Workin’ Dad


Workin’ Dad

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This week I started working again after taking a few weeks off to get use to little Theo’s arrival. Betsy is taking a full three months off so we aren’t shipping him off to daycare just yet!

Since I work from home, I still try to spend some time with the guy while I do some basic tasks (answer email, etc.) That also gives Betsy a little break in the morning.

I’ve found this awesome Ergo carrier to be perfect for us. After Theo wakes up, I just slip him in it and I can walk around or do computer work and he just naps the whole time! The nice thing is that the carrier grows with the baby so I expect we’ll be able to use this sucker for years (which is good because it ain’t cheap)!

The Poll

I haven’t done a poll in a while so let’s try one for next week!

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The Links

Lots of good Super Bowl eats out there this week (plus I’m posting a fun one tomorrow)!

Sam’s Cheez-Its – These are the perfect snack bowl filler. Crispy and cheesy! I love the white cheddar and seed upgrade. (@ A Sweet Spoonful)

Chorizo Walking Tacos – I made these earlier in the year and they would be the perfect Super Bowl food. Easy to make in assembly line format so people can stuff their own! (@ Tablespoon)

Cheesy Pull Apart Bread – The only issue I have with this recipe is I’m not sure what everybody else would eat but I wouldn’t want to share this guy. (@ Five Heart Home)

23 Essential Super Bowl Foods – All the standards in one list. Pick out a few of these and you’ll be all set! (@ Buzzfeed)

Have a great weekend everybody. If you need me I’ll be multi-tasking.

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  1. We loved our baby ergo! I/we wore Sky until she was just too active and wanted to walk on her own, about 2 or so. She is also very tall for her age and got too dang long to be able to wear her comfortably. But, man I miss those days. I could go and do all day long with the ergo, it was like magic anytime she was fussy…just pop her int he ergo and she was golden. Enjoy it!

    1. Awesome Jen! Yea… T isn’t totally in love with it yet. I think he might be a bit too small for it, but I can’t wait until we can just conquer the day in that sucker. :)

  2. Ergo all the way! It’s the best and is great when you’re ready to move Theo to your back, too. I agree with Jeny- really miss those days of carrying in the Ergo.

  3. Couldn’t love this pic any more than I do! I worked with babies attached to me or around my feet for years — it’s a win-win for both the bebe and the parent. Any time spent together is never time ill-spent. Love it! :)

  4. I used Baby Bjorn on my monkey. I got skilled enough to cook with her in it (take proper precautions, of course). That was THE only way to get ANYTHING done around the house.
    Re: the roundup, chorizo taco are going on my list to make this week. We love chorizo in migas on Sunday mornings, such a treat.

  5. My 19 month old still naps in her ergo occasionally while I’m at my desk working. Life.Saver. I also work full time from home and have a food blog, so the hours get a little bit insane with a toddler (and four older boys!) in the house. The summer should be real interesting.

    Great blog, by the way! I’m a first time visitor. Very impressed!

    1. Hey Nicole! Sounds like we are in the same boat (except yours is times FIVE!) haha. Wow. Thanks for swinging by and commenting! :)

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