What’cha What’cha What’cha Want?

This little site that I started almost two years ago is starting to hugely out-grow its skin. I’ve been talking to a number of people over the last few weeks who have made a bunch of very valid criticisms regarding the design, some of the pages, functionalities, etc.

So over the next few weeks (probably a month realistically) I’m embarking on a fairly large redesign of Macheesmo. I’ve been spending a huge amount of time over the last 2 years producing what I hope is good recipes and content and now I need to focus some energy on making sure that it’s actually accessible and easy to use for you all.

Thanks to some 55 Knives sales, I have a bit of income to re-invest in the site which I think can really help make it more user-friendly. I wanted to spend a post outlining just a few of the things I’m hoping to do with the re-design and also ask for any other ideas you all might have!

1) Archive Overload – Wow. I can’t believe that I’ve written over 500 posts on this website, most of which are actual recipes. The problem, of course, is that it’s practically impossible to find any of the old (hopefully good) stuff. This will change very soon. The new site is going to have some slick navigation to easily find recipes that interest you as well as a complete recipe archives page that organized by Type/Dish instead of by Date.

2) Daily Photos – I take a lot of photos. Most of them I don’t ever post just because they don’t fit a recipe. That said, I heard that a number of people would be interested in this kind of thing. It’ll be a separate section of the site that you can visit if you’re interested.

3) Tricked Out Design – There’s going to be some cool design things coming with the new site. Maybe a new logo. Some new colors and layouts, etc. Of course the goal will be to make the site easier and more enjoyable to read.

4) The Shop – There’s going to be a new section on the site devoted specifically to tools and products. I’ll update it regularly with things I’m using in my kitchen. It’ll be based somewhat on what’s in my OpenSky Store, but it’ll most likely include some products outside of that as well.

5) Videos – It’s going to happen. Eventually. This isn’t exactly tied to the new design in any way, but I’m trying to get up the confidence and tech-savvy to show my face in video format for your mocking pleasure. I don’t want this to become a video blog, but ideally I would do a video post once every few weeks.

So Whatcha Want?! Those are the things I have on the books right now to look at. But, the thing about a website is that when I view Macheesmo, I’m pretty sure I see something that’s completely different than you. Not like, actually different, but I just see it differently. I see every little coding error. Every slight alignment issue. Etc.

So what’s important to me might not at all be important to you. That’s why I’d love to hear what you think would improve the site.

Leave a comment! Or shoot an email to nick AT macheesmo.com.

PS. For those that want a 90’s flashback, here’s the What’cha Want Video (Has audio obviously).

Photo by jphilipg.

18 comments on “What’cha What’cha What’cha Want?

  1. The recipe index sounds great.Often I see something I want to try but by the time I get all the stuff together I can't find it again.

    1. Yep… there is a print function, but apparently it’s too hidden! If you look at the green links at the bottom of each post, there’s an option to “print”.

      This will be improved in the new design ;)

  2. My favorite thing about this blog is that I hear your “voice” as I read- meaning that your personality comes through, and after reading regularly for a few months, I feel like I know you a little bit (I hope that doesn’t sound insane or stalker-ish.)
    Whatever re-design you decide to do, I hope you don’t lose the personal touch.

    1. Ha! Thanks Jeannette! Unless somebody hijacks Macheesmo, I hope to keep that. In fact, I'm hoping the design will make my voice a little clearer. ;)

  3. well alrighty then! Great idea. I just want to see the recipe's indexed. You have some great content. I look forward to the changes.

  4. Love your blog! Good luck in your overhaul! I'd love to see you add a more streamlined print option, just the recipe without lots of other stuff on the page.

  5. I like the logo and general layout just fine. Here's my feedback.

    I come to blogs number one to be entertained by folks who tell a story through good food. I like to see appetizing pictures, a good recipe, but FIRST and foremost I need a story, a personality, and someone to convince me to try something.

    Having said that, then I want to browse. I want to easily access the 10 most recent blog posts, and recipes by category.

    Nick, I think you excel in bringing the personality and some excitement. And, you interact with your readers which is important. I almost always read your posts. I say "almost" because my only complaint is that you pop out too many and I can't keep up.

  6. I guess this falls under recipe indexing, but since it may be slightly different, I would like a better search function. If you type ‘no knead bread’ into the search bar, six recipes/posts show up and none of them are for the bread. I end up using google to find posts from you I want, as in ‘macheesmo no knead bread’ and find the recipes that way. It works, but is less ideal.

  7. I totally agree with Chloe! Macheesmo is one of the first places I go when I want a recipe or technique I know I will understand and like. But once I search for…. I dunno “corn” and get everything BUT corn I get frustrated and just hit google! :-(

    That said, I also totally agree with Jeannette and Angela! Keep up the fab-ness! :D

  8. I like: your friendly voice; the way you include your wife/life/activities — it makes you seem real; your photos b/c they make the food beautiful. I like the “cook something.” But (I’m sorry to say) the only thing I don’t really like is the name. It makes me think of little-kid, microwave rubber mac & cheese for lunch with pink hotdogs in it. Not my image of delicious food. Just me. But I’ll keep reading you anyway :)

  9. One thing I hope you won't get rid of is the "you might also like" bit. I have been turned on to some great recipes I might never have tried from those links! Good luck on the re-design.

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