Tuesday Treat: Soup Days

If you are cooking anything this time of year, I hope it’s soup.

Not only is it getting colder and soup always tastes good this time of year, but also some of my favorite soup ingredients are cheap and accessible right now. Butternut squash or pumpkin are two of my favorites.

Of course, it helps to have the right equipment to make soup making easier.

For my money, an immersion blender is about as good as it gets. Blended soups become so easy with this thing since you can blend it right in the pot that it cooks in! Also, stick blenders are much easier to clean than the standard variety.

So I’m giving away a few of them today!

Soup is On

Over the years I’ve cooked almost 40 different soup recipes on Macheesmo and a good number of them use some sort of blending method at some point.

One of my favorites at the moment is the black bean soup I made last week with crunchy tortilla sticks. It really helps to have a stick blender for that recipe.

Tuesday Treat Rules

Yes… astute readers may know that I’ve done this giveaway before for a Tuesday Treat over a year ago, but you probably didn’t win it so it’s worth doing again!

Just a reminder about the Tuesday Treat rules.

The whole idea behind these giveaways is that they are quick. This contest will close at 8PM PACIFIC time tonight (Tuesday) and I’ll pick THREE winners at random. That means that you have about 15 hours to sign up.

Unfortunately, I can’t ship internationally so just U.S. entries please.

How to enter?

I use Punchtab to run these giveaways. The widget below will walk you through how you can enter to win and gain extra entries for doing stuff like following me on Twitter.

If you don’t have Javascript enabled in your browser, you won’t be able to see the widget. You can always just leave a comment below to be entered to win if the widget doesn’t load. The widget will give you more chances to win though.


Congrats to Kelly (comment), Alexander Herder (Twitter), Laura Zimmerman (Tweet) for winning the stick blenders!


155 comments on “Tuesday Treat: Soup Days

  1. Potato cheddar soup is our fave! Creamy tomato is a close second. Both require the use of a stick blender, soooooooo…

  2. I really want to try your new black bean soup recipe, and I also make lots of winter squash soups

  3. Potato soup is my *favorite* and I absolutely hate using the regular blender, but I have never gotten around to buying an immersion one. Great timing!

  4. I would make my mom’s split pea soup. An immersion blender would make it so easy, especially if I make it in my crock pot. What a delicious thing to come home to after a long day in law school!

  5. would love to have one of those, guess I will get one some day. mmm potato and leek soup the ultimate comfort food. thanks Nick!

  6. Black bean soup is my favorite, served with shredded cheddar cheese, a dollop of sour cream, cilantro, and tortilla chips. My 8-year-old loves it too!

  7. I would love to use this for some great soups like a roasted cauliflower soup. I can’t wait to try the black bean soup you made last week.

  8. I’d make my minestrone with this… Its so thick I have to blend half of it (right now I use a regular blender which is difficult)

  9. Hi! I’m not sure if I entered correctly using the widget? So I’m entering here. I need one of those things! In the Fall and Winter all I make is soup and it would be so handy to have a blender like that. Thanks for the give away! I hope I’m one of the lucky ones!

  10. I love soups, potato, tomato, minestrone, I could go on and on. Have never made black bean yet, think I will try that one next. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. I would make butternut squash soup. And carrot soup. And cauliflower soup. And broccoli potato. And I cannot wait to make your chicken tortilla soup, even though it doesn’t need to be blended. Yummy. I want soup now.

  12. I’ve already got one, but I know so many friends and family members who would LOVE one! Christmas is on the way…this is a great early shopping opportunity :)

  13. Ummm. I think I would make some black bean soup…it looked so good the last time you posted a recipe for that!

  14. oh, am I supposed to say what kind of soup I love? all. butternut squash in the fall is one of my favorites though :)

  15. I definitely need to make something along the lines of a roasted butternut squash soup with apple or perhaps a curried pumpkin soup to warm up this fall!

  16. Butternut squash, for certain! I attempted one recently but had to use the blender, which was a huge mess & very hot. Yikes.

  17. I would make my mom’s potato leek soup. She likes to break up the potatoes. I actually made it this weekend – without the use of a blender or even a masher – I spooned up the pieces of potato and mashed them with a fork!

  18. I would love to make a sweet potato soup with Jamaican jerk seasoning. I’ve had store-bought ones which were delicious — I’d love to try doing it myself!

  19. The perfect Autumn soup, Porcini Mushroom & Chestnut Soup with a White Truffle Oil Drizzle would be perfectly blended with the hand immersion blender.!

  20. I have had a hankering for tomato basil parmesan, but I don’t want to make it in our regular blender. This could be the answer to my soup prayers!

  21. I would make my favorite potato with dill soup. my immersion blender JUST broke. It would be amazing to get another.

  22. I need one of these so bad!! Ive been making lots of soups lately and pouring them into a regular blender is quite dangerous! Next on my agenda would be making your chipotle black bean soup again and butternut squash soup!

  23. I would make your tortilla stick black bean soup. I already made it once last wee and really enjoyed it. So quick and easy, so many flavors and a nice texture! Yum, so warming. We didn’t have any corn tortillas. So I bought some, planning to make the soup again. It would be perfect to have an immersion blender to make the process even easier…

  24. I just discovered the joys of roasting your veggies + onion + garlic and then making a soup, so I’ll definitely be trying out a roasted red pepper, tomato, and (the magic ingredient) chipotle soup.

  25. I’ve always avoided most soup recipes because of the puree step. If I were to win an immersion blender I’d make a broccoli cheddar soup!

  26. My girlfriend loves New England clam chowder! I’m constantly searching for the one perfect recipe.

  27. My girlfriend loves New england Clam Chowder! I’m constantly tweaking my recipe to make it better.

  28. There’s a carrot and coriander soup that I’ve always wanted to try, never really been brave enough to do so. But I think I could wrestle up the inspiration from this.

  29. I would make a spicy tomato basil bisque. I love to have that low heat at this time of year to warm me from the insides.

  30. I love making soups, and IT IS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! It would be so great to get such a great b’day present from the big Cheese himself!

  31. The Good Luck Pea Soup sounds delicious and since we’re die hard southerners this will be a must for New Year (will make it this weekend, too!)

  32. Spice sweet potato soup topped with crumbled cajun andouille sausage and a dollop of sour cream.

  33. I have a killer Potato Cheese Soup recipe that calls for pureeing the soup contents in a blender in batches. This would be sooo much easier with an immersion blender!

  34. Butternut squash! Or any kind of squash, rather. I love fall veggies and warm soups on chilly days but my tiny NYC kitchen can’t accommodate a proper blender.

  35. Oh gosh, I’d make all sorts of soups that I never make. We have a second-hand blender with a not-very-well-fitting top now, before that I’d occasionally make broccoli cheese soup by mashing with a potato masher. That got old.

    I was so excited by seeing your Peru trip, by the way, since I’m just about five weeks out from ACL/meniscus repair surgery (I just started walking yesterday!), and it was great to see what you could do on your knee.

    Thanks, Nick!

  36. I made your black bean soup but only used one pepper. My husband thought that it was still too spicey. Immersion blenders are great.

  37. I am SO ready for some sweet potato soup. . . just waiting for the sweet potato guy to show up at the farmers’ market!

  38. I’m intrigued by the idea of squash or pumpkin soup; I’ve never had anything like that before! I would make one of those.

  39. I would absolutely love one of these! I would make Autumn Squash soup with Puff Pastry from Cakebread Cellars. I found the recipe online and have made it 3 times this fall already. So good (my opinion) This immersion blender would really help blend the squash and sweet potato nicely.

  40. I would have to try the Black Bean Soup since I am now doing Meatless Mondays…I would try it then. But my favorite is brocolli cheese!

  41. I really want to make that black been soup from last week!! The only thing stopping me is having to use my blender instead of this awesome immersion blender that seems so much easie. Been wanting one of these for years now..

  42. I can never find a butternut soup that I like so I’d love to make one myself. Ohhhhh or a creamy mushroom soup! Yeah, that’s the winner! :D

  43. I would make a potato leek soup. that would give me a good sense of fall down here in FL (where it’s still 90 degrees…)

  44. I would make my favourite sweet potato vegetable soup! My super cheap immersion blender smells like burned rubber, I could really use one that doesn’t emit toxic fumes while i cook!

  45. I would make butternut squash soup! We have about 15 sitting out in our garden right now! (I like in Oregon so no risk of snow! although I bet the squash could take it?)

  46. I would make a soup involving potatoes, portobello mushrooms, an herb and cheese (rosemary, asiago cheese?)

  47. This little guy would come in handy with that Butternut Squash soup I have been dying to make…

  48. I would make taco soup. I like to use stewed tomatoes in it but my daughter won’t eat tomatoes. I like to mash one of the cans of tomatoes so she will get some.

  49. My wife has a couple of butternut squashes just waiting for this bad boy to beat them to a pulp!

  50. Potato soup! A childhood favorite when I am sick or just want a soothing soup. there are so many ways to make it extra tasty.

  51. aghh I have been pining over immersion blenders forever. I’d use them to make dozens of things but that hundred clove garlic soup you posted looks awesome.

  52. I make a vegetable soup that gets raves — a lot due to its creaminess from blending! No dairy, all vegan — and so tasty. Thanks for this opportunity!

  53. I made butternut squash soup yesterday. This would have come in handy. Also, i bought four pie pumpkins for making pies, soups, quick breads and so on. A stick blender would be the best!

  54. Roasted tomato soup. An easy meal for a student to throw together, but man, does it ease the mid-term exam pains.

  55. I’ve always wanted to try a butternut squash soup. With an immersion blender, it would be a snap.

  56. I love navy bean soup, especially the Senate Navy Bean Soup made famous because it is served in the dining room of the U.S. Senate. Instead of navy beans, though, I use yellow eye beans from Rancho Gordo. So good.

    The immersion blender would mean I would not have to expend all that effort to smooth half of the beans with a wooden spoon to thicken the soup.

  57. My friend just sent me a recipe that her husband made last night, the “Perfect Autumnal 4-Vegetable Soup” – definitely that!

  58. There are so many soups I would love to try, Pumpkin, Butternut squash, split pea….the possibilities are endless!!!! An immersion blender would allow me to try them all!

  59. PUMPKIN and Butternut squash! Those would be so much nicer to make with an immersion blender. Also broccoli and cheese.

  60. I would make something with one of the squash I got in my CSA this week…I think I have 10 to choose from!

  61. I would like to make cream of potato soup to start with. I have been wanting a stick blender for awhile. Thanks for having this drawing.

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