Warm Mushroom Salad via Macheesmo

Warm Mushroom Salad

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Serves 4-6.
Prep Time
Total Time

Three kinds of mushrooms sauteed and layered with crisp, fresh spinach and radicchio for a great fall warm mushroom salad.


1 large bunch adult spinach, trimmed
1 small head radicchio, chopped
2-3 strips bacon, chopped
1 large shallot, chopped
12 ounces various mushrooms, chopped
1/4 cup white wine vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon sugar
Pinch of dried rosemary
Salt and pepper
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Helpful Equipment

Salad Spinner


1) Chop rough stems off spinach and roughly chop. Also, thinly chop radicchio. Add both to a salad spinner and rinse well. Then spin to dry. Set aside for later.

2) In a large skillet, add a small drizzle of oil and chopped bacon over medium heat. After the fat starts to render out of the bacon, add chopped shallot and cook for 3-4 minutes until bacon starts to crisp up.

3) Add mushrooms to the skillet along with 1/4 cup water to help the mushrooms break down. Cook until mushrooms lose their liquid, 4-5 minutes. Season with salt, pepper, and a pinch of dried rosemary.

4) Take the mushrooms off the heat and stir in white wine vinegar, olive oil, and sugar.

5) Divide spinach and radicchio between plates and drizzle with warm mushroom mixture. Serve immediately!

Roughly adapted from an Eating Well recipe.