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Your Personal Macheesmo

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If you have been a long time Macheesmo reader, you may have thought to yourself, “I wish Nick would come cook for me!”

Well, guess what. That time has come!

For a limited time only I’m offering Macheesmo readers a chance to have me come cook at your home! We’ll cook together, maybe drink a few beers, and have a great time!

The Program!

I’ve spent a lot of time planning this program and I’m really excited to offer it to all of you. Here are the details!

  • I will come to your house and cook a meal for you and your family! We can discuss the meal in advance to make sure it works.
  • My cooking services are completely free. I’m not charging for the meal (minus a few small fees discussed below). I just want to have the chance to meet some readers!
  • You can schedule any time over the next four months. You just have to schedule one month in advance.

The Fees

I’m not charging at all for cooking the meals! Here are a few small fees that you will have to pay in order to reserve my cooking services though.

  • Travel fee. This fee is variable but is a minimum of $500 to cover the cost of airfare to and from your house.
  • Beer fee. I drink a lot of beer while cooking and you will need to reimburse me for beer consumed. This fee will be variable depending on the day. I usually don’t drink more than eight beers if it’s a Sunday so that’s a good tip!
  • Grocery fee. $100. I will buy the highest quality ingredients while at your home.
  • Charity Donation. I’ve established a nonprofit LLC called Nick’s Special Charity. You will have to make a $100 “voluntary” contribution to this charity before I consider coming to your house. It’s the right thing to do.

How to Sign Up!

Days are going to fill up fast so I suggest you sign up as soon as possible!  All you have to do is fill out the below form and I’ll contact you with more details and to secure payment of all fees.

    Your Name*

    Your Email*


    Date you would like to reserve:

    Dietary restrictions (please don't apply if you're, like, super-picky):


    21 Responses to “Your Personal Macheesmo” Leave a comment

    1. The thing is – wasn’t one of your April Fool’s jokes that you had a book deal? And now you really do, so… I’m betting 2 years from now you’ll be making house calls.

      Hope you’re well, Nick.

    2. im so gullible! I was thinking what a rip off this guy is .. “special charity”.. LOL. Good one though…

    3. I applied. WIlling, and with an extremely well stock beer refrig with only the good stuff!!! Would have done this in a heart beat! Too bad it was a joke!

    4. February 30, 2014, please, in Chicago, Colorado. Dietary restrictions include requirement that meal include nuts, dairy, soy, gluten, trans fats, and red meat. And foie gras, shark fin, and whale steaks. No wussy stuff.

    5. Dang, too bad this is a April Fools gag…I just wanted to donate to your “beer fund”!

    6. I’d like you to come cook with/for me but I won’t pay for anything. Why don’t you pay with all the money you make working for McDonald’s? :)

    7. I had the fleeting feeling that this idea might be like one of my ebay ads, where I had No Idea if folks would buy my item for a lot of money, or ignore it.

      This sounds like it would be a Very fun day, especially Sunday! I was fooled by the post, and thought it sounded a Little expensive, but hey, there are people in this big world who have a lot of money and crave some fun company, not to mention creative good food.

      I think it could happen for you. :)

    8. 1. You pretty much use the same format for all of your “pranks ;)
      2. You would be riding in a pretty fancy airplane to spend $500 in airfare to Fort Collins ;)
      3. I wouldn’t mind you coming to cook for me if it wouldn’t cost ~$1,000

    9. To bad this is not true because I brew my own beer. Oh and it’s the good kind all my friends and family and even my trainer love it. Oh we’ll better luck next time. :-). (No joke about the feedback on my beer)

      BTW your site is one of my favorites and I check it daily. You have also inspired me to cook more things and I even started my own site.

      1. Nice work! I abandoned my beer brewing after a freak over-carbonation explosion. Haha.

        Love a good home brew though.

    10. Jaa! I had no idea it was a joke until I read the comments… And I was thinking: How much beer??!!! I don’t want a drunk cooking in my house!
      You got me!

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