Welcome To The New Macheesmo!

If you’ve been a long time Macheesmo reader you may have just spit coffee all over your screen!

But yes, I finally got around to making some pretty substantial changes here at Macheesmo. I’ve worked hard on it over the last few months and there’s a lot of cool stuff on the new site.

Here’s the breakdown of the new features!

Find a Recipe Section: I’m hoping that the section of links in the left column of the site, along with the next new feature, solves the number one request for Macheesmo which is, “Make it easier for me to find recipes I want to find please!”

This section is categorized broadly but I think every recipe on the site fits into at least one of these categories.

Recipe Index: If you have a general idea of what you’re looking for, there’s some other ways you can go about finding it. First, you could search for it using the cool new Google search I installed.

Second, you can check out the Recipe Index by Name which categorizes every recipe on Macheesmo alphabetically.

Third, and this took me a long time, you can use the Recipe by Ingredient Index (which is in the Recipe Index tab at the top). This page should be self-explanatory, but if you know for sure you want to make something with ricotta cheese, for example, you might want to swing by this page. (PS. I’m pretty sure the ingredient listing is about 95% right, but it was a pretty huge endeavor so I’ll take that.)

So, basically, if you can’t find what you’re looking for now, you might just be out of luck!

Random Recipe: This was on the old site as well, but if you want to take a spin through old recipes, clicking the “Random” navigation tab up top will bring up a random one for ya.

Daily Snaps: I’m going to start posting daily photos on Macheesmo! Sometimes these might be food-related (or cat-related), but you can always see the most recent one by clicking on the Daily Snaps navigation at the top of the site.

The Daily Snaps is a separate section on the site so the photos won’t appear on the homepage when posted. If you’re interested in seeing them you’ll have to click the link. I did this not to make you click again but to avoid cluttering the homepage for people that don’t like seeing photos of Tipsy balancing things.

The Macheesmo Newsletter: I occasionally have stuff that I want to send out to all of you but I don’t really have a way to do it effectively without making a new post which kind of clutters up the site. So I’m planning on using this newsletter to very occasionally send out special deals, recipes, and cooking tips. The newsletters will be short and sweet and I’ll never send out more than one newsletter per week.

None of the stuff in the newsletter will be on Macheesmo though so the only way to get it is to sign-up by filling out the form in the sidebar or clicking here!

Lots of Other Goodies: Besides those big things, you might notice that the new Macheesmo has a slick new comments section (powered by IntenseDebate), quick and easy ways to share posts, an updated list of my favorite links, and a generally sexy look and feel.

I know that the design and layout is pretty different from the old “minimalist” design, but I just felt that it was time to make a change. If you don’t love it already, I think it’ll grow on you as you use the pages and poke around.

I’d love to hear what you all think about the new site!

Leave a comment and let me know!

39 comments on “Welcome To The New Macheesmo!

  1. The redesigned site is looking fabulous. Made your no knead cheese bread today and it was absolutely fabulous. A major hit. Thanks again for a great site.

  2. Your site looks fantastic! I'm really excited about all the great new ways to search for recipes!

  3. Yes! It looks awesome- in IE that is. It's a hot mess in Chrome! But IE makes it sooo beautiful, good job, Nick!

    1. Beat me to it, Kate, lol. Was going to say I loved the site – but my Chrome does not. =-( Keep up the awesome work, Nick. We all appreciate your efforts – and food! ;-)

  4. I got an error message when signing up for the newsletter.

    Your form submission was successful but the website owner of the previous page did not provide a valid redirect ("Thank You") page. The URL provided does not follow proper web standard formats. You may wish to notify that website owner by pushing the "back" button on your web browser.

    1. Interesting. Thanks Anne. I have ya down as subscribed so it must just be a page issue. I'll check it out.

      Today I am Mr. Bug Squasher! ;)

  5. Right on…it's cool now.

    P.S. Missed ya last night when you we're "under construction". I've got me a serious Macheesmo addiction. Thanks for all your hard work. All the tummies in my house greatly appreciate it! :)

  6. Meandered over for my Macheesmo fix this morning and darn near fell out of my chair WHILE I was spitting coffee. The recipe index/search features are fantastic. I am having to use a serious amount of self control to not browse through them all right now when I should be studying.

    1. Ha! I'm glad there were no injuries!

      Glad everyone is liking the site! Keep posting or emailing me issues if you find any… thanks everyone!

  7. Not sure if this is another Chrome issue or something else – but I can't see comments that were made on the previous version of the site. None from yesterday's post (says there should be 3), and only 2 from the Brown Butter Cookies post (can read 2, but says there should be 30?). Other than that, like what I see so far!

  8. I love the way the bookmarks change, and I always thought you have great taste in reading, and a nice way with words! I find the best stuff here! Had a fine time tooling around all the new features, and everything seems to be working great on Firefox browser. Who knew there were so Many recipes?! Personally, I love each and every picture of Tipsy that I have seen, way back to when you first got her. :)

  9. Hey Jen, Yea… I'm working on that. The new comment system has to import all the old comments and it's taking awhile. They should start showing up though as they get imported.

  10. hmm, I'm viewing it on firefox and its all jumbled and messed up.. in internet explorer it looks great though!

    1. Might of just been a glitch. It should be loading fine in all browsers now… except maybe Chrome in OS X which I'm working on…

  11. Looks great! Thanks so much for keeping the site up and helping us to be able to find what we are looking for. Any idea if we can filter within the recipe finder? For example…"Vegetarian Dishes" and then sort down to "Main Dishes" (so we don't get cookies or unrelated things when we search)?
    Otherwise, looks awesome!

    1. YES. Thanks for the tip Matt. I think that fixed the problem. I knew it had to be something going on like that but couldn't nail it down.

      Thanks again.

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