Tuesday Treats: Stick Blenders!

A few weeks ago, I did a giveaway for some mushrooms that people seemed to really like.  And this makes sense.  People like free stuff.  People especially like free kitchen stuff.

So I decided to start a new series here on Macheesmo called Tuesday Treats.  The idea is pretty simple:

I give you guys stuff on Tuesdays.  Not every Tuesday.  But at least once a month.

I’ve been hesitant of doing giveaways on Macheesmo because I didn’t want to be over-ran with products.  Turns out that if you are giving stuff away, companies want you to give their stuff away.  Here’s what I promise about these giveaways though:  Most of the things for Tuesday Treats will be purchased by me.  It’s just a thank you from me to you for reading.

If I do giveaway things that I get for free then I’ll disclose that and also vigorously test the product before giving it away.

These giveaways also aren’t going to drag on for days like some do.  They are quick.  You’ll only have twelve hours to enter and win.

Like this post, every Tuesday Treats post will go live at 7AM Eastern Time and I’ll pick a winner at 7PM.

All you have to do to be entered to win any Tuesday Treat is leave a comment!

So without further ado, the first Tuesday Treat is two of these beauties:

I have to say that before I had a stick blender I didn’t really get what all the fuss was about.  I mean, can’t you just use a normal blender?

Most of the time yes.  But it’s so much easier to just stick the blender in the pot and whirl up whatever you’re blending.  It makes clean-up easier and cuts down on your prep time pretty significantly.  Plus, they are one of those things that maybe most people wouldn’t buy for themselves but, I promise, you’ll use it once you get your hands on it!

If you need some tips on what you could use your blender for, here’s a few of my favorite recipes that I use my stick blender for:

Cauliflower Stilton Soup – Really creamy and delicious.

Butternut Squash SoupThis will be great in the fall.

Kidney Bean Soup – Really healthy soup that freezes well.

Homemade Mayo – You know my obsession with mayo these days.

Some other ideas that you could use your new blender for include smoothies, whipped cream, sauces like hollandaise, salad dressings…

I think you get the idea.

Leave a comment before 7PM Eastern time to have a chance to win one of two stick blenders!

Tuesday Treats are fun right?


UPDATE:  Two random winners have been selected!  Congrats to Margie and Kristi for winning the blenders!

Remember that the Tuesday Treat contests are only open for 12 hours, so if you’re interested in having a chance to win, the best way to keep up is to subscribe to Macheesmo via email or via RSS.  Following me on Twitter doesn’t hurt either!

184 comments on “Tuesday Treats: Stick Blenders!

  1. Wow, Nick, super-generous of you! You're right, I'll probably never buy a stick-blender for myself (or at least not until the first post-law school check comes in). But I'm intrigued by the possibilities.

    Keep up the good work – by my reckoning, Post #1000 could come before the year 2012!

  2. I really love your blog too. Your recipes inspire me to get out of our dinner ruts.

    The stick blender is one of those things that, for a long time, I've thought would be a nice addition to my kitchen. But it has never quite made it to the top of the list. Thanks for doing this — so generous!!

  3. Please make me a winner today. The magic bullet died, my blender leaks and the food processer is too small. I read your blog every day and enjoy watching you with Whitney on the morning news. LOVE your blog.

  4. Stick blenders are nice! I hate using my real blender since it's such a pain to pour soups, sauces, etc. into it and I usually make more than what can fit in there easily and get blended up together.

  5. I would love to win one of these stick blenders so that I can pass it along to my son who makes his protein drinks every morning and currently uses a blender. I really enjoy reading your blog and keep up the good work! Thanks

  6. Yes! I really liked that you gave us some recipes to associate with the things you're giving away. Awesome!

  7. I love making Cauliflower soup. It would be easier with a handheld blender though!! BTW, I tried your method on cooking scrambled eggs on Sunday, and it worked out better than Starting and ending on low heat. Thanks for the tip! I will never make scrambled eggs another way again!

  8. Love your recipes Nick! I have been thinking of buying on for my boyfriend, he is jealous of mine!

  9. I have always wanted a stick blender but never got one. thanks Nick! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, love to read it every day! Karen in Maryland

  10. I used to have a stick blender and used it all the time. It broke and I've never replaced it. Not so smart! It's amazing how handy they are!

  11. I have never bought a blender or food processor because my tiny kitchen has so little cabinet space. A stick blender would be a great way to make some of the recipes that I have been dying to try without having to find space for a big bulky appliance. please count me in!

  12. I inherited my grandmother's ancient stick blender some years ago, and it quickly became my favorite kitchen gadget. It died a very sad death recently, leaving me feeling rather lost and abandoned. It's on the list of purchases for when I have time and money, but I'm not sure when that will be…

  13. This is an item that has always been on my kitchen wishlist – I would love to use it on soups and also when canning homemade jams rather than putting some in the food processor and then putting it back in the pot a hundred times. This Tuesday thing sounds like a great idea – I'm just excited to see what great things you come up with!

  14. I neeeeed a stick blender! All of the soups like the ones above that I make I have to use my big blender, which somehow always turns into a huge mess.

  15. Yours is the first of all my emails that I click on first. Love it! And would love a stick blender, such a pain to get the blender out, pour in the product, whirl, then have to clean it and put it away. Great giveaway.

  16. Wow! Its like a dream come true…I need a stick blender soooooo badly. Hauling out the cuisinart is a pain in the butt and since I've found a ton of soup recipes the hubby likes – particularly my chipotle corn chowder – its been a necessary evil. I would be so happy to win this giveaway!

  17. i have been musing about purchasing one of these, but having a hard time deciding on which one. this makes my decision easy!

  18. I love reading your blog and have used most of the recipes you have shared. Thanks so much for blogging and now giving away great products.

  19. Thanks, this Is very generous.
    I have an old one (missing a few parts due to two moves into different houses in the last two years). I Use what I have in a tall drinking glass for blending home made salad dressings and for creamed soups.

  20. My wife just rolls her eyes every time I start a sentence with, "Today on Macheesmo…" Maybe a new stick blender will win her over!

  21. I've been wanting one of these! I used to have one but it was old and not working as well anymore. Love your blog by the way!

  22. My old immersion blender finally died a few months ago, and I miss it terribly. I have a wee kitchen, where space is at a premium. A stick blender is the perfect solution: in addition to imparting the perfect texture to blended soups and whatnot, it saves lots of space and dishwashing. AWESOME.

  23. I am so obsessed with my immersion blender, and my favorite use so far has been refried beans. I suppose it's greedy of me to enter to win another one but…yeah, I'm kind of an appliance hoarder and I never win anything anyways meh, why not ;)
    My recent post An Open Letter to This Summer

  24. Put my hat in the ring please, would love a new one of these. Tuesdays just got a whole lot better

  25. I LOVED my old stick blender which is finally about to bite the dust. Would love a shiny new one to keep things going…

  26. I keep hearing that these are really useful-and I believe you and "them!" My sister, Karen in MD turned me on to you- so if I win, I am going to give this to her! Thank you!

  27. This would come in handy when making your tomato marmalade recipe. I think a couple of whirls would be the perfect option. Thanks for the great ideas!

  28. My husband is obsessed with this site! But its a good obsession…we get to eat some yummy new recipes! Except the soba noodles. We don't talk about the soba noodles.
    He would love this stick blender…it might even convince him to try mayo!

  29. Wow! Such an exciting venture you lead us on every day. Wonderful dishes and entertaining info. I've been following you a long while and will look forward to lots of good eating. Yes, the stick blender would be nice on my counter to keep up with you. Luv!

  30. I would love to win this. A stick blender is one of those things that has been on the WANT LIST forever.
    And yes…Tuesday Treats are gonna be awesome.

  31. I would love a stick blender! Our last house had a tiny kitchen with no room for excess tools, but in two weeks we're moving into a big new house with plenty of empty kitchen cabinets to fill!

  32. That would be especially helpful when cooking small quantities….when you don't want to get out the big Cuisinart!

  33. Thanks for the new addition, Nick! Macheesmo just keeps getting better and as always, the recipes and your humor continue to be a daily read that I very much enjoy. The main thing that has kept me from exploring more soups is having to make them in batches because my regular blender is just too tiny so a new immersion blender would be awesome!

  34. Thanks for having such a great blog. It's entertaining and informative/educational. In my book- that's a WIN!

  35. Kudos to you for keeping your culinary integrity while still managing to do some fun giveaways!

  36. Macheesmo is always such a fun treat, even without the addition of Tuesday Giveaways! Don't we all need that?!?! Thanks!

  37. I'd be interested in trying to use a stick blender to make a quick fresh salsa. Do you need to keep the volume low, or can it handle several cups of material at a time?

  38. I have been wanting one of these for so long! Such a better solution than throwing bubbling hot liquid into the blender.

  39. Cuisinart isn't as good a brand as I had thought. I recently had a Cuisinart rice cooker break (the electrical switch no longer worked), and the company refused to replace it. So although I will accept this Cuisinart immersion blender (thank you very much), I won't be buying their products anymore.

  40. My mom makes all of these amazing soups, and I reaad these recipes on your blog, and all I want is an immersion blender!! I am just a poor law student loaded down with debt, so I can't rationalize spending more money on kitchen appliances right now. Love your blog by the way (wish I had more time to read it!)

  41. I have always wanted one of these. But, for some reason it always gets put at the bottom of the pile of bills that must be paid first. What a blessing a Stick Blender will be to whomever is the winner!!! Good Luck everybody!!

  42. I'd LOVE a stick blender – THIS ONE – especially!!! I forwarded the mushroom grower blog/giveaway to our small group – two of whom hate mushrooms with a passion and all of the responses to me were very entertaining! I look forward to seeing your blog and stop working long enough to read it!!

  43. Stick blenders are great.
    Alas, my fiance did not see the importance of this tool. Days after she moved in mine went to Goodwill to make space for HER kitchen accesories.
    Funny thing is 2 days later, she was cooking something and said "you know…that stick thingy would really be handy right now!"
    Go figure!

  44. Wow, this is super awesome! I love your blog, read it everyday and have made several recipes from your blog – my favorite is the frozen pizza!

    1. No review for this one because I'm buying it. The idea being that if I'm buying something, it's hopefully good. If I'm given something for free then it might suck so I'll test it before giving it away.

      I've used a very similar model to this one though for years and years without a problem. There's lots of good reviews on amazon also.

  45. I've been DYING to get a stick blender. I registered for one for our wedding and never received it, and have been eyeing them up everytime I'm in a store and walk by, but haven't bit the bullet yet to purchase one. Nick, pick me, pick me!! :)

  46. thanks, nick — these things are THE BEST. i learned to use one when i lived in portugal; they are called "varinha magica" there: magic wand … which about sums up its abilities! i could really use one; they have a long life but i think i've done mine in! many thanks & keep up the great work.

  47. "Tuesday treats"–what a nice idea! You rock. I could definitely put a stick blender to good use.

  48. I've always wanted a stick blender. We even have one on our wedding registry but no one has bought it for us yet. It would be awesome to win one!!

  49. Tuesday Treats ARE fun!
    I enjoy your blog and when things slow down a bit for me, I am going to tackle homemade mayo.
    Thanks for a useful giveaway!!

  50. Over the years, this has become my favorite blog, the only one I actually have sent to my email every morning. I look so forward to it, each and every day has something interesting and different. Beet stuffed beets, indeed! I am so glad to see you embrace health, whole grains, gardening, and compassionate meat purchasing. My favorite blog post was the wedding, I thought it was wonderful that you shared such a special time with all of us. Pix of Tipsy are awesome, too. I would love this stick blender, but even if I never win anything, I will remain a faithful reader. :)

  51. A friend told me about your blog about 6 months ago and I've been reading every day since then. I've been wanting one of these for a while, but haven't purchased one yet. There are so many soups I'd love to try to make!

  52. Oh my goodness, I have always wanted one of those! Right now, I pour my sauce into the blender. A stick blender would be so much easier.

  53. Here I am ready to receive that lovely blender. I am so ready to make mayo. Smoothies. Gosh, don't know what to make first. Lets hope I win.

    Thanks for the chance to play this giveaway.

  54. I'd love a stick blender. I have a pretty minimal kitchen (no stand or hand mixer or bread maker or pasta machine, etc) and find myself unable to make certain recipes because of it. Soup is my favorite thing to eat and I'd love to be able to make it, too!

  55. Great idea! This should crank up your readers! Especially when you give away quality stuff.Good job Nick! Oh! And I would really like to have a Stick Blender.

  56. Tuesday Treats are F-U-N, fun! And, I need this stick blender, because mine is from the year of one and doesn't have all the nifty up-to-date design features a new stick blender has and because i have a boatload of tomatoes that I need to make gazpacho with and I think that a stick blender would do nicely thank you!

    Rock on Macheesmo Man!

  57. I've never used a stick blender, but I see the TV chefs using them all the time. I would be honored to be picked as the winner of this. I really love your blog….especially the random recipe feature. There's always something new to learn!

  58. That is so awesome! I love reading your blog and trying some of the recipes. I've been wanting to make the may and the stick blender would be perfect! I got a stick blender for my wedding 13 years ago and just had to toss is out last year. I LOVED it! I would love to have another.!

  59. Reading you since your DC pad to your colorado digs to where ever you may go! Gots to love the random button and the birdseed bread!

  60. My big sis introduced me to your site and I'm so glad she did! Thanks for the great recipes and for making cool food not so intimidating. Rock on!

  61. I love Macheesmo! I'm not sure how I stumbled upon the site, but I've been a follower for a long time. The furthest recipe I can think back to is taquitos two ways – so how long ago was that? I know I've fallen for two April's Fools pranks. Anyway, I love your site. I've made several recipes of yours and I'm never disappointed. Thanks for the entertainment. I've been wanting a stick blender, but I have a vita mix, so I just can make myself purchase one – I know I'd love it though!

  62. Man, one of those things would be dead useful for butternut squash. I never actually thought of using one for that, so I always end up emptying the whole pot into the blender, then sticking it back in the pot to let it boil.

  63. Think of the beverage concoctions that can be made with that! and perhaps my gravy wouldn’t be as lumpy…

  64. I think HAS to be more convenient than dragging out my huge blender. And easier to clean, too. I want one!

  65. I too would love a stick blender. I also can wait to get to the store for beets and gruyere cheese to make the beet recipe in your last blog. Your photos are beautiful.

  66. I used to have a cheapy stick blender and did EVERYTHING possible with it, til I wore it out. I don't know why I haven't gotten myself another one but I would LOVE to win this one.

    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful recipes. I love reading them and have even tried some….some succeeded and some that didn't (those were entirely my fault though).

    My recent post A Broken Heart Today

  67. A stick blender is literally the only kind of blender that will fit in the kitchen of my pre-war 400 sq. ft. apartment. I already have the perfect home for it on my Ikea kitchen cart next to the collapsible strainer and my secret stash of emergency bourbon … dang it, so much for the mini-Maker's Mark bottle being my little "secret".

  68. What a great idea! I haven't been cooking much lately, but a new stick blender might be just the thing I need to get going again!

  69. I've never used a stick blender, I'm sure if I had one I would use it all the time though. Nor I know what to tell the hubby when he asks what I want for Christmas!

  70. I have always wanted one of these, but its like you say, I would never buy myself one…unless it was really cheap at Ross :)

  71. Cauliflower stilton soup???! YUM. I’d be making that if I won this hand blender! Hell, I’ll make even if I don’t!

  72. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! I've been wanting one of these for a long time. I very rarely buy for myself. I seem to buy things I'm longing for as gifts for other family members. It sure would be a treat to have one of these just for me!

  73. I've made a cauliflower and stilton soup a couple times and it is such a pain with a regular blender since I need to do it in 2 batches. I could really use a stick blender!

  74. I've been wanting one of these for a really long time! And anxious to try it with your mayo recipe. Get soooo tired of all the garbage put into our food. Have tried making mayo with my food processor (more than once) and have had success only once. Frustrating stuff. But as my husband says, you must have the right tools for the job…

  75. You're absolutely right. A stick blender is not something that I would buy for myself. If someone were to give me one, however….

  76. I have been wanting a stick blender for the longest time to make soups and creams for my desserts! I love reading your blog and appreciate your generosity with the give-away.

  77. Your blog is always so entertaining and filled with great ideas. And I would love to have a stick blender for soups!

  78. I love your blog! I really appreciate the photos you take of each step in the process of a dish. It takes the guess work out of cooking!

  79. I would love a stick blender! I see it used on the Food Network all the time and it looks like a cool little kitchen tool!

  80. Nick, it's amazing just how many of us read and follow you! Thanks for the Treat and keep up the good work.

  81. Ooooooh, I've been meaning to pick one of these up. I make tomato soup fairly frequently and having to use two different pots and a blender tends to make a mess, whereas this would allow me more to time to drink. Er…I mean, entertain my guests. :D

    Also, any chance that Foodie Fights is going to come back this year?

  82. I've always sort of thought "Ooh, stick blenders," but, like you said, will probably never buy one for myself. Heck, I've given them to other people as gifts, just…never touched one personally.

    I'm ready for autumn now, btw, so I can go make that cauliflower stilton soup!

  83. Thanks so much for the giveaways! You are right that it is something I would never buy for myself, but I would LOVE to have one to make more soups and things. I truly love reading your blog and have successfully made a few of your recipes.

  84. When I am looking for a recipe or thinking about what to make I always search your blog first. Every recipe of yours that I have made has been awesome. I would like to make some of the recipes that you have used your emulsion blender for with this type of blender. Maybe I will get to try them after winning!

  85. Oh, I have been wanting one of these. I started making soup last fall and this would have helped in a few cases. Thank you so much, I've been enjoying your blog.

  86. I recently found your blog and have been addicted ever sense. I would love to win a stick blender…I have heard it is once of those things you don't know you need until you have it! :) Thanks for your great recipes and generosity.

  87. Wow. Near idea nick. Bet Betsy suggested it
    Big increase in Comments too

    They are really neat To work with , just like the magic bulleti got from
    My mom
    Be well. Good luck with all

  88. i would love an immersion blender! i hate pouring back and forth from the dutch oven to the regular blender! help!

  89. I would LOVE to have this for my two teenage boys who make smoothies on a regular basis as well as a big mess!! Maybe this could help! :) We are a family of five who LOVE all your recipes. Every time we have something "new" the kids and hubby ask, "is this Macheesmo". The pimento cheese muffins are one of their absolute favs and my husband loved the addition of olives in those. Thanks for all you do and post!

  90. Woo! Stick blenders are so good! Apart from the obvious, my favorite use is making homemade mayo in moments!

  91. I've been wanting to learn to make soup and the stick blender would be perfect to try out one of your recipes! Thanks for doing these.

  92. I would love to have this, especially for soups. Never thought about using a stick blender for smoothies, but it sure would be more convenient.

  93. I’ve always wanted a stick blender! But like you I just figured that I could use by standard blender.

  94. I have been harassing my parents to buy me a hand blender like this Cuisinart or a KitchenAid for a couple months now! Actually, I'll be totally honest. It was your homemade mayo post that did it. I really really don't like mayo in a jar. If some restaurant accidentally puts it on my sandwich, I either painstakingly take it all off while grumbling the whole time…or I send it back. Yeah. But when I read your post, I realized that the ingredients of mayo are nothing I dislike. I should like this stuff! If it's made right! So began my obsession with getting my hands on a good hand blender.
    Keep rockin, man :-)

  95. I would blend the hell out of some cauliflower soup. A little garam masala, some naan on the side, bam. Delicious stuff.

  96. Tuesday Treats! How fun and very generous of you! I've always wanted a stick blender to make soups.

  97. Oh Oh Oh, I was just contemplating buying one of these!

    Love your recipes and sense of adventure in the kitchen!

  98. Many years ago I ordered a stick blender off of the TV. When the box arrived I was so excited because now I could make fat free whipped toppings. Soon I was finding many uses for my imersion blender. I was cooking a lot back then and I made soups and smooth sauces that impressed. My all time favorite was making italian style ices. As the liquid would freeze, I would blend the mixture and after two or three times I had delicious and healthy versions of a summer family favorite. I am in Cali now and have been thinking of getting another just so I can make ices.

  99. Love the Tues Treat…who doesn't love a new kitchen gadget…great idea! By the way…friends and I were talking about your blog, and we'd love to see your take on chocolate pancakes. We were talking about how delicious chocolate chocolate chip pancakes would be. :-)

  100. LOL, I love how the comments pick up when you mention free stuff!

    I just moved into a new apartment (of my very own! yay!), and had to leave my big trusty blender with my mom. Sad times. :( I've always wanted to make a creamy cheesy potato soup, but it's such a PITA to get everything in the blender and then blend it without over blending and making it gross.
    My recent post Set of 6 Coasters – Super Mario Bros 3

  101. Great giveaway ! Cuisinart have really terrific products. A smart stick hand blender, everything from soups to smoothies can be made with it. Thank you for giving me a chance to win.

  102. This is a brilliant idea :) I love reading your blog and a number of your recipes I have tried were big hits, especially your cauliflower mac and cheese! I'd love to have my very own stick blender. Every time I have used someone else's I have been envious!

  103. Woo! Stick blender! Now I won't be confined to blending only the things that can fit into my blender, like fish tanks and bathtubs. Tuesday Treats is a fantastic idea (and I like that it is FAST). Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. I have been wanting an immersion blender for the longest time! Our D.C. kitchen is too small for a full size one, and I would love to win this!

  105. This is something I have always thought I could have fun using for cooking. I really love that you share things with us so we have a better idea of whether we will like them or not. As always Nick, You ROCK!

  106. I've wanted one of these for ages because whenever I make butternut squash soup i have to blend the soup in batches because my blender won't hold as much as my dutch oven does. In the end I always end up with a butternut squash soup mess all over the countertop.

  107. I love your blog, and I always get compliments when I make your recipes. The most recent winner was Yogurt Marinated Chicken, which I've already made three times. My father-in-law begged me for the recipe. :p

  108. I just looked at some stick blenders at our local Cook's Warehouse store here in Atlanta. I do use my blender to make different soups ( especially in the fall ) and I thought a stick blender might be a little easier to use. I will try the different soups you posted so thank you for posting them and I'll keep my fingers crossed that I will have a new stick blender to try out when I make them!

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