Tuesday Treats: Coffee!

On a cold winter morning, there really is nothing like a hot cup of coffee.  I’m actually not even a huge coffee person, but when I do have it, I like it to be good.

Recently, Betsy and I have been making coffee with a tiny pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg on the grounds.  It gives the coffee a really nice complex flavor that’s pretty hard to beat.

We’ve also been rocking the French press recently so I thought it might be fun to give a few of them away for a Tuesday Treat!

The French Press

Granted, it’s a bit more work to make a French press cup of coffee.  You have to grind the coffee, heat up water, stir the grounds, wait a few minutes, and then finally press and enjoy.

I think the taste makes up for the work difference though.  You can actually make the coffee a lot stronger because the French press method doesn’t leave your coffee with that bitter flavor.  It’s a very soft flavor.

I think the French press is one of those kitchen items that most people might not buy for themselves, but once you have it, and you get used to using it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Once you’re brewing really good French press coffee, you can make stuff like these mocha muffins, or one of my favorites: coffee coffee cake.

The Giveaway

A French press by itself is pretty useless unless you have a coffee grinder to go with it.  Personally, I don’t use anything too fancy, but it gets the job done!

So, for this Tuesday Treat, I’m giving away two bundles of an eight cup Bodum French Press and a Krups electric coffee grinder.  If you already have a coffee grinder, then use this one for spices!  I have two and just have one labeled for spices only.

Tuesday Treat Rules

Just a reminder about the Tuesday Treat rules.

The whole idea behind these giveaways is that they are quick. This contest will close at7PM Eastern time tonight (Tuesday) and I’ll pick TWO winners at random. That means that you have just 12 hours to sign up. Unfortunately, I can’t ship internationally so just U.S. entries please.

Those two winners will get both the french press and the coffee grinder sent to them as soon as possible!

How to enter?

It doesn’t get much easier. Just leave a comment and you’re entered!

Good luck everyone!

The Winners!

Congrats to Meg and Cassie for being the luckiest readers of the day!

222 comments on “Tuesday Treats: Coffee!

  1. French press is the best way to enjoy my NOLA coffe in the morning. Almost like bing home.

  2. I LOVE French Press coffee, but my French press is really small. Good coffee is meant for sharing, so I’d love to have the larger French press and grinder.

  3. I’m the Morning Coffee Hoarder in the House! I like 2 Cups every morning, so I try and finish the first cup without guzzling it down to quickly and get to the pot and take the last cup before anyone gets to it! ha….. I do make more for them though, so I’m not that bad, am I?

  4. I would love to win a French press, thanks! There is nothing like splitting a long, late breakfast between two people over some French-pressed coffee.

  5. I haven’t had a French press cup of coffee since graduate school. Now that’s a habit I’d like to get back into! Delicious!

  6. I think you are right this is something we have always wanted but don’t want to buy for ourselves!!

  7. I don’t drink coffee (even the smell makes me cringe), but my husband might be excited to have something like this. :-) And I’d love to have the grinder…. ;-)

  8. This falls into that category of kitchen items I’ve always wanted but is always below some other more important item on the list….I’ve had a french press cup of coffee once, from what I remember it was delicious.

  9. oh my! I’ve been eyeing a french press for a while now but haven’t taken the plunge. maybe you’ll bring me into the world of real coffee drinking :)

  10. “I think the French press is one of those kitchen items that most people might not buy for themselves, but once you have it, and you get used to using it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!”

    Well, that certainly fits me! I’ve been looking at them for some time now, but just haven’t gotten around to buying one yet. Thanks from all of us for the freebies, Nick!

  11. I would love a new coffee press and grinder. I use mine daily! I have tried a few different methods for making coffee, melitta drip, stovetop espresso, and regular drip coffee maker, nothing beats the coffee flavor from a coffee press!
    Great giveaway

  12. Huge Coffee lover and have always wanted to try the french press but just never got around to it! This is a wonderful giveaway for any coffee lover!

  13. Coffee helps me function on a daily basis….don’t know what I’d do without it! Can’t wait to get my french press and grinder! lol

  14. I gave this exact french press as a Christmas gift. I was so envious after I tasted the finished product. These are amazing. I’d love to win one! Thanks

  15. Such a timely giveaway, Nick! Our French press broke this weekend (another reminder to never cut corners when buying kitchenware!) and we’re dying without it! We’d love the opportunity to have a Bodum press in the house!

    1. Oh yea… I’ve broken my fair share of them. I finally learned that it’s worth it to get the one with the metal protective cage thing around it which makes it a bit harder to break.

  16. I’ve been meaning to get a french press…

    Thanks so much for having this giveaway, I really love your blog!

  17. Carissa just recently had her first cup of french press coffee and was blown away by the difference in taste… perhaps a little bit more work but then again that’s usually the case with something that tastes so good.

  18. I am dying to get a French press. I think it would be a great alternative to the awful coffee they have at my office. With a French press I would just grind and then get the hot water from the coffee machine spigot. Woo hoo! Crossing fingers!!

  19. Totally unrelated to the French press, of which I’m a big fan, but I made those sweet potato stuffed shells last night and they were phenomalicious. I could not stop eating them. Definitely a keeper, thank you posting!

  20. Those sweet potato stuffed shells were tremendous, and I went on a sweet potato kick last year, never ever thought of them like that.

    OH, love the site, and I love the cast iron pizza recipe, use it at least once a week here :)

  21. I have always been intrigued by the French press coffee…but never made the plunge to purchase one. I would love to win. Thank you for your great blog!!

  22. I grew up with coffee on the stove or a percolator. I found my grandmother’s French press and decided to clean it up and make use…..oh the joy and aromas! Coffee is my bliss.

  23. I am so in love with French Presses. The last one I had broke so I just stopped drinking coffee at home and switched to tea. I’m lazy like that.

  24. I gave up the drip coffee maker years ago. I don’t know what it does to coffee but I just don’t enjoy it from those makers. My mom used a percolator. I started using one of those about 10 years ago. It makes coffee taste about 100 times better than the drip coffee maker. But, still, I wasn’t a big fan of coffee. Then, because I liked the asthetics (don’t judge me) and the idea of the french press, I tried one last year and OMG I can’t believe how much I love a cup from the french press. It’s just so smooth. Because I was grinding my coffee and setting up a percolator previously, it’s really not that much more effort for me. It’s totally worth it. I find any coffee tastes better but Illy is the best by far. I would love a new grinder and additional pot.

    I’ve made several recipes from your site and they have all been big hits! Thanks for what you do.

  25. We use our French press all the time. Love it! You can add a little convenience by grinding your coffee at the store.

  26. Love the French press! Could definitely use a nicer one and I don’t own a coffee grinder!

  27. French Press coffee is wonderful…and for me, coffee is a necessity. How nice of you to be giving these away!!

  28. Would love the coffee grinder. We’ve gone through 2 of the cheaper models over the years and it looks like this one would definitely hold up better!

  29. I have always heard about the French Press coffee makers but have never had some…. this would be great!!! Must…..have……coffee….in….the…mornings!!!

  30. I have been wanting both a french press and coffee grinder now for the past couple of years but haven’t given in to buying myself either because my husband wouldn’t use it – he doesn’t drink coffee (crazy, right?).

  31. I live in Oregon and coffee is required in the winter here. A cup of french press coffee might just make me forget that it’s raining outside (or in today’s rare case, snowing!).

  32. I would love to try french press coffee. I’ve heard great things about it, but have never invested in the press itself, nor do I own a grinder. *crossing fingers*

  33. I have a friend who makes french press coffee when I visit. It is such a special treat. Fingers crossed!

  34. I use to have a French Press, but it was such a mystery! Would this come with Macheesmo instructions on how to brew a great cup of coffee? :)

  35. May have to take that trick about adding cinnamon and nutmeg to the coffee. There used to be a shop that did that with their espresso in Colorado and I still remember it.

    And I could definitely use a spice grinder. I’ve been making home-made blackening spices, which are great, but a lot of work!

  36. A french press comes in very handy when camping! Luckily, a friend camping with us had one this past weekend. We’ve got to have coffee when it gets below freezing at night.

  37. Woo-hoo Coffee…….now this is something very dear to me. Recently had an occasion to host dozens of friends and relatives for several days – people wanted to help and so one of the things they wanted to do was make the coffee – ‘cept, I am very particular.

    For me when a coffee says “light roast” it makes me think I’d rather a nice Rooibos Tea. So when they tried to sell me on that megabrand that begins with an “M” I got cranky instead.

    A shout out goes out to Pierce Brothers http://www.piercebroscoffee.com/servlet/StoreFront

    I’m easy though a nice Italian roast from Peets, Seattle’s Best, TJ’s – our everday go to has been 365 Brand – Early Morning Buzz.

    It’s just a morning thing – but don’t mess with my coffee.

  38. I recently had french pressed coffee for the first time and fell in LOVE! It is so smooth and comforting! I also love to put cinnamon in my coffee. You are doing an awesome job with your blog, Nick! I love reading your posts! Keep it up.

  39. Sounds like a nice pkg for a giveaway. I don’t drink coffee, but my kids do, and would love to have a nice cup of coffee. Pick me, pick me : ^) I know it is random, but . . .

  40. I am in love with the whole coffee making process. I had a little french press tumbler that I used and I felt so fancy.

    I can totally see myself hosting a brunch JUST to show off my new french press!!

    Awesome giveaway!!!

  41. Oh yes, this would be NICE! My husband drinks an entire pot by himself, and this could be just for me. Shhhhhhhh!

  42. Hey cool. I came by to read what you have to say about quiche because I’m brainstorming a brunch menu. I’d love to win a french press. I usually have one cup o’joe a day, and this would make it easier and better I’m guessing. Have a good day.

        1. Nick,

          Thanks again for this great give-away. I have had my French Press and Grinder for a week now, and I love them. What an improvement on the coffee experience! Great timing having it arrive in the middle of January. I will stop back and let you know when I’ve had a chance to post on my blog about it. I’m going to try the cinnamon.


  43. A french press is definitely something I have wanted for a while; to use it for complex coffee flavors in baking would open up a whole new host of delicious things to make! It’s always something I’ve secretly hoped for as a present, so I love that you are giving away this bundle!

  44. French press coffee is unbeatable! It’s the one
    thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.

  45. For a different cup, I boil grounds, water, a cinammon stick and some raw sugar. Then strain it, which a French press would be great for! Its delicious! I enjoy this blog a great deal, have been following for about a year…Thanks for all the great ideas!

  46. This would be awesome. My hubby is a huge coffee drinker and his b-day is right around the corner :)

  47. Yummy!!!!!! Pick me, Pick Me. Love your blog and look forward to reading it each morning.

    Thank you

  48. I broke my Bodum press about five years ago and still miss it every day! I keep promising myself that I will splurge and get another but, well, you know how that kind of thing goes.
    Who ever wins this is going to be so happy! This is a very cool give away! Thanks Nick!
    (crossing fingers!) -Angela

  49. Just thought i’d leave a comment regarding you Tuesday Giveaway.
    I would love to try it, IF I were to be the chosen one. I drink a fair share of coffee. BTW,..I also add cinnamon & sometimes Ginger to my grounds,erven cloves at times…..Joe

  50. I have used my Mom’s old percolator forever. A French Press would put me in the 21st century (or back to the 19th)…

  51. The timing of this is awesome. I was just thinking about switching from my grind and brew coffee maker (since it started leaking) over to using a french press.

  52. What a great site ~ intelligent, inspiring, encouraging, well written, fine photos ~ what a great give away!

  53. I LOVE French pressed coffee! I lost my French press on a camping trip and would love to win this to make up for it! Thanks for such a great cooking website!

  54. I love your site and make a lot of your recipes for my family. Would love a French press!

  55. Nothing beats good fresh ground roast (I prefer MadCap coffee) in a French press. What I look forward to every morning.

  56. I would love a French Press! And best part would be it came from you! Bragging rights would be huge considering the amount I talk about your blog/recipes to my family & friends!

  57. I have a French Press and certainly need a grinder for my Turkish coffee I do in my blender now.
    First comment but I truly enjoy your blog!

  58. I would love to have a new French Press! These things make the best coffee. Mine is ancient and needs to be retired…

  59. I don’t think I’ve ever had coffee made in a French press. Sounds like it might be worth the effort.
    BTW, thanks for posting the article about Paula Deen.

  60. My mom loves your site and forwards it always to me and my brother. He loves to cook and I love coffee.

  61. Totally agree it’s not something you buy for yourself (maybe why I don’t have one), but something that is wonderful once received!

  62. My husband and I use a moka pot to make espresso/coffee but this is something we’ve both been really wanting! So please pick me :)

  63. Nick!

    This couldn’t of came at a more perfect time! I just moved back to Colorado into a tiny kitchen and am on the market for a good french press. I got spoiled the last 6 months while house sitting in Florida and was using my friends’. It makes the best coffee, and I happen to enjoy the process.

    Love your blog. I’ve been an avid follower for almost two years now! Keep it up! :)

    oh, and pick me! pick me!

  64. Great idea about using the spices on the coffee grounds. I would love to try using a french press for my coffee!

  65. Just found your site and I love it! Also been thinking about fresh grinding coffee and using a french press as well so this is a win win.

  66. Would love a French press bundle– my fiance just discovered coffee a few months ago, it would be great to re-revolutionize his world!

  67. I love french press coffee and mine died on me a couple years ago…and I’ve never replaced it. This would be wonderful!

  68. I like my whiskey straight and my coffee black! but adding spices sounds fun and totally does not change the color.. so I will definitely try it!
    (also I made your egg/corn tortilla/muffin thing for breakfast yesterday and it was delicious! and so easy. great idea!)

  69. Ahhhh, this brings me back to my days in college as a barista! I’d be slinging espresso all day, but I’d keep the french pressed stuff in the back for all the staffers to enjoy :) would love to win!

  70. Thanks for this chance for a French press!

    Looking forward to trying cinnamon and nutmeg with my coffee tomorrow morning.

  71. I don’t drink that much coffee so I could never justify buying one for myself. I’d love to have one though!

  72. I would love a new French press! The cracks on mine finally opened up, and I’m still on a student budget so replacement’s a distant dream.

  73. You are so correct. A coffee press is something I have wanted for a while, but would never buy for myself.

  74. PUHLEEEEZE! At the tender age of 60, my wife has developed a taste for coffee…well, sort of. She prefers lighter roasts and even some flavored coffees while I prefer dark, unflavored roasts. This has caused enormous morning conflict and the only way out os to have separate grinders and french presses. At our advanced age, we simply can’t afford dual luxuries. Help, please! Thanks!

  75. WOW! I’ve just stumbled onto your site while looking up recipes for homemade pasta – I’m already hooked and I’m sure I’ll be here often.
    Thanks for great information and confidence-building instructions!

  76. I really love your site; it has helped me branch out a lot more in my cooking. Thanks for sharing with us!

  77. Coffee! I would love a french press and a coffee grinder. I’ve been wanting to purchase the latter and toy with the idea of the former. This would be awesome.

  78. Yes coffee with cinnamon is GREAT! I would love a french press & grinder, thanks for the giveaway. Have a good day.

  79. I agree that a coffee presses are amazing… I just never can seem to justify buying one for myself.

  80. I’ve never tried french press coffee before, but I do brew my own coffee (and grind my own whole beans) every morning, so I’d love to try it!!

  81. This Pacific Northwesterner LOVES coffee and would love love love a french press! BTW, your blog is fabulous. I’ve been a dedicated stalker of your posts for 6 months now :D

  82. I started making coffee with a french press when I started drinking it. I am not sure why, maybe because I like strong coffee. I liked your tip of using cinnamon and nutmeg in with the coffee. Thanks for a chance to win Nick!

  83. Just stumbled upon your website–perhaps it was because I was meant to win a coffee press and grinder?

  84. Coffee is my best friend!!! I moved to NYC with two suitcases and a french press!! a grinder would make my family whole!

  85. I’ve been wanting a new and bigger french press for months now, but I’m a poor grad student! I’d love to win!

  86. Nothing like a good shot of bourbon in your coffee on those really cold mornings. Gotta get the blood flowing.

  87. Biiiiiiiggggg coffee drinker here! Thank you for the chance to enter (and hopefully win!) PS – I agree with the person from your earlier post that you should have Macheesmo T-Shirts!!!!

  88. Oh man – I’ve been thinking about a French press and unable to pull the trigger for months now. Great giveaway, Nick – thanks!

  89. I would love to win this french press because I love coffee and it can make just enough for a cup or two. Thanks! :D

  90. It grinds on me that I am so pressed for time that I don’t have either of these! Thank you and good night.



  92. ahhhh, I truly enjoy coffee. Even though I’m not a connoisseur on identifying the different blends, I can definitely tell the difference between a good strong cup of coffee or a weak watery blend. I really am looking forward to this contest because we need a better coffee grinder. Ours is so old and doesn’t grind the beans evenly :/

  93. I love my coffee every morning!!! Since moving though, I’ve sadly been having instant coffee every morning (unless I feel like making the trip to the coffee shop pre-workout/work). Kind of disappointing! I know i have to get a French press or something soon. :)

  94. I’m not a big coffee lover either, but I’ve always heard that the French Press makes the best coffee. I hope I win so I can test this person!

  95. My late husband introduced me to coffee, good strong coffee. Thanks for this opportunity.

  96. Though I did not get my entry in soon enough, I will chime in and say we LOVE our French Press! My brother sends us beans from BB Bean Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs! A match made in coffee heaven!

  97. love Coffee & anything made with coffee ~ did you know that coffee is great when cooking roasts it tenderizes even the toughest cuts of meat

  98. I have started using the press within the last few weeks also! Love it but need a bigger one. I was handed down a 10 ounce!

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