rice wraps

Wild Rice Wraps

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8 Wraps
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Hearty wild rice cooked with beets and wrapped in a veggie tortilla with spinach and goat cheese. Perfect for a healthy lunch!


1 Cup dry wild rice, cooked according to package
Chicken stock or veggie stock, for rice (probably need 3-4 cups)
Goat cheese, one ounce per wrap is good
Fresh baby spinach
2 beets, roasted and cubed
8 flour tortillas
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1) Roast beets at 350 degrees on a baking sheet for 60-75 minutes until knife tender.

2) When cool, peel beets and cube them fairly small.

3) Cook wild rice according to package.

4) When rice is cooked, stir in beets.

5) To make wraps, spread about one ounce of goat cheese on tortilla.  Top with spinach and rice/beet mixture.  Roll up and serve!