Ultimate Guide to Pancakes and Waffles

Is there anything better than a rich, buttery pancake or waffle for brunch? It’s one of my absolute favorite categories of breakfast foods and if I’m feeding a crowd I always find myself adding one of these things to the menu. As I proved in my homemade trials on pancakes, the mixes are never really worth it and taste a bit off.

Making homemade pancakes and waffles from scratch is always worth the extra work and so I thought I’d put together a master guide with some of the best recipes out there.

Dig in and make some great breakfasts!


Who doesn’t love a perfectly fluffy pancake? They are one of the first things I ever learned how to cook and still make standard ones and awesome variations regularly. If you struggle with how to cook them and when to flip them, I find it’s easier to watch and this video (sound via Joy of Baking) does a great job of explaining how and when to flip.

There are a lot of great recipes here. I split them into savory and sweet for easier browsing!




Pancakes were my first love for breakfast foods, but these days I’m way into waffles. Assuming you have a good waffle maker, I find them easier than pancakes and more substantial. I love a good crunchy one with a soft interior.

Again, you can take a waffle in many directions, savory and sweet. Here are some awesome ideas!




What would pancakes and waffles be without some sort of topping? Sure, you can just use a little butter and fruit and call it a day, but if you are looking to kick it up a notch, you can pair these syrups and toppings with most of the above recipes!


To make great pancakes and waffles at home, it does help to have the right equipment! You’ll probably need some of this stuff!

Making the Ultimate Guide Even More Ultimate!

I did my best to include resources and recipes that I personally love in this list, but I’m sure I missed good stuff out there on the Internet.

If you have a high quality post or recipe that you think would be a good fit on this guide, shoot me an email or, even better, leave a comment with a link!

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