And I slow roast a lot because it brings out the flavor and keeps meat juicy. But usually covered everything. So I’Ve got some wings picked out and for the heck of it will put a second rack of country-style pork ribs. Will try a little BBQ sauce on some of the pork but will not tamper with the wings. Try to make a simple potato salad and crusty bread. Many thanks nest to see all the people. Many thanks!!!

  62. I found this on FB and my husband decided to try but instead of bake we smoked them at 250. OMG this is the most amazing thing we have ever smoked. We stopped at 3 hrs and the meat feel off the bone. My husband cant do spicy but this rub was perfect for him. Next time I might try putting chicken wings in a brown bag and then adding the spice and shake like crazy just to make sure it gets all over the chicken. Seriously amazing taste. You have talent

  63. I get more requests for this recipe than any other. But I change the salt to smoked salt, the chili powder to chipotle powder and the paprika to smoked paprika. Seriously awesome….

  64. Definitely want to try these. Thanks for the recipe! But, for the most part, spice is a no-no in my house. Think I could skip the dry rub and, closer to the end, baste lightly with some liquid BBQ sauce?

  65. Do you think it would be ok to put some water in the pan to keep the fat from burning n smoking up the house?

    1. because it cooks so long and low there isn’t really a problem with the fat burning and smoking. I’ve made these a lot and have never had an issue with it. I think that adding water would make the skin not as delicious .

  66. Easily my favorite Macheesmo recipe. I make these at least 3 times during football season! So easy, makes the house smell awesome, and the rub I keep in a shaker for other things, too! Thanks, Nick!!!

  67. Would have been really good if it weren’t for WAY too much salt. Had a hard time eating them and I do usually love a good amount of salt.

  68. Hey Mac! Did you use kosher salt or table salt? Also it might be that you don’t need all the rub. You can season to your liking. :) Thanks for reporting back!

  69. Don’t use all the rub or it is too salty, even with kosher salt. I just use what sticks to them then toss the rest.

  70. Made this for the third time tonight and once again it was a hit. All of the guys in my house love going out for wings so getting their approval for an at-home recipe was pretty impressive. And I love it because there is no added fat, breading etc.

  71. Just made these. They taste great. I was afraid the rub would be too spicy for me, but it’s not. I also missed the step about rotating them every hour, and I didn’t cut them apart. They still cooked perfectly. I’m very glad I finally got around to trying them.

  72. I’m cooking these now and they look and smell AMAZING! I didn’t know before that using a baking rack is the key. Thank you SOOOO much for sharing.

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