Watch Me on Cook At All Costs!

I was featured on a new Netflix Cooking Show, Cook At All Costs!


Watch Me on Cook At All Costs!

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Exciting news! I am one of the contestants on a new Netflix cooking show called Cook At All Costs!

The show is a fun cooking competition between three good home cooks where we bid on ingredients and then cook with those ingredients. The game is interesting because you have options to spend more money on expensive ingredients or shoot for economical ingredients. (As you might imagine if you read this blog, I went with the economical strategy.)

My episode is the first episode (Asian Eats), judged by Chef Esther Choi, and I compete in two rounds on the episode. The first round was a true challenge as I got stuck with a pretty difficult ingredient (an entire beef heart)!

The show was an absolute blast to film and the host (Jordan Andino) and Chef Choi were lovely.

You can stream all the episodes right now on Netflix!

If you watched my episode, leave me a comment! Would love to hear what you think of the show!

Photo credit: Cr. Katia Taylor/Netflix © 2022

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  1. Congratulations for your win Nick! So glad I could find your blog. Mama of two little ones here, I am excited to try some new recipes from here. Would love to know which ones are your little ones’ favorites. Happy holidays!

  2. Congrats Nick! I was rooting for u and yelling at my tv the whole episode. LoL very impressive creations with what you had.

  3. Hi Nick! I just finished your episode and ran to my computer to find if you had a blog that I could spend the rest of the night looking through! So glad you do!
    I loved you on Cook At All Cost, and you truly inspired me. I am ballin’ on a budget in nursing school but cooking is my stress outlet. I loved the way you took simple ingredients and made them into something delicious. I watched the episode multiple times trying to copy down your recipe for the mushroom soup, definitely going to try that one in my own kitchen soon!

    1. Thanks for watching Brianne! It’s on my list to make a home-version of the soup. It was actually pretty good. :) Cheers!

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