Tuesday Treat: Grillin’ Days

In honor of fixing my grill that I set on fire a few weeks ago, I wanted to do a fun Tuesday treat related to the grill!

After all, it’s summer time and hopefully you’ll get a chance to light up your grill (or make friends with someone who can) at some point soon.

The Giveaway

Most people have the simple grill tools like spatulas, brushes, and tongs, but there are some super-useful tools that a lot of people overlook.

At the top of my list these days is the grill pan.

It basically lets you grill all kinds of foods that might normally fall through the grates in your grill.  One of my favorite things to do is dice up some fresh vegetables and make a grilled salsa.

The pan is also awesome at grilling delicate things like fish.  It just makes it a lot easier to work with the food.

It’s one of those tools that you maybe don’t have, but once you do have it, you’ll find yourself using it ALL OF THE TIME.

I’m giving away THREE of these bad boys to you lovely readers.

Tuesday Treat Rules

Just a reminder about the Tuesday Treat rules.

The whole idea behind these giveaways is that they are quick. This contest will close at 7PM Eastern time tonight (Tuesday) and I’ll pick THREE winners at random. That means that you have just 12 hours to sign up.

Unfortunately, I can’t ship internationally so just U.S. entries please.

Those three winners will get this sweet grill pan!

How to enter?

It doesn’t get much easier. Just leave a comment and you’re entered!

If you happen to be reading this in an email, you need to comment on the actual post to be entered please.

Good luck everyone!

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Congrats to Kinsey, Lou, and Erika!  They are the winners for this Tuesday Treat.

162 comments on “Tuesday Treat: Grillin’ Days

  1. I’ve never seen one of these before! Sure would come in handy for all the fish my boys plan on catching this summer ;) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  2. How Funny! Earlier this Morning I was looking at a Guy Feiri Grill Pan that was Sent to me Through Email and on sale. . . I was debating on ordering that and a new knife of his – – I’m happy I didn’t, because maybe I’ll get Lucky and win one of these bad boys!! (Crossing my Fingers)

  3. I like the looks of that pan. I think it would look good with some vegis’, and shrimp in it.

  4. Ooh, I’ve never seen a grill pan that looks like that: Mine is one of those nonstick jobs with the ridges. But I think I’d like this one better for veg and fish, to get more of that charred flavor. Awesome giveaway, Nick!

  5. That pan looks amazing! I totally want to cook some fish in it for fish tacos. Or grilled veggies for inside tacos. (I really like tacos.)

  6. I’ve never seen one of these in person, but it looks super handy! So happy that grilling season is here. :)

  7. Oh wow!! I just got a grill, so this would be so awesome! Fixed income and grill was a gift from several friends. Love your recipes, have many as favorites of my sons when they visit. Keep up the wonderful ideas that you share!!!

  8. Love the idea of a grill pan. It would be great for veggies, fish, fruit, who knows. I’ll have to try the grilled salsa, sounds delicious.

  9. I bought a similar version but not as nice and has metal loop handles. Hence, it is rarely used…this style would certainly be used by the Gillis family more regularly…I’m thinking asparagus tonight!

  10. I thought setting fire to my grill was just it’s way of telling me to clean it…normal procedure here.

  11. Oh yes, summer grillin’ time! It’s already been plenty hot here in FL to start our grilling/salad season, but I would love a new pan to change things up!

  12. I have one of these on my list too! Grilled veggies in the summer, one of my favorite things!

  13. Heading to Alaska in June. This would be great for Halibut or grayling! (Salmon is planked)

  14. I LOVE your recipes! I try them often. And I would love to win the grill pan. The grilled salsa recipe sounds fabulous!!!!!

    Thank you!

  15. This is a nice giveaway and would be perfect for Memorial Day grilling. We just bought a grill, too.

  16. We grill all the time, and we will be firing up some steaks this weekend. I’d love one of these! Thanks for doing this series :)

  17. Awesome! We just uncovered the grill to get it ready for the summer! I’d love one of these! Thanks for doing this series.

  18. I almost bought one of these at a local kitchen store last week. Will for sure be getting one of these. Thanks for all the great recipes and ideas!

  19. Never used one of those pans but would really love trying it out to make some grilled salsa or other smaller things.

  20. I’ve only just begun grilling — this is my first time owning a grill — and oh my god grilling is the best. just the best.

  21. That pan would come in handy since my oven went out and two burners on the top do not work. being on a limited budget means when something breaks , it will have to wait till the end of the year to be fixed or replaced. Our grill will be getting quite a work out this summer , just as soon as we can get some charcoal for it. We prefer the charcoal over the gas . I had a bad experience with a gas oven in my early 20’s and do not like to cook with it. I looked very odd until my eyebrows grew back . I would have lost my eyesight if I had not been wearing my eye glasses.

  22. Awesome! I’m big on planning the menu for the week in advance, and am hoping to go all-grill as the weather gets nicer! This would definitely widen my options!

  23. I like to grill but the wife is a vegetarian. This would make both of us happy campers (literally!) this summer.

  24. Wish I had a grill so I could use this. But if I win I’m sure I’ll find someone who’d love to benefit from my luck!

  25. We have a pizza grill pan that is awesome! Would love to have another type of pan for our collection! Thanks.

  26. This would be sweet! I have recently been promoted to GrillMaster at my house because my husband consistently over (or under) cooks everything on the grill. This will put me one step closer to total grill domination over him! :)

  27. How funny — I was just looking at my grill this morning thinking it’s time to light this baby up (not on fire, just to cook with :). That pan looks beautiful!

  28. I’ve been using a pizza pan with holes in it but it doesn’t have a handle. I’ve been wanting a grill pan for a while now. In the summer, I use my grill most days because it’s just too hot to use the oven in Texas. My grill is big enough for me to cook meat and roast vegetables at the same time.

  29. Normally my husband does the grilling, but I’ve just started to try it. I would love to try a grill pan–we could try grilling new things (other than the standard hamburgers!).

  30. Hi! I’ve been reading for a little over a week now, and this is my first time commenting! I would loooove to win one of those pans, because I always end up doing the foil method (sounds like math…) with my vegetables on the grill.

  31. This would make grilling shrimp and veggies SO much easier! Thanks for the giveaway and keep up the great work! You inspire me to be a better cook!

  32. I have been wanting and looking for one of these for a while now. I am never sure what kind I want to get. I don’t grill that often but if I won this grill pan, that would change =)!

  33. Does spraying with “Pam” or Pam-like help or hurt in the long run. Is it better to rub the grill pan with just oil, or does the grill get too hot really for oil? Inquiring minds need to know. lol.

  34. Love your blog! Have made many things from it. Don’t have a grill pan though and we love to grill!

  35. I just grilled Pork tenderloins yesterday on our new gas grill. I would LOVE to win one of these pans. I’ve never grilled successfully intolerable last night and now I want to grill all my food! Thanks for chance to win!

  36. That would be super helpful! I like grilling vegetables all summer but am limited to large pieces or very carefully lining things up against the grain so to speak. ;)

  37. I broke my grill pan last week while grilling up a shrimp stir fry. I would love to have a new grill pan.

  38. Love the idea of grilled salsa. Also, I’m a huge fan of grilled asparagus, a little olive oil and lite soy. Yum, and this pan would work fantastic.

  39. My grill pan is so old! Little rusty, but functional none the less.
    Would love a new one!

  40. I’ve never seen something like that before, would love to win one! We love to grill veggies so that would make it much easier!

  41. Love the blog! Love the grill! Love the food! Love the pan! :) Thanks for everything Nick!

  42. Summer grilling season, how I long for you! The consistent grey of the Northwest sky is getting to me!

  43. ohmygosh i NEED one of these! I love grilling for my family and my mom’s a vegetarian so grilling vegetables has always been difficult. This would help out soo much

  44. This looks awesome…I just got a new propane tank for my grill, I can’t wait to fire it up this year!

  45. That is a really cool grill pan. I could see some great fish and veggies being cooked on the grill with that!

  46. It’s a beautiful pan and we eat SO MUCH FISH and vegetables – this would be a great addition to our grilling arsenal! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  47. That is the coolest pan – I can see myself grilling chilies, tomatoes, garlic, onions for my favorite salsa now. Please enter me in your contest. And thanks for a great blog; I really enjoy reading your posts.

  48. I’ve purchased some grill pans in the past but they tend to be not so good quality. This one sure looks superb and I’m definitely ready for a new one now that warmer weather has arrived in New England.

  49. I love grilling! It never occurred to me that this could be a super handy dandy piece of equipment. A great way to keep it healthy too!

  50. Grilled vegetables in the summer are the best! In glad you have a recommended grill pan because I’ve been wanting to get one for ages!

  51. love all grilling gadgets, I haven’t invested in a grill pan yet, that one looks nice and I would love it

  52. Looks like a great item to have. I plan on grilling out quite a bit this summer in our new house.

  53. Oooh, I’d love to try this out! We just moved and finally got a grill after years of apartment life.

  54. Gosh, I’d like a new grill pan if you’re giving them away! I could see this helping my grilled pizzas quite a bit!

  55. Woot, that is a great grill basket. It just got warm here. I am planting flowers and grilling! Thanks for a neat give away Nick.

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