Tuesday Treat: The Probe You Need

How many times have you heard this at a backyard BBQ?

“I don’t need a thermometer. I just know when it’s perfect.”

Ok, Mr. Expert. Maybe you do, but you probably don’t. While I can tell doneness on a few specific cuts like some steaks, chicken pieces, and fish, for most things I rely heavily on my thermometer.

You know why? Because it works. If you want to improve your cooking, using a thermometer is one of the best tips you’ll ever read on this site.

So I’m giving away a few of them today just for you!

The Digital Thermometer

When it comes to meat temperature, I’m pretty much done with the little thermometers that have a dial. When I try to read them, I feel like there is always about a 5 degree error range which is a pretty huge range when it comes to cooking some meats.

So digital is where it’s at.

This is my favorite thermometer these days. It’s reasonably priced and has alarms for temperature and time. Most importantly, you can leave the probe in the meat the entire time it is cooking so there’s no need to worry about poking it multiple times.

Most recently, I used my thermometer to make this delicious leg of lamb, but I’ve used it for tons of stuff over the years.

If you don’t have one, you need one. If you do have one, two couldn’t hurt.

Tuesday Treat Rules

Yes… astute readers may know that I’ve done this giveaway before for a Tuesday Treat, but it’s such an important piece of equipment this time of year that I figured people wouldn’t mind a chance to win again.

Just a reminder about the Tuesday Treat rules.

The whole idea behind these giveaways is that they are quick. This contest will close at 8PM PACIFIC time tonight (Tuesday) and I’ll pick THREE winners at random. That means that you have about 15 hours to sign up.

Unfortunately, I can’t ship internationally so just U.S. entries please.

How to enter?

I use Punchtab to run these giveaways. The widget below will walk you through how you can enter to win and gain extra entries for doing stuff like following me on Twitter.

If you don’t have Javascript enabled in your browser, you won’t be able to see the widget. You can always just leave a comment below to be entered to win if the widget doesn’t load. The widget will give you more chances to win though.

Good luck everyone!


Congrats to Charisse (Facebook), Maria (comment), and Jon (facebook) for winning the giveaway!


129 comments on “Tuesday Treat: The Probe You Need

  1. I’d make crown roast! (I’ve always wanted to make one — they look so fancy). And of course my Thanksgiving turkey.

  2. So many choices – I’ve never cooked a whole chicken before, so maybe that’s a good place to start. I used a dial thermometer for something a few weeks ago, and eventually just gave up in frustration. A digital one would be much easier!

  3. I’ve been winging my favorite steak recipe for years… it calls for a meat thermometer but I haven’t taken the plunge to buy one yet. Sometimes it’s just perfect… sometimes its slightly over or under cooked (although under cooked I can usually deal with). It’d be great to be able to make it perfectly every time!

  4. There are lots of cuts of meat that I steer away from because of not being sure of the doneness so I would venture out a bit and try some of those.

  5. ooo, if I get one of these I will actually get my husband to grill! I’m thinking ribs, roasts, lamb…the possibilities are endless :)

  6. Ropa Vieja with mojo sauce. My mom made it for my brother’s wedding and I haven’t had it since moving out to colorado from florida.

  7. A big ole pork butt!! Thats what I would love!! And then make yummy sandwhiches with some great home made bbq sauce!!

  8. I would use this to cook steak. I have an uncanny ability to skip straight past my preferred Medium into the medium well and sometimes even well done territory. :-(

  9. Well, well.. I just to own a probe thermometer, didn’t last very long.. I’d be willing to give it a shot again, maybe I just had a bad one? Can’t roast a chicken without one!

  10. I’d use it to cook just about any Roast or Whole Bird, But Definitely a Pork Tenderloin, Beef Roast and a Marinated London Broil (Top Round)!

  11. I’d probably do the leg of lamb as well. There is so little leeway between a perfectly cooked lamb and dry lamb, so I’ve not cooked one myself before. This would make me an expert in no time!

  12. I’ve owned this same model of thermometer for years now…it’s amazing. People – if you don’t win this one being offered…go out and buy it – seriously it’s the best! I don’t work for them or anything; I just really think it’s a great product.

  13. I’m such a newb about these things. I’d love to learn to make a great steak on the grill!

  14. Since I have never used a thermometer like this I would love to try it out with all kinds of food. Who doesn’t love an experiment?

  15. I hosted a Summer Thanksgiving on Friday and used a thermometer to make sure the turkey was done and wouldn’t harm us :)

  16. I am thinking this would be a perfect addition to a leg of lamb recipe, make sure I don’t over cook it!

  17. I am learning to cook meat and your blog is helping me out and my husband thanks you. I grew up vegetarian and just recently started eating meat due to my husbands want of a meaty meal every once in awhile. So this is so much needed for me cause I am always in doubt about the temp on my cheap little thermometer. But to answer the question it would be pot roast my hubby’s favorite.

  18. Would love to use this when grilling steaks! We had a cool digital thermometer, but it, uh, melted in a freak accident in our smoker. So, we’re in need of a new one.

  19. First off would be a burger, but then I’ve got a really great recipe for a soy-ginger pork tenderloin roast that this’d be great for!

  20. There was a lovely Peruvian-style whole grilled chicken recipe I saw that would be just perfect for this…

  21. Definitely would use it to make my Thanksgiving turkey! I used to steal my moms, and just moved, so now I don’t have one. Can’t make turkey without one!

  22. A leg of lamb, no question…it’s been on my bucket list of things to make for years. Oh, and roast beef.

  23. I would cook a roast amd check the temp of my meat so that it turns out perfect, I would use it for oh so many things!

  24. Oh I could think of many uses for this little nifty gadget. I would probably use it for roast chicken and may try my hand at a holiday roast of some sort. Thank you for a chance to win! I just tried your potatoe chips the other day. Awesome! Everyone loved them! Thanks again!

  25. Pork tenderloin! Pork is the trickiest for me because I’m afraid of undercooking it and the results from overcooking it are terrible. I agree, my current dial-based thermometer is pretty crummy.

  26. Bread! I have one of these, but it’s getting old. I use it to time my pots of tea, and love using it when I bake bread. I could use another.

  27. I would use if for all things roasted; beef, pork, chicken and turkey. I would use it outside in my smoker as well as inside my oven.

  28. I would use a thermometer for almost anything! I overcook/ undercook more things than I care to mention!

  29. We have a small home dairy and make different varieties of goat cheese. It is important to stay right with it so I don’t miss the crucial temperature markers for adding culture and rennet and draining the curd. I really enjoy the process, but there are times when I wish I could multitask a bit. This would be so useful for cheese making!

  30. I would buy some really good dry aged beef and grill it outside on my wood burning smoker. I can taste it now. I never can get the temperature just right. Darn cheap thermometers.

  31. Any number of roasts and large cuts of meat. I’ve shied away from trying a lot of exciting dishes because I don’t have a thermometer and am afraid to improperly cook something.

  32. I know you said that you can tell when somethings are done but I can’t. I would use this when I grill chicken. Sometimes I do steaks but I usually leave that to my husband.

  33. Pork chops! Since some can be thinner than others, a meat thermometer is necessary in order to keep them from overcooking (dry, and pretty much inedible).

  34. I don’t cook meat that often and am kind of paranoid about it so I would probably use it for everything!

  35. The widgit doesn’t work for me but it looks like we’re commenting on how we’d use this shiny awesomeness. For us, it’d be roasted chickens. I’m always so paranoid that I’m under-cooking chicken and those grosses me out!

  36. Easily slow cooked pork roasts…it’s a shame to cook something all day and then overdo it and make the meat dry.

  37. Meatloaf! It should be so simple, but I’m constantly under- or over-cooking it!

  38. I would feel much more confident cooking larger portions of meat on the grill with this tool!

  39. I think I’d use this to cook seafood to perfection! It’s too easy to overcook seafood into dry cardboard ….

  40. This thermometer would be great to monitor the doneness of the grilled teriyaki pork loin.

  41. I’d love to enter the giveaway, Android evidently hates java and I’m on my mobile, so anyway….consider me entered?

  42. I would cook pork loin with this–it would help me not overcook it, as I usually do! Thanks so much.

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