Tuesday Treat: Skillet Love

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that if I had to stock a kitchen from scratch, the first thing I would buy is a cast iron skillet. You can cook almost anything in them and they are sturdy. If you take good care of your skillet, it’ll last for decades.

That said, I realized recently that in all of the Tuesday Treat giveaways I’ve done, I’ve never given away what I think is one of the most essential pieces of kitchen equipment. How silly is that?

So I’m writing my wrongs here by giving away three of these simple, but versatile 12 inch cast iron skillets. Already have one? Great. Give it to someone else if you win!

Tuesday Treat Rules!

This contest will close at 8PM PACIFIC time next Tuesday (09/02) and I’ll pick THREE winners at random from the full list of entries.

Unfortunately, I can’t ship overseas so just U.S. or Canada entries please.

How to Enter?

Just leave a comment on this post with what you would cook in the skillet and you’re entered to win!


Congrats to the winners: Hope, Linda H., and Jeanna!

Also, thanks to everyone for making this the most successful Tuesday Treats ever on Macheesmo!

595 comments on “Tuesday Treat: Skillet Love

    1. Thick cut pork loin chops that have been seasones/marinated in a chipotle paste with smoked sugar.

  1. I don’t have a cast iron skillet, but I keep telling myself I should get one! I’d like to be able to cook something that starts on the stove and finishes in the oven without changing equipment. Maybe a quiche?

  2. Pork chops smothered in onions and mushrooms. With lots of wine, for the sauce and to get the cook sauced!

    1. Be aware that unless iron skillet is WELL seasoned/used, wine, vinegar, etc. will “turn”
      and ruin your dish – I did that 58 yrs. ago. Needless to say my 8 iron skillets are well used.

  3. I think I would prepare cornbread in the oven. I have a new recipe with Hatch chilies to try.

  4. I would cook squash and zucchini hash with baked eggs. Definitely need a skillet to do saute-to-the-oven recipes!

  5. I love cornbread with jalapenos from our garden in our skillet! We cook mini cookies in our mini skillet. And have attempted apple dutch baby and pineapple upside down cake. Looking forward to things a bit more on the savory side.

  6. I’d love to caramelize some onions!

    But! I have a question – I’ve never purchased a cast iron skillet for me self because I have a glass surface stove. Is is advisable to use cast iron on glass?

  7. Why of course, fried fresh fish over an open campfire followed by potato fries. Ahhh, I can smell it cooking now!!!!

  8. Steak. I’ve been beating myself up for not buying the cast iron skillet I saw at TJ Maxx this week.

  9. I already own several, as well as 3 Lodge carbon steel skillets of varying sizes. I cook a LOT of things in them, including eggs, potatoes, cornbread, chicken, sausage gravy, biscuits, etc. They are extremely versatile. An added benefit is that they are also a good source of iron.

    I really don’t need another one, so if my name happens to be selected, please donate it to a charity of your choice, such as a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, etc. Thanks, Nick!

  10. I just lost my cast iron skillet in a move (weird thing to lose!) and am looking to replace it. Not sure that I know how to make cornbread in anything else..LOL! Love my cast iron for frying and anything that it want to finish in the oven.

  11. I often tell my friends there isn’t a hamburger joint in town who can make a hamburger that tops one made in my grandfather’s cast iron! A wonderful history of many yummy memories and lots of love in those skillets and set of dutch ovens passed onto me. Naturally, the joy should be shared……;)

  12. Maybe as a follow-up you can give us the ultimate “how to season you new cast iron skillet” tutorial….I’ve read & tried many but haven’t been able to build the same “coating” as on my Gramma’s pan…..

  13. Nick, I am in my 50s and have never owned a cast iron skillet. My mother was a TERRIBLE cook, and I learned nothing from her, so I follow people like you because I love to learn and play in the kitchen! I’ve been thinking for the last several years that I should purchase one because I’d love to try a frittata (I’ve never had one) and skillet cornbread. Lost my job two years ago this week, so money is tight. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ONE OF YOUR SKILLETS!!! :D

  14. Funny, I was just talking to a co-worker this morning about how to properly clean a cast iron skillet. Seems hard, but isn’t at all!

  15. There is nothing better than southern cornbread cooked in a seasoned skillet!! Served with some old fashioned pinto beans and hot pepper chow chow.

  16. I would cook thick stuffed pork chops first. Congratulations on your TV appearance. You were great! I was rooting for you.

  17. I would cook an old family recipe for fried chicken. My grandmother used a cast iron skillet for her recipe and if I had one I would be able to duplicate it. This is a great giveaway!

  18. I inherited my mom’s cast iron fry pan. It’s always on my stove. Great for sauteing onions and peppers.

  19. I would cook a pinapple upside down cake in it. The skillet would be perfect for this and to carmelize the brown suger and butter glaze on the bottom of the skillet. The challenge is always flipping it over and finding a plate large enough :)

  20. I have a recipe that was my mothers and I know that would be my choice.

    Lamb chops with chimichurri sauce

  21. The first thing I thought of was a skillet chocolate chip cookie. YUM! I know I’d use it for more than just dessert!

  22. I’m from Ontario, Canada and would very much enjoy your skillet. I’m attaching a recipe I would like to try in one. Other than the Dutch Apple that can be prepared in a skillet, I’m not too well versed on recipes for a skillet but if you do try the attached recipe (which is not my own but found on a website), I would love to read your remarks. Here it is to be shared with everyone and hopefully they find it as tasty sounding as I do: Easy, 30 minute Cinnamon Roll Skillet Cake

    Author: Chelsea (Chelsea’s Messy Apron)
    Cinnamon Roll Cake:
    2 packages Buttermilk Biscuits (Depending on your size skillet, you may have some leftover)
    1/4 cup butter, melted
    3/4 cup white sugar
    1 tsp. cinnamon
    1 and 1/2 cups powdered sugar
    1/4 cup butter, softened
    1/2 – 1 tsp. vanilla extract, depending on taste preference
    2-3 tbsp. milk or heavy cream
    Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. If you don’t have a pre-seasoned skillet, rub about 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil on the bottom of the skillet and set aside.
    (I used an 8-inch skillet. If you use a bigger one, you will need to adjust the ingredient amounts.)
    Remove the biscuits from the packages.
    Using a rolling pin, roll each of the biscuits very flat and thin.
    Dip each biscuit in the melted butter, shake off the excess and then dip the biscuit in the cinnamon sugar mixture making sure to cover both sides. Shake off the excess.
    Roll up each biscuit and place the rolled up biscuit on the outside of a skillet in a circle fashion spiraling towards the inside of the skillet.
    Bake for 18-20 minutes.
    Meanwhile, prepare the frosting by beating together the powdered sugar, butter, and vanilla extract. Slowly add in the milk or heavy cream until desired consistency is reached.
    Remove the cake and let cool for about 5-7 minutes before frosting.
    Pipe the frosting over the cake and cut into slices to serve.
    You can easily pipe the frosting using a resealable bag and cutting off the tip of the bag and then squeezing the frosting through the hole in the bag. Alternatively you could just spread the frosting on with a knife.

  23. So funny that you are giving away a castiron skillet to start some ones new life..
    The first thing that my late husband and I bought fifty four ago was our cast iron skillet..
    I still use it often and have added other pieces to cook in…So many things taste better cooked
    in the old black skillet…

  24. I would fry up some bacon. You can use electrolysis to remove rust from cast iron. All of mine are used and some of them were in bad shape.

  25. Oh…how this skillet brings back wonderful memories of my dear Dad. Every Sunday he would make us breakfast in his trusty cast iron skillet. So, in his memory, I would have to make his pancakes and bacon breakfast. Thanks!

  26. I LOVE cooking in my cast iron! I have some of my cast iron for over thirty years! My favorite piece is my dutch oven which I use on the burners and in the oven. I use my skillets the same way. It is how I bake my corn bread… in a skillet, in the oven. It is awesome!

  27. I have to agree with the pineapple upside down cake — until you’ve fixed in a cast iron skillet, you don’t know how really good it can be. That said, they are so versatile, that I would love to win this skillet!!

  28. The best cornbread i’ve ever eaten was cooked in a cast iron skillet. It is also great that skillet can be used on stovetop or oven.

  29. I cook almost everything in mine. I have been thinking about getting two more to cook in so I can give them to my boys when they start a home.

  30. In honor of my late Grandfather, his cast iron skillet, and his love for the classic dish of fried spam and eggs…without a doubt!

  31. Have a 10″ my mother gave me 30 years ago. Great for baking and fried meals for one or two people. Would love to add a 12″ for larger meals, or to have leftovers.

  32. Watched you on TV – great show!! I think iron skillets are the only way to really cook. I was raised by women that swore by them and said they were good cooks because of those skillets!.

  33. I grew up with my mom making the best stew in her cast iron dutch oven, and I have no idea what happened to it when she died. I have always wanted to try making a frittata, but I don’t have an oven-safe skillet. (wink, wink)

  34. Having a cast iron skillet would be a great step toward feeling like I can accomplish anything in the kitchen! The first thing I would make would be me Grandma’s Swedish pancakes.

  35. All of my favorite dishes come out of cast iron skillets or ovens. Last night’s jambalaya was absurdly delicious.

  36. I would make those cinnamon rolls left by the lovely Canadian poster earlier! My 10″ lodge combo skillet is in need of reconditioning right now and I think I’ll take that little project on today!

  37. Although I would probably cook most if my meals in a cast iron skillet if I had one, I would first cook the most perfect pan of cornbread. My mother always used cast iron and unfortunately I did not get her items when she passed. I know that I have never made cornbread as that which came out of her cast iron pan!

  38. I would bake cornbread in a cast iron skillet. Growing up, my mother always made our cornbread in her cast iron skillet. Also, chicken fried in a cast iron skillet is to die for!!!

  39. I remeber growing up my grandmother used it for frying chicken, then my mother used it to fry her chicken also now that I am in my adult age I don’t know where that cast iron skillet went. It was the best for frying chicken. I would love to have one in my kitchen to use for frying.

  40. I use my cast iron skillets (8″ & 10″ & dutch oven) for everything from breakfasts to dinners to desserts. I love hash & eggs in it, or a nice pot roast, but my favorite is pineapple upside down cake. Just delicious!

  41. Nick, great idea! I’ve been meaning to buy one to add to my kitchen ‘tools’. Thanks for all the culinary motivation. Great site.

  42. Sunday mornings in our house sometimes (but not enought) included bacon fried eggs and what we called “David Eyres Pancakes” (from a recipe in the NY times) what I now know is a Dutch pancake. cooked in my great grandmothers iron skillet. So would have to say that would be one of the 1st things cooked. Then there is always corn bread, chicken fried steak, tamale pie…….the list is endless!!

  43. I would roast a chicken. Not a big chicken. Four pounds is good. A nice size for a week night dinner.

  44. What wouldn’t I cook in it? I own a smaller cast iron skillet, and it has become my favorite pan! The only problem is that it’s too small. I’ve been wanting to purchase a bigger one, but maybe I don’t have too! Probably my favorite thing to cook in my skillet is a yummy omelette with whatever leftovers are in the fridge. This week’s new ingredient is arugula!

  45. I grew up wathching my mother cook in her cast iron skillet. I couldn’t imagine a kitchen without one. Cone pone pie! And the best ever fried eggs. Those eggs were perfectly cooked and never broke or stuck to the pan.

  46. I cook almost exclusively with cast iron – it stands up to the extreme heat of my Blue Star gas rangetop, where stainless steel discolors and scorches. I have “plain” cast iron, and Le Creuset – the plain is my favorite, though. Love it!

  47. I have no idea what I would cook in this! I’ve never had a cast iron skillet because I always felt like seasoning them and keeping them from rusting was too hard. Now I see that it isn’t hard at all and they’re so versatile! Would love to get to the chance to cook with one!

  48. Love cast iron skillets. I would cook pot roast and vegetables (potatoes, onions, celery and carrots just harvested from the garden! Preview for fall :)

  49. A classic Roasted Chicken in a cast iron skillet is the best thing ever. It’s super simple to do and it comes out perfect every time.

  50. I had to leave my old cast iron with my mom when I moved to California. I have a recipe I want to refine – roasted cherry tomatoes baked into cornbread. I’ve tried it once, but the ratios were off, and I didn’t drain the tomatoes properly. It also seems promising with other small roasted veggies. Green beans, maybe? Definitely corn.

  51. I would like to try cooking my chili verde. My mom makes her’s in a cast iron skillet and it seems to taste better then mine.

  52. Cast iron skillets are the best! I would make bacon and then make corn bread right after. I know, I know, fattening, but oh so good!

  53. While we are talking about Mexican dishes, I am going to be roasting Hatch chiles on the grill today and freezing them for all the good recipes Nick is going to create and maybe 1 or 2 in the cast iron skillet. It’s a short season so if you see them, buy them!

  54. Fried potatoes…in bacon grease…with green onions and red peppers. Mmmm… And if I win, I”m giving this to my 20 year old who loves playing in the kitchen but does not yet have her own cast iron skillet.

  55. A well seasoned CIS is as good as it gets. I fear no stick pans. We use a stainless for certain items.

  56. Upside down pineapple cake…or more likely peaches – since they are making their last fresh appearance here.

  57. I would make your Mac n cheese, which is best in a cast iron. I’m not trying to gain extra points for using a Macheesmo recipe, I’m just saying that if I say I’m making your Mac n cheese recipe, the teens’ plans to go eat out with friends miraculously fall apart!

  58. I have my moms cast iron skillet from when we were kids and she always make fried chicken on Saturday night. Nothing better to cook with.

  59. Oh, so exciting! I’ve never owned one, but it’s on my wishlist! I’d probably make cornbread first, perhaps with blueberries for a nice brunch pairing. Maybe eggs. Maybe ratatouille with all the tasty fresh tomatoes coming out of my garden. So many choices! Which begs the question – Why don’t I own one of these yet?!? :-)

  60. I have a cast iron pan that belonged to my German great-grandmother and it’s one of my favorite pans to use. I love baking in it!

  61. I could kick myself several times for throwing out my skillet. I did not know I could repair it. It looked just like your picture…….What would I cook in it ?…….First I would eat the egg that I tested in it with the bacon I greased it with……….What a yummy meal. fried porkchops are the best…
    Thank you for the instructions on how to clean the skillet.i really appreciate it….I have a small skillet that I will clean.

  62. Everything, I have been through various skillets over the years and while moving every two or three years means we try to keep household weight to a minimum my cast iron I will hang on to for ever. Best Christmas gift I ever got, a used frying pan from my younger brother. I think you have to know a girl (or guy) pretty well to give her a frying pan, much less a used one but my old Griswold, chrome plated is a thing of beauty!

  63. Dinner!! I’ve never used a cast iron skillet but would love to be cooking my numerous chicken recipes in one!

  64. I would make “skillet dinner” which is potatoes, onions, bell peppers, and thinly sliced beef, cracked black pepper, and quick roux/gravy sauce.

  65. What they said. Really. Everybody else has such good ideas I want to try them all. And I don’t have a CIS so I obviously need one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  66. Cast iron I’d my favorite, and is my husbands go to to cook everything in. My go to meal is making my tacos in a cast iron

  67. Diabetes brownies for my husband Ronald! His ‘Sugar’ has been acting up again and I would love to surprise him with a low glycemic treat. SHHhhh… don’t tell him they are sugar free though!!! He won’t believe his own glucose meter. LOL.
    Best wishes,
    Mabel XOXOXO

  68. Honestly I’d start out with something like a roast or dutch baby or even just a skillet cookie. I am forever stifled by my lack of oven-safe cookware!

  69. First, bacon and then basted and frizzled fried eggs. Can’t make real fried eggs in anything except a cast iron skillet!

  70. For some reason, my cast iron skillet didn’t make the move to Arizona from California. I just have not purchased another. I keep looking for one at yard sales. That said, I would absolutely love a new one. I love them for everything but especially for something that needs finishing in the oven. I have a chicken dish that cooks quickly on the stovetop but needs to finish in the oven.

  71. Gosh, I’ve passed over so many tasty-looking recipes because I don’t have a cast iron skillet.
    I’d probably start slow with cornbread, then find more of those great recipes again!

  72. I just cooked some fresh lake fish in mine…a light breading…cooked up fantastic!
    the pan holds the heat…even cooking…but heavy for these small wrist of mine…
    happy cooking

  73. My fave cast iron skillet meal is eggplant Parmesan, with guests invited to serve themselves hot and gooey goodness right out of the pan on the table!!!

  74. I’d sear a ribeye with a little salt, pepper and olive oil and finish with some butter and rosemary. (repeat as needed)

  75. probably the first thing I would cook is Bison……and then corn bread…..oh yeah, and bacon, and then some upside down cake. yep….that would be the first thing :-)

  76. A grass fed organic, thick, aged rib eye steak, seared on the stove top then finished in the oven, cooked to medium rare juicy perfection then topped with blue cheese butter………… that answers the question and then it would be served alongside a Caesar salad and baked potato with a side of wine infused mushrooms, crusty bread and CR Cellars Fortissimo wine.

  77. I LOVE to make skillet cornbread in cast iron using bacon drippings to grease the skillet. The crunchy crust that is created is the best part!

  78. My grandmother used to make awesome biscuits and gravy, so I’d make the sausage gravy in my cast iron skillet. I was supposed to receive her cast iron when she died, but nobody got the message.

  79. I have cast irons skillets in two different sizes. They are always on my stove top because I use them every day. I love your recipe for pizza in a cast iron skillet. It’s the best!

  80. I would cook the Salmon Cakes from your Love Your Leftovers cookbook! With salmon in the freezer from a recent fishing trip, I could feed a crowd!

  81. Pizza! Inspired by one of your posts of course, but I do a bit more of a deep dish style.

  82. Ha! Awesome! Was just looking at purchasing one. I would probably start with a German pancake. My mom always made that for me growing up! It made breakfast seem like dessert! Also, awesome job on food fighters!! It was so cool to see the person behind the blog :)

  83. I have been looking for a cast iron skillet that calls to me… I hear this whistling at me all the way over here in Tucson!! I will cook my grandfather’s spaghetti sauce because it doesn’t taste right if its not cooked in iron!!

  84. Buttermilk biscuits. Then bacon. Then scrambled eggs in bacon grease. Then cream gravy in the rest of the bacon grease. BAM!

  85. This would be a great early wedding present for my husband to be! Not sure what he would make, but I’m sure it would be fun finding new recipes to try! He really enjoys making breakfast if you have any suggestions..

  86. First I would pan roast some fresno peppers, then Id sear some cubed sweet potato, with chopped sweet red onions, Roll it all up in fresh warm black pepper garlic flour tortilla with sharp cheddar and some cumin lime crema…. There’s a reason IM no long a Skinny Minny…

  87. I love the cornbread idea above. I’ve run into several recipes that call for a skillet you can stick in the oven but I don’t have one. I’d go find those recipes.

  88. I am trying to take my cooking to the next level and I really want to get started on the right foot. I think a cast iron skillet and Macheesmo recipes will help.

  89. I have really changed my opinion of cast iron skillets. My dad has one, and it is a little wonder of cooking capability. I would love to have one too.

  90. Steak! Mac and cheese! Dutch pancakes!Roasted potatoes! Cornbread! I have wanted one for so long but have been scared (silly, right?!)! I’d love to have a good cast iron skillet to go in my new kitchen :)

  91. I would love to cook bacon and eggs, super classic style, simultaneously! Man, that sounds awesome!

  92. I see so many recipes that I would like to try that use a cast iron skillet but for some reason I have never gotten one. Do they really make foods taste better? I really would like to try these recipes. Thanks for your newsletter.

  93. I would love to make a dutch baby with chocolate chips first. So many recipes to try.

  94. Remember my mother cooking with cast iron skillets. Would love to have one to cook all sorts of things ,especially ,to brown meat and fry potatoes.

  95. I would Love to win this!!!
    I would like to make Country Fried Steaks, Potatoes, and Gravy in it if I won one!!!
    What a Wonderful Giveaway!! Thank-You so much for a chance :-)

  96. I would start with corn bread, so many memories of delicious food cooked in cast iron keep popping into my head. I hear Lodge is the best cast iron. Thanks for having this drawing.

  97. I’ve been wanting one for many years!! I’d love to make some cornbread in one so it gets that good crust all around!

  98. I am forever eyeing up skillets, but never think to suggest them as a great present for me! I’ve seen some great egg recipes that this would be perfect for and so much more adult looking than wrapping aluminum foil around the handle like I do now!

  99. There’s this awesome pan-fried cornmeal crusted fish recipe I haven’t been able to make in a long time since my skillets aren’t very nonstick. The cast iron skillet would be the perfect solution so that I can make awesome fish again. Plus, skillet cornbread…

  100. I would definitely fry up the breakfast potatoes that my dad used to make every Sunday morning !

  101. Nick-

    I would cook up some sausage and then make some sausage milk gravy
    Enjoyed watching you on “Food Fighter” – congratulations.

  102. salmon started skin side down on the stove top add chardonnay and dill
    finish in oven/broiler
    spinach onion fritatta same way

  103. Once I get it nice and seasoned, it would be my go-to skillet for a Sunday morning farmer’s scramble . . . eggs, fried potatoes, onion, bell pepper, some spicy sausage, maybe a few mushrooms

  104. Oh, wow, thank you for the giveaway, I’d love a skillet! I have like a half million recipes to try in it, I’d prob start with baked ziti or somethin along those lines.

  105. omlets, baked mac and cheese and on and on and on. I would LOVE to have a 12 skillet. I got a set of 3 sizes when we were first married 35 years ago. Tow of the three are going strong. Cold water on a hot skillet is not so healthy.

  106. Cooking in cast iron is my favorite way to cook. I love cooking burgers, chicken and just about anything else you can think of in cast iron. Bonus: you get some added iron in your diet :)

  107. My wife and I cook just about everything in cast iron. We’ve got some lake trout that needs to be cooked up, and it works out best in a well seasoned cast iron skillet too.

  108. I would cook up a great big skillet of vegetable hash… beets, potatoes, parsnips, onions, sweet potatoes and more, with a dash of thyme & black pepper.

  109. I love cast iron. I was the only girl in our house besides my mama and she worked so at the age of 9 I started cooking and it was with cast iron. My grandma taught me how to. I would cook a MEATLOAF in the cast iron or a good roast.

  110. My brother uses the cast iron skillet our grandfather made almost 60 years ago. Brothers known for his cornbread!
    I’ve used my cast iron for baked breakfast quiches, fried potatoes and okra for lunch and baked pasta dishes for dinner.
    Cast iron is definitely a deserted island piece of equipment!

  111. Love all of my cast iron! We are getting ready to live full time in our RV and I can’t wait to cook exclusively on my and in my cast iron!

  112. This is the one skillet I’m missing!!! This would be my everyday go to skillet – used for everything. Especially those quick one skillet dinners to get food on the table for the starving hoards.

  113. What wouldn’t I cook?
    I would cook some sausage or burgers to help the seasoning process, then make an apple pie.

  114. I’d love to make a skillet cornbread in one of these pans. I don’t have any cast iron of my own yet. :)

  115. I’m “new” to cooking with cast iron. I grew up with them but for about twenty years I didn’t bother with them. It’s all coming back to me now though and I’m so excited. Don’t remember when the last time I looked forward to cooking but now I do again. I bought my first ten inch pre seasoned last month. Thank you!

  116. I have never been able to find much cast iron locally except for the small 6 & 8 inch pans and I would love to have a 12 inch to cook with. The first thing I would do is fry bacon in it to help season it and then I would try fried chicken!

  117. What would I cook in my cast iron skillet? Easy! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
    I love making crusty corn bread in the morning.
    Stir fried veggies & fried rice for lunch.
    Boneless pork roast with apples and onions for dinner

  118. My peach tree is going to have a couple of bushels of fresh peaches ready for me in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be making a fresh peach galette, and a new 12-inch cast iron friend would be the perfect thing to make it in!

  119. After reading all of these suggestions on what to cook in a cast iron skillet, I wonder if there’s a cast iron skillet cookbook in Machhesmo’s future? Hmmmm….or should I say yummmmmm!

  120. I love Lodge cast iron and have more lodge items then I know what to do with, I would like to teach my girlfriend how easy it is to cook on them as she has heard all the horror stories. I even showed her how easy it was to cook eggs and how they dont stick. She likes Teflon pans which I tell her are unhealthy and want to get her onboard with cast iron. All she knows how to cook is a TV dinner and I would like to have a pan at her place since I always bring my pans to her place when I cook and she does not want to ruin my lodge skillits.

  121. I would love to cook with my grand pa, like he did when was a chuck wagon cook out in west Texas. I still remember the biscuits he cooked in a skillet at home!

  122. The possibility is endless. If I have to choose I would cook up some homefries. Throw some onions and peppers in the skillet with it. Yum!! Yum!!

  123. I would use my cast iron skillet for bacon, fried potatoes and eggs in the morning and done crispy cornbread at dinner!

  124. One thing I would make is sausage gravy. It just doesn’t taste as good cooked in any other type pan.

  125. My kids would really like individual chocolate chips cookies. That would be so awesome!

  126. I like to use cast iron for fried chicken or pan broiled steaks, but they’re useful for other things too.

  127. I would just love to have a bigger skillet, the one I have a about a 6 inch one but I love cooking my eggs and bacon in it, it just takes longer in the small one.

  128. I look forward to winning! I was a non-believer on the difference cooking with cast iron until I invested in a Lodge set. The difference is truly night and day, will never go back!

  129. I love my 10-inch but would love a 12-inch so it would hold the bacon I love to fry without having to cut it in half. I grew up with cast iron skillets but when I went off on my own I opted for the lighter weight kind. Unfortunately, the handle broke off so I had to purchase a new one and I wanted an American made. Lodge was the only one I could find and I have no regrets going back to the cast iron. I do wish they weren’t so heavy but they are the best. This winter I hope to try making items that go in the oven with it instead of just frying.

  130. Everything! I absolutely love my cast iron. At camp we cook Stromboli, chili and cornbread, and of course, our country mess breakfast with bacon or sausage, eggs, potatoes and cheese. At home, I brown of the roasts, make minute steaks and just about everything else you can think of including toast.

  131. Mmmm… Bacon and eggs. Cut up the bacon into 1-inch “strips”, fry in the skillet, then add the eggs just as the bacon is finishing up (do not drain the renderings). Maybe a little cheese and salsa, too, as the eggs are nearing done.

  132. What DON’T I cook? Love cast iron for frying eggs. Made a great breakfast casserole. Use it on the gril to give an amazing sear to fillets.

  133. I have several of my mother’s and grandmother’s cast iron frying pans. I even have 4 fajita pans (Which I cook individual pizzas on the BBQ!) I use them to cook everything. I do not need non-stick because cast iron is the original non-stick.

  134. The horror of walking into the kitchen and finding a well-meaning guest scrubbing the seasoning off of the pan. Love my Lodge pans, I wish everyone new how easy they are to use and care for.

  135. I love to oven roast veggies in them. I sauté on stove to start them, then put the pan in iven to roast them. Yummy!

  136. Everything! I would cook everything in a cast iron skillet, from my morning eggs to my cobbler dessert after dinner, including toasted sandwichs for lunch.

  137. 2 Eggs over easy, home fries with onions and bacon cooked outside over the fire! Everything cooked in CI tastes better!!

  138. I was just thinking that I would fry up some breaded chicken tenders and make a quick (cheater’s version) chicken parmesan!
    As a matter of fact, I think that will be tonight’s dinner! Thanks for the idea! :)

  139. I cook scallops in my cast iron skillet. I love how cast iron put that beautiful brown crust on the outside.

  140. I would cook a lifetime of meals for my children and their families, and feel comfort to know when I am gone they will continue to use it as I did.

  141. I would cook Toad in the Hole: a big fluffy pancake with sausage links cooked into the batter. I would also love another cast iron skillet to take camping with me!

    1. I forgot to say I like roasting veggies with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and herbs de Provence.

  142. I love cast iron cooking! Lodge is the best and it is the only cookware I can not destroy!

  143. Oh and I like to roast veggies in my skillet with Extra virgin olive oil, garlic salt, pepper and some herbs de Provence. Yum! Cast iron is great to transfer from stove top into the oven!

  144. I love cast iron skillets. I cook everything in mine! I know how much it scares people to make spaghetti sauce in their skillets but a well seasoned skillet can handle it. Trust me, I’ve cooked lots of tomato based meals over the years.

  145. I have a cast iron searing pan and 2 cast iron skillets, of different sizes, that have no place in the cupboard. They never leave the top of the stove! What would I cook? Well I finished creating my onion jam recipe last night, so it is time for a little production work now and can up a bunch. I suppose I could always use another skillet for that! One burner for the canner and 3 for the food!

  146. I am 62 and was anemic as a child. My pediatrician told my Mom to cook my meals in cast iron and it worked to get my blood count back up to normal. If I won this I would first try fried potatoes and onions. Then cornbread.

  147. I rescued my mother-in-laws 50 year old skillet, gave it some tender loving care, and it’s showing me lots of love in return. I have a fairly new Dutch Oven and I plan on getting a couple more! First thing I’d make in a new Skillet would be pancakes!

  148. I would make my family loved peach cobbler. I use my cast iron for everything and we love it.

  149. I have been working on a small plate asian fusion recipe I call bangers and mash
    Homemade turkey-coconut sausage plated over dry curried cauliflower and potato with a creamy curry sauce. I would use the cast iron for the cauliflower and potato

  150. Fried potato,onion,green pepper in one skillet. Bacon in the second. My eggs over hard in the third using some of the bacon grease.

  151. I love my cast iron! I cook on it every single day. My granddaughter loves her “not broken” (over easy) eggs cooked on my small pan.

  152. My Favorite Meal to Cook in Cast Iron is
    Sorry I can not for the Life of Me Pick Just One
    Prime Rib, Corn Beef, Chicken, Fish, Sea Food the list goes On & On
    I think all food just taste better cooked in Cast Iron

  153. If I won the 12″ skillet, I’d start off with frying bacon to break it in, then I’d fry some chicken. After that? A nice pizza, started by heating the skillet on the stove top, and then finishing it in the oven. Yum! I love cast iron!

  154. oh wow! without an oven in my camper and only using a toaster oven one of these would given me more options on baking…

  155. I’d cook up some southern fried chicken… And then bake some garlic cheddar biscuits. Yum!

  156. I’m new at cooking with cast iron but so far I love my new Lodge skillet.
    Tonight I’m blackening some chicken breast and making Cajun chicken alfredo.
    I know it’ll come out great.

  157. I desperately need a large CI for our rv! At home I cook everything in mine from cakes and quickbreads in the oven to chicken cacciatore stovetop The FIRST thing I’d use one for in the RV is CORNBREAD to go with the bbq ribs!

  158. I would make some smaller “personal” size pizzas with the 12 in. cast iron. I already make giant deep dish pizzas in my Lodge 17 in. skillet. It would make a nice addition to the cast iron family I already own. =)

  159. I love cast iron!! and have many pieces- except for one this size!!. Love to bake a green chile cornbread in it for sure!!

  160. I’m new to cast iron cooking and loving it! It would be nice to have the 12″ skillet!

  161. Bacon, bacon, bacon! You can’t go wrong with bacon to keep a cast iron pan in perfect condition!!

  162. I once made a giant skillet cookie/brownie! It was delicious. But now I would make Pad Thai with Zucchini Noodles!

  163. I would fry chicken in the new skillet. I have always used cast iron skillets and they have been handed down to me through my family. Absolutely, no skillet cooks as well as these do. I would love to have a whole set.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.

  164. Just made smashed burgers last night in my 10″ cast iron and would love the 12″ to be able to make more at a time!!!!

  165. I would cook just about everything. My Mother, Grandmother and Aunts all used Cast Iron for All 3 meals. They were the only fry, bake and serve fry pans in the kitchen. Bacon, eggs and hash browns come to mind.

  166. I would sauté some peppers and onions in garlic butter with mushrooms and shrimp…on the open fire.

  167. I don’t have a cast iron skillet but have always wanted one! Just can’t afford it :(. I would probably cook steak n eggs and most definitely a cobbler if some kind. Yum!!

  168. I would use the cast iron skillet to make my potato yum yum ( as my hubby calls it) . It’s a potato bake with garlic, onion, bacon and cheese! Yummy!

  169. I love my cast iron skillet for camping! Fry bacon, leave drippings, then do eggs, and last do some blueberry pancakes. Always tastes better outside and over a fire!

  170. Started my cast iron collection about a year ago I’m only 28 so I have a lot to learn about it.

  171. What wouldn’t I cook in there? I’d cook a lot of bacon, for starters, probably an omelette or two… Buttermilk pancakes, steak and eggs…..

  172. I would love one. My aunt wants to start using cast iron and this would be a great gift for her. Thanks!

  173. With Fall coming, I am really looking forward to evening campfires again. I plan to cook out over the open flame/coals any number of different dishes, just play with it and make it an adventure! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  174. I have this Tex-Mex Chicken with Chiles and Cheese recipe from he magazine “Fine Cooking” that specifically calls for a 12 in. cast iron skillet. I would make that in it.

  175. I can see cooking a big dish for my church home coming. Something like my Grandmother would have cooked when they had there first dinner 125 years ago. I don’t have a cast iron pan this size.

  176. I got my first cast iron skillet at Christmas 2 years ago. I’d been wanting one and my wife surprised me.

    Originally I wanted it to cook steaks in like alton brown, and it’s amazing for that, but I now use it to cook just about everything I cook on the stove and love it.

  177. I would love to have a pan this size to cook a dish like my Great Grandmother, Grandmother or Mother would have cook. My church is having 125 year home coming. A dish from their time would be great.
    I do not have a pan of this size.

  178. I am 77 years old and when I moved from my old home, I gave all my cast iron skillets to one of my daughters. Now I wish I had them back, but can’t ask her to return them. I really miss them. Used them for so many things. I moved after my husband passed away and thought I wouldn’t be cooking much anymore, but since then I am so tired of frozen dinners and take out food. I want to COOK again.

  179. I cook saute apple slices, hamburgers, Caramelized onions, Fried Chicken, Bacon and last night I made Browned, floured Steak slices simmered in beef broth, onions & green peppers.

  180. I cook everything in my iron skillet. My favorite is cornbread. I would love to have another one just for my cornbread. This week I cooked corn and okra, washed my skillet and made the cornbread. I loved fried chicken in my skillet also. I use it every time I cook. Thanks for the giveaways.

  181. My brother just stole my huge cast iron skillet!! I badly need another… Make everything from eggs, bacon and biscuits to desserts like apple crisp and peach cobbler in mine!!

  182. Nothing says LOVE better than home made chicken and dumplings in the fall here in Michigan! Cast iron has that special flair that just makes hearty home-style food like this dish taste better.

  183. A reuben pizza – on the grill! I use a cast iron pan to make sure the crust is just right

  184. Oh, so much to cook in it. I would start with pancakes or bacon and eggs and go from there. I can use it in the house or in my fire pit…on the bbq or on my campstove and definitely take it camping to use. So many uses.

  185. I’d make blackened redfish that I catch fresh myself, or my Mom’s Jambalaya recipe. Either would be great in a cast iron skillet!

  186. I cook in CI most of the time so there’s not much telling just what I would cook in a new 12″…….maybe pizza!

  187. I could really use a new skillet, I have a smaller one but it just isn’t big enough for my family of 5.

  188. What would I cook in a 12 inch cast iron skillet? Bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, biscuits, corn bread, deep dish pizza, Pineapple upside-down cake, French toast, sausage, chocolate gravy, red eyed gravy, meatloaf, milk gravy, pan seared salmon, sautéed asparagus, Au gratin potatoes, pan seared steak, hamburgers, fried hot dogs, pork chops, pancakes, bologna, corned beef hash, fried toast, fried fruit pies, fried chicken, baked chicken, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, and baked spaghetti skillet. Oops! after thinking about it I have cooked all this in my cast iron skillet. Sure would like a 12 inch skillet so could expand a bit.

  189. I dont know why but Im so excited everytime I use my 8inch castiron pan..maybe because Food comes out perfect and delicious. and I would love to own a bigger castiron. Im from the philippines but I have a sister that lives in California so If I won (How I wish)

  190. I had my mom’s hand me down and it caught on fire one evening when I was going to make fry chicken, to say the least I threw it out after that happened! I shouldn’t, but I think I was traumatized. Ready for a new one!

  191. I switched abt 2-3 yrs ago to cooking with cast iron only. I ordered a set from Lodge, that is great, but my favorite is a 12″ I found at a flea market. I use it most… woul love another!!!!.

  192. I have a cast-iron skillet and it makes the absolute BEST fried potatoes. I think it’s the many years of grease build-up, since I never wash it.

  193. I would make pork chops and gravy; a pan sized cookie; ratatouille; and countless other things!

  194. A 12″ skillet would be perfect to take to the campfire. Breakfast bacon an eggs an homefries. Makes me want to cook something!

  195. Would luv to try a pineapple upside down cake, Or homemade brownies. Oh and LOTS OF BACON!

  196. I would cook everything just like I do now.Nothing is off limits when you cook with Cast Iron.

  197. I’m still new to cooking with cast iron and my Mom bought me a small skillet. So far I love it but would love a larger one to make Dutch Babies and pizza in. Plus Pineapple upside down cake!

  198. I have so many favorite in cast iron but I have to admit nothing makes fried potatoes like a iron skillet!

  199. I would love to try everything in a fast iron skillet. Is it ok to use on a glass top stove?

  200. Would love 12 inch skillet. Would cook cornbread. I also like to cook fried okra and corn. I have lots of casserole recipes that I could use a 12 inch skillet. Love my small iron skillet.

  201. I can’t think of anything I would not cook in this cast iron skillet. Maybe for starters, I would fry potatoes. Or maybe fried chicken or a delicious upside down pineapple cake!

  202. I really like cast iron. I have a few Lodge pieces, but need some other specialized skillets (flat griddles, etc.) If I won this one, I’d probably use it for frying onions and garlic, (and whatever salt/pepper, seasonings you’re prone to toss in…) searing off some tough beef or goat and tossing everything in with red wine for a long simmer. Reduce the wine sauce, adding mushrooms and green onions and chives before serving over rice or cubed potatoes. Actually all could have been done in a crock-pot, but it wouldn’t have the flavor (or tenderness) of cooking in cast iron.

  203. Oh god everythingggggg. Cornbread, fried chicken, bacon (save the grease of course!), etc. etc. etc.! I’ve been hearing about the magic of cast iron for ages but I’ve never made the leap to get any! I might just do it anyway given the amount of people in this giveaway!

  204. If I win I would try out a new recipe just located today – it’s by Daniel Mancini and he cooks stovetop chicken cutlets. It’s a simple, home cooking type of recipe and perfect for this skillet!

  205. The only cooking experiment I have yet to do is baking in a cast-iron pan. I’ve used my pans to make s’mores, bacon, hamburgers, tortillas….they’re power-houses! One problem: I used to use vegetable shortening (Crisco) to season as I have no way to get lard. Now I have a sticky residue on the larger of my two pans. Does anyone know why, and how to fix it?

  206. My husband is a die hard cast iron collector and this would be a lovely addition to his pieces. This lovely treasure would be for our kitchen and camping use. Nothing beats cast iron in the bush cooking up a great meal.

  207. I’d love to make and bake a pineapple upside down cake or end of the season fruit cobblers – thank you for the chance

  208. I have never cooked in cast iron before, so I would have to do some research. When I was a little girl, I tried to ruin my grandma’s pan by washing it. She came un-glued. I never bought any because of her. :(

  209. I would cook chicken thighs (bone-in with the skin on) because I’m intimidated to cook them on the stove without them sticking everywhere!

  210. I would fry bacon first! Then, I’d probably make corn bread and fry hamburger to use in baked beans.

  211. Best cookware for milk gravy. My favorite dish cooked in cast iron is fried potatos with onions. YUM YUM….. I love Lodge.

  212. Cast iron skillets can be used for nearly anything, but I most associate them with breakfast – ham, bacon or sausage, eggs over easy, hash browns, pancakes or a Dutch baby.

  213. I would bake pancakes in my new skilled, season them with cardamom, and top with fresh berries.

  214. I would cook bacon in it because I’ve heard you should cook greasy food first to help season it. It would be my 1st

  215. Consistent with your post – “Everything!” I love cast iron because I can fry, saute, heat, or bake – all in the same pan. If I mess it up, I can re-season and start all over again. I have cast iron pans that were owned – and used daily – by my grandmother, my mother, and now, me.

  216. The first thing I would cook in this skillet would be my children’s favorite breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes. :-) Thank you.

  217. I’d make my mother-in-law’s fried chicken. She only use cast iron! Miss her a lot! (my brother-in-law got her skillet!)

  218. Last week I found a recipe to be made in a cast iron skillet for chocolate cake that looked good, But, my cast iron skillets are somewhere in storage.

  219. Fried potatoes is what I keep thinking of! I haven’t a single cast iron pan (which is a long story) and keep seeing recipes that use one. I feel guilty buying one at this point in my life.

  220. It’s impossible to make flavorful, crisp hash browns in anything other than a cast iron skillet. That would be the first thing I’d make, followed by Jalapeño Cheesy Cornbread. I had a full set of well seasoned cast iron skillets 25 years ago when I was young and dumb – gave them away and have regretted it ever since. I

  221. Spanish chicken is a household favorite. I have no idea of this is actually spanish or not, but it’s fast and easy to make. Sometimes I just get in the mood to cook something ruatic and simple. We use chicken thighs because they’re cheap and so am I, but I think any cut of meat would work for this.

    Spanish chicken:
    Chicken thighs
    Potato slices
    Hungarian paprika
    Kosher salt

    I sauté the onions in butter, then roll the chicken in Hungarian paprika and place on the onions and throw the potatoes in around the chicken. A sprinkle of kosher salt over everything, and turn the chicken when halfway cooked. It makes a spicy, smoky gravy that goes great with the potatoes. Serve with a bollilo roll.

  222. Miguel, don’t you just love that smoky paprika? I’ve used it 3 times this week but alas, not in a cast iron skillet.

  223. Everything of course lol, but for starters i’d make a really nice cornbread with it :)

  224. Cooked, diced chicken breast, 1 bag frozen peas with carrots, 1 can of cream of chicken soup, place 1 can of biscuits on the top (I stretch them out a little to cover more area) and bake.


  225. It looks like a nice heavy skillet. I would probably make a ham and egg and cheese omelet in it. Thanks!

  226. I would make my fried chicken. My grandmother always used a skillet like this and the chicken always comes out so crispy and juicy!

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