Tuesday Treat: Summer Grilling

It’s officially grilling season and I figured I would help you all have a chance to win some great grilling gear.

There is A LOT of grilling gear out there that is kind of overkill. Maybe you can only use it for one thing or it might not hold up well to heat and breaks quickly.

A good grill pan though is worth expanding your grill tools. You can use it to grill a huge batch of veggies, cook thinly sliced meats, or just keep things warm on the grill.

I use mine all the time and so I thought I’d give away of few of them!

Tuesday Treat Rules!

This contest will close at 8PM PACIFIC time next Tuesday (06/17) and I’ll pick THREE winners at random from the full list of entries.

Unfortunately, I can’t ship overseas so just U.S. or Canada entries please.

How to Enter?

Just leave a comment on this post with what you would cook in the grill pan and you’re entered to win!


Congrats to Deb, Sarah P, and  Anna S for winning the giveaway!

103 comments on “Tuesday Treat: Summer Grilling

  1. We grill almost every Sunday twelve months a year. We use the grill basket for vegetables particularly asparagus and quartered new potatoes.

  2. Brussel sprouts! I know they’re out of season slightly, but they are so good tossed in some olive oil, garlic and maple syrup and tossed on the grill. We always lose a few to the grill gods since they like to fall between the grates – a grill pan would save all of the tasty goodness for our bellies!

  3. I would line the bottom and part of the sides with foil to contain the “juice” and make vegetables (onion bell pepper, etc.) to go along with the steaks on the grill for fajitas.

  4. Would most certainly do fish as I find it too delicate for just on the grill. We grill pretty much all year except when it hits -40C.

  5. Definitely a large number of Peppers and Onions…to go along with all the meat of course, because I dont want you to think I’d just be grilling veggies. Like the fish idea too.

  6. A handful of hickory chips, soaked overnight, placed over the white-ashed natural charcoal, with whole trimmed green onions, rosemary sprigs, “planks” of yellow and zucchini summer squash, a couple of planks of salted (de-bittered) eggplant, poblano peppers (seeded and kept whole…skin blistered), and halved roma tomatoes! One could keep the veggies intact…or chop them, depending on how one would want to use them!

    1. Fresh fruit for relishes (mango, pineapple, peach), for ice cream (strawberries, raspberries), watermelon on its own is great grilled!

  7. I would LOVE a grill pan- I am DEATHLY afraid of the grill and this might help me get over my fear.

  8. What wouldn’t I use it for. The possibilities are endless. Of course all of the usual suspects vegetables, thin meats but I am also thinking….. hmmm … mini appetizer pizzas. I bet I cam find more uses for it given the chance. Thank you for the great giveaway offer.

  9. I love all these suggestions. Will try some over the next few weeks. Hadn’t thought about shrimp.

  10. I just bought my first grill, so I’m in learning mode. After reading the comments above, I think I’d like to try shrimp with some veggies. Who knew you could grill all of this stuff. I love reading your blog, I’m learning so very much.

  11. Hi – I have this really great marinade for peaches on the grill, I think they’d be so much better in the pan than directly on the grill. Thanks for the chance. Lisa

  12. We’re vegetarians who grill all the time. Peppers, zucchini, onions, potatoes, squash, pineapple, mushrooms, corn, etc. etc…..mmm, I’m getting hungry!!! :)

  13. The list is endless, although onions, peppers, mushrooms, and corn are at the top of the list! =)

  14. I want to try grilling pears off our tree. I also love doing veggies, and there’s a grilled veggie & couscous salad I want to try.

  15. I’ve been wanting to try grilling veggies that you can’t do on a normal grill without a lot of hassle, especially Brussels sprouts and cherry tomatoes. I’ve only recently started grilling, and this basket would open up a lot of possibilities!

  16. How about grilling up some sweet Palisade peaches? Two weeks till the early varieties.

  17. I’d grill fish for those tacos you posted the other day, as well as lots of mushrooms and zucchini.

  18. I would grill something OTHER than grilled chicken. My husband is on a diet and I’ve had more grilled chicken than I ever thought possible!!!!

  19. Yum! I’d enjoy grilling some trout. I have recently learned how to fly fish. Plus lots of veggies! Mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, corn, red onion and some fruit too- pineapple and mango to be specific!! Let’s Eat!!

  20. I would grill veggies in it that I usually put on kabob sticks. What a time saver this would be! My husband would love this.

  21. Sweet peppers and onions which would accompany the Italian sausages getting a nice char right next to the grill pan.

  22. I guess since I am an “accidental” Vegetarian except when I’m not-I will grill veggies!!

  23. Ooooh…..I can smell the shrimp and veggies on the grill just waiting to be made into Shrimp Tacos!!

  24. I will probably try fish first since I’ve always been afraid of it sticking to the grill. Then the vegetables, chunks of sweet onions, mushrooms, tomatoes & zucchini & summer squash. I hate skewering all the meat & veg. For shish kebab which is a favorite summer meal of my family (or meat on sticks which my son has always called it). This would be so much easier!

  25. In the past I’ve always left the grilling to my husband. I’d send him outside with some unfortunate piece of meat and the admonishment of “don’t burn it!”…. But this summer I have decided to learn how to grill, and have made some of the tastiest meals ever! I’ve experimented with different rubs and marinades and am really excited at my results. Now my main question for him is – do we have gas in the grill tank?!!

  26. I’d definitely cook asparagus and some fish with chopped olives and peppers – would love to try that on the grill. I currently use disposable pans for the asparagus with a drizzle of EVOO and sea salt and it is amazing but a pain to keep buying new pans.

  27. I would gill up all the zucchini growing the the garden and probably some fish. I’m in a fish mood.

  28. I would definitely grill up the fresh veggies out of the garden: zucchini, onions, peppers and of course some Iowa sweet corn! All to serve along whatever protein we decide to grill – good stuff right there!

  29. I have challenged myself to grill an entire meal from apps to dessert, came out great. The grill pan would make it much easier to do that.

  30. I would definitely grill veggies, especially vidalia onions which are in season and so yummy. Fish too because I do have trouble keeping it together on the grill. I have a nice recipe for salmon miso kebabs I’d like to try.

  31. I’d like to learn some veggie dishes for when my vegetarian son visits. (DVS?) I thought I could go to your recipe database and check out the grilling category. Ahem. Ok. Veggie category. I like the eggplant recipe that was your first meal in the new house. I tend to cook that way all the time–improv. Would using the pan be the equivalent of baking, searing, or warming veggies and giving them a smokey finish? Looks like a very practical tool. Maybe some fruit, too.

  32. Oh my Gosh! Such awesome post ideas have me salivating!

    If I had that piece of grilling equipment, my first task would be to search Macheesmo’s website to see what recipes I could put in it! I would have to have breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert! Have to admit (asparagus, brussel sprouts would be included) perhaps garlic rubbed crab legs ending with a grilled peach or two for dessert. Oh what fun…coming up with ideas!

    Love your website!…you’re such an inspiration :)

  33. We enjoy grilling veggies but always do them as kabobs. a pan of cherry tomatoes, squash and onions would be delish.

  34. Slab after slab of vidalia onions and asparagus galore.

    I have lost so many little pieces of onion and wrongly-oriented asparagus down my grill grates over the year that their charred corpses remains form a solid geologic layer all to themselves over the ceramic briquettes at the bottom of my grill. A grill pan would help with that. A lot.

  35. I’d grill up veggies and/or corn. Though I’m not sure because I’ve never had a grilling pan!

  36. Gonna have to go with some nice figerling potatoes and corn, both drowned in butter. Zukes, squash and eggplant when I’m going for healthy.

  37. Any vegetables I would love, rolled in a little oil and dusted with salt and pepper – Asparagus, cauliflower, squash, potatoes, peppers. Oh, I’m salivating!

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