Buffalo Bread: This easy baked bread is a perfect hearty appetizer for game day. Dig in! | macheesmo.com

Buffalo Bread

Buffalo Bread: A quick and easy toasted bread that packed on traditional buffalo flavors: Hot sauce and blue cheese. Great for a party!


Buffalo Bread

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This is an updated post from the Macheesmo Archives.

Did you all think I was going to let the big football game this weekend just roll by without posting a good game recipe?


From my experience, in most games the game is almost always over-hyped (except last year). The commercials are usually okay, but also over-hyped. But the food. The food is never over-hyped. It’s always good. Cheesy things. Saucy things. Meaty things. You really can’t go wrong with the food during the game.

This recipe is something I’ve been working on for a few weeks now (hard work). It combines some traditional buffalo flavors like Blue Cheese and hot sauce on a nicely toasted french bread which is easy to slice up and pass around!

Just as a warning, I wouldn’t exactly call it healthy, but seriously. It’s a once a year thing. If there was ever a day to let the old belt out a notch, it’s on game day.

Buffalo Bread

1 loaf. Serves 8-10.
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Buffalo Bread: This easy baked bread is a perfect hearty appetizer for game day. Dig in! | macheesmo.com
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A quick and easy toasted bread that packed on traditional buffalo flavors: Hot sauce and blue cheese. Great for a party!


1 Loaf French bread
1/2 Cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup unsalted butter
2 Tablespoons sour cream
8 ounces low-fat mozzarella, shredded
4 ounces blue cheese
1/2 Cup hot sauce (Frank's is the best)
1 Cup scallions, chopped
4 cloves garlic
Fresh ground pepper

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1) Mix mayo, sour cream, garlic, scallions, and butter in a medium bowl.  Combine well.

2) Grate mozzarella and stir it into the mix.

3) Slice French bread horizontally down the middle and toast it in the oven until it’s crispy, about 5 minutes at 425 should do the trick.

4) Spread hot sauce on bread.  Make sure it’s a nice even layer.

5) Next, pile on the mozzarella topping.  This layer is really rich so there’s no need to pile it too high.  Just a nice even layer will do the trick.

6) Sprinkle blue cheese on top of bread.

7) Broil on high for 2-3 minutes until cheese is lightly browned and bubbling and bread edges are toasted.

8) Let the bread cool for a minute and chop it up for serving!

Prepping the bread

I typically really don’t like mayonnaise, but there’s just nothing else that can give the right texture to this dish. I think you could substitute the light stuff if you want, but it’s pretty essential in my opinion.

This recipe only takes a few minutes to throw together. Just mix the mayo, sour cream, butter, scallions, and garlic in a medium bowl. Mush up the butter really well so it’s not all in one big chunk. Since we’re going to be spreading this on bread, you want to make sure it’s an even mixture.

Buffalo Bread
Starter mix.

After it’s all mixed together, grate the mozzarella and toss that into the mix also.

This is pretty serious stuff.

Buffalo Bread

The Bread

Bread choice is pretty important for this recipe. I went with a big French loaf which is nice and airy, toasts nicely, and will hold up to lots of toppings.

I recommend a good french bread loaf, but I guess you could slather this stuff on all kinds of different breads.

Buffalo Bread

The Most Important Part

The key part of this recipe is to toast the bread before you put on toppings. You don’t need to toast it for long, but you want to make sure that it has crisped up a bit on the top and bottom.

I cut my loaf down the middle and then toasted them at 425 degrees for about 5 minutes.

Don’t forget this or your final bread will be kind of soggy which isn’t good at all.

Once your bread is done toasting, turn on your broiler on high to heat up. That’s how you finish the bread.

Then take your hot sauce and spread it all over the bread surface. You want the bread pretty much covered in hot sauce. Frank’s is the perfect hot sauce for this. I don’t recommend anything else.

Buffalo Bread

Then take your topping mixture and spread it evenly over the bread.

The key thing here is to not over fill the bread. Don’t worry about using all the filling, you might have some leftover. Just make sure there’s a nice even layer over the bread. It’s a pretty rich layer so no need to pile it super high.

Buffalo Bread

As a final touch, and the thing that makes this all really buffalo is to sprinkle on some blue cheese right on top.

Again, no need to over do it.

Finishing the loaf

To finish this guy off, BROIL the bread on high for about 2-3 minutes until the cheese is just starting to brown and the edges on the bread are good and toasted.

Once it comes out of the broiler, let it rest for a minute and then slice it up into sticks which makes it easier to serve.

Buffalo Bread: This easy baked bread is a perfect hearty appetizer for game day. Dig in! | macheesmo.com

One or two of these bad boys is an awesome snack. They are spicy and cheesy and crunchy and just pretty amazing. Whether you’re an Eagles fan or a Patriots fan, you’ll make friends with this stuff.

If I had to pick a winner, you better believe I wouldn’t bet again Mr. Brady.

Buffalo Bread: This easy baked bread is a perfect hearty appetizer for game day. Dig in! | macheesmo.com

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    1. I would if I was making a whole loaf which is what the recipe is for. For the photos, I just did a half-loaf so Betsy and I wouldn't succumb to cheese overload.

  1. Oh man…I wish I had seen this before the game on Sunday! Now I have to find another excuse to make it! Maybe the next Capitals hockey game? :-) YUM!

  2. I made this dish this past week. I tried to make it with Frank's, Sirachi, and Frank's "Thick". Honestly, all of them are delicious. Thanks Nick!

    1. I made it and used my invention for buffalo wing sauce. Combine: franks, sirachi, sweet baby rays, chalupa, texas pete buffalo wing sauce, durkees hot sauce, mae ploys sweet chili garlic sauce – 1/2 cup of each, add about 1/2 stick of butter and shakes of your favorite hot sauce collection –

  3. I have everything to make this but the bread… would it be insane of me to make bread dough at 240 in the a.m.? perhaps. ….

    1. also what do you think about adding shredded chicken to the cheese/butter /mayo mix . would that be overkill?

  4. Made this tonight for friends – it was FABULOUS. Substituted blue cheese salad dressing for the sour cream since I was out. Everyone LOVED it, it’s a keeper! Thanks for another great recipe.

  5. Wow!!! That Buffalo Bread sounds awesome! And not just for a superbowl party! I want to try this to serve with my family, I just love anything with buffalo sauce and cheesy, maybe add some shredded chicken over top to make it complete! Thanks for the recipe and great instructions, can’t wait to try it!

  6. I am going to use this recipe to surprise my husband. He always love spicy stuff and he loves blue cheese so this is sure to be a hit. Thanks for the fun new recipe to try.

  7. This is a really great idea. I love buffalo, but I gave up meat for February, so this is an awesome way for me to enjoy cheesy buffalo flavor without the chicken! Thanks!

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