Water Woes


Water Woes

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Without question, one of the hardest things about home ownership is controlling water. Keeping it in certain pipes, at certain temperatures, and out of the basement is a huge undertaking. Many of our projects so far on the our 120 year old home have had to do with water.

Well, we are starting to lose the battle! Over the last week or two we’ve had a lot of rain in Denver and the area on the side of our house has terrible drainage. Water has been pooling and completely saturating the ground and slowly seeping into our basement.

We knew this was an issue area when we bought the house (I mean just look at that train wreck). We were able to put off fixing it for a year just by keeping an eye on it and doing our best to direct water away from the area. But, it’s gotten to a point where we have to get a professional in to fix it.

So this will be our first major house fix since we bought the place. Not too bad considering we’ve lived here for a year. We are getting a contractor out to dig up the area, install some nice drainage systems, and generally clean-up the disaster.

I suppose this is better than the alternative of just turning our basement into an indoor pool.

The Links

A few good links from around the Web this week!

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Have a great Kentucky Derby Weekend everybody! If you need me, I’ll be making mint juleps!

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  1. Just remember that you can’t fight water. With the help of a good contractor, devise a plan that will allow the water to drain away from your foundation. One solution might be to dig down the foundation wall, install drainage tile (Big O) and have it drain into a “sump” or large perforated barrel further down your yard. Just putting in a berm or dam won’t work, you must help the water to flow away from your house.

  2. Might want the contractors to seal the exterior basement walls while they’re in there digging it all up anyway.

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