Ginger Pimms Cup Cocktail

Cucumber Ginger Pimm’s Cup

This Ginger Pimm's Cup is my drink of summer. Light, fruity, refreshing, and just a few ingredients. Make a few of these and enjoy summer!


Cucumber Ginger Pimm’s Cup

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This Ginger Pimm’s Cup cocktail was updated on June 22, 2020 to include new directions and photos!

I’m ready to officially announce the Pimm’s Cup as the drink of summer this year.

Okay. If I’m being completely honest, the official drink of summer for me (especially in a year with lots of yard work in my future) is Bud Light Lime. DO NOT JUDGE.

But, many bottles of Pimm’s will be consumed in my house. It’s the perfect cocktail for a hot summer day. It’s not super-alcoholic so you don’t have to worry about canceling plans or anything, but it’ll take the edge off and is one of the most refreshing things in the liquor store.

If this slightly fancy (but still easy) version is too much, you can just toss it over some ice with a bottle of ginger beer or a dash of lemon and club soda and it’s very drinkable. But, because we are all grown-ups, this cucumber ginger Pimm’s cup is a definite grown-up version.

What is Pimm’s?

I had to go to two liquor stores in the Denver area to find a bottle of Pimm’s which is a damned travesty. In the summer, every self-respecting liquor store should be peddling the crap out of this stuff.

There are various Numbers of Pimm’s concoctions, which only differ because of their base liquor. My personal favorite is the No. 1 which is has a gin base. It’s perfect for a light, fruity cocktail though.

Bottle of Pimm's #1
Pimm’s is so good.

Muddling Fruit for Pimm’s Cup

One of my favorite cocktail tricks from my previous life as a bartender is to muddle cucumber with whatever booze I’m mixing. It’s almost undetectable in the final drink, but it just rounds out the edges a bit. Hard to describe, but trust me that it’s worth it. Just seed a few inches of a fresh cucumber and mash the flesh of the cucumber (discard seeds and guts) together a good measure of Pimm’s No. 1.

I like to use 4-5 oz. of Pimm’s for two cocktails. Again, it’s not a super-strong liquor.

Muddling fruit for Ginger Pimm's Cup
Gettin’ muddled.

Strain out the cucumber of course because it would be pretty amateur to leave cucumber guts in your pretty cocktail.

Straining Pimm's Cup Cocktails

Garnishes Galore

Much like the Bloody Mary, a good Pimm’s Cup will have a variety of garnishes. Lemon and lime are standard but I like to go a little sangria here and add some fresh berries. Grab a few kiwi berries if you can find them. They look amazing in cocktails.

Various Fruit garnishes for Ginger Pimm's Cup
Fruit garnishes.

After you strain the Pimm’s into the glasses, add a bunch of ice and top off the drink with a really good ginger beer. Good ginger beer isn’t cheap but it makes the difference between an average cocktail and an excellent one.

It’s not crazy to pay $6 for a four pack of good ginger beer.

Topping the Cocktail with Ginger Beer
Good ginger beer please.

Then toss in all your garnishes and some fun straws and you’re ready for summer.

May your Cucumber Ginger Pimm’s Cups be refilled automatically by someone you love.


Cucumber Ginger Pimm's Cup

Cucumber Ginger Pimm's Cup: This is my official drink of summer. Light, fruity, refreshing, and just a few ingredients. Make a few of these and life is good! |

Cucumber Ginger Pimm's Cup

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Ginger Pimms Cup Cocktail
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This Ginger Pimms Cup is my official drink of summer. Light, fruity, refreshing, and just a few ingredients. Make a few of these and life is good!


2-3 inches cucumber, seeded
4-5 oz. Pimm's No. 1
7-8 oz. ginger beer
Lemon slices
Lime slices
Kiwi berries


1) Cut a section of washed cucumber in half and scrape out seeds. Cut into a few pieces.

2) Add pieces of cucumber to a cocktail shaker and muddle well. After mashing for a minute, add Pimm’s and continue to mash to mix flavors.

3) Strain muddled Pimm’s between two glasses. Fill with ice and top with cold ginger beer.

Garnish cocktails with lemon and lime slices, berries, and straws. Drink immediately!

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  1. I’ve had this before in a “so-called” British Pub in WV. It was made with ginger ale. I have to admit that it was quite refreshing as a summer drink…almost addictive. I’m a bit confused, however. When you say, “Just seed a few inches of a fresh cucumber and really mash it together…”, do you mean to muddle the seeds and “goo”, or do you mean to get rid of the seeds and just use the “meat” of the cucumber?

    1. Hey Larry, discard the seeds and guts and just use the “meat” of the cucumber for muddling. That’s where the juice/flavor is! I’ll add a little clarification to that step. Thank!

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