The Waiting Game


The Waiting Game

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There are a few times in life where you’re just waiting. There’s a major event on the horizon and there’s not much you can do until that event comes.

Maybe it’s a big move, a new job, or in my case, a new family member.

Betsy and I were absolutely certain that the baby was going to come early. We’ve had our bags packed for weeks! Now, everyday is kind of in a weird fog of indecision. Every decision seems to hinge on an event that we can’t predict.

At the same time there’s a great sense of anticipation. It reminds me of that giddy feeling of being a kid before Christmas. (I’m too excited to sleep!!)

While it might seem like there’s nothing to do but wait, that’s no way to live life! It’s never a good idea to cling from one major event to the next.

So, Betsy and I just wake up everyday and try to enjoy it.

If today happens to be The Day, then we’ll welcome him/her with open arms!

The Poll

No poll this week because seriously this baby better come in the next week.

The Links

Sriracha Bloody Beer – Ok. I get that this would’ve been ideal for yesterday, but there’s still a whole weekend of time to make it. It just looks so good. (@ The Beeroness)

Spiced Chickpeas with Lemon – Let’s get some healthy stuff going in 2015. Chickpeas are one of my favorite salad add-ins. They are filling and pair well with a ton of great flavors. (@ Healthy Delicious)

Poached Salmon – Everyone should know how to poach a simple piece of fish. Delicious, healthy, and easy to do! (@ Simply Recipes)

Caviar Pie – This is a new one for me, but it sure looks good. I’ve never had enough caviar for a pie, but I hear that I will have lots of money now that I have a child on the way so who knows what 2015 will bring! (@ Ruhlman)

Have a great first weekend of 2015 everybody!

Clock photo by Steve Grosbois.

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  1. My first was 8 days late–wouldn’t wish that on anyone! Hopefully you get your healthy bambino soon.

  2. My second was 3 weeks early, and I too, wouldn’t wish that on anyone. But I do remember how it feels that trimester and you’re just ready to get that baby out already. They come in their own time though. ;-)

  3. My first was a week early! What 1st baby does that?!? She hasn’t stopped moving and grooving since – she turned 1 December 28th (uhm. Also, thanks for meeting that insurance deductible at the last possible second!). Enjoy your wait!!!

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