Tuesday Treat: Dutch Oven Giveaway!

As the temperature cools down these days, my cooking attention turns away from the grill and turns to rich, warming dishes cooked inside.

In other words, this is the time of year when my dutch oven starts getting some serious use!

If you don’t have one of these, it’s one of the most versatile kitchen pieces out there and is consistently something I recommend new cooks pick up before other pots and pans.

So I figured I would give away a few of these beauties! While there are some super-high end Dutch ovens out there, Lodge makes a great enameled one that is sturdy and beautiful.

I’m giving away two of these today (you get to pick the color – although I’m partial to the green!)


Tuesday Treat Rules!

This contest will close at 8PM PACIFIC time next Tuesday (10/28) and I’ll pick TWO winners at random from the full list of entries.

Unfortunately, I can’t ship overseas so just U.S. or Canada entries please.


The two winners for the Dutch Oven giveaway are Christine and Carolina!

464 comments on “Tuesday Treat: Dutch Oven Giveaway!

  1. I’d start with a rich beef stew. Next would be a spice-rubbed pork shoulder for pulled pork, roasted low and slow.

  2. I always used mine for beef stew until someone dropped it at a potluck and it shattered. Love the green!

  3. Butternut squash risotto. It’s that season where my obsession with squash returns renewed. Add to that a veggie-loving fetus, and there’s no hope that I’ll steer away from the squash this year.

  4. I would definitely do tons of soup and braised mets in the dutch oven. Also hearty sauce for pasta!

  5. Now that fall is here, definitely maple baked beans ! Would also to try my hand at no knead bread.

  6. I’d make some delicious chicken and dumplings! Don’t forget all the Guinness stews…

  7. chicken noodle soup – my favorite! but i would also like to try baking bread in it. :) thanks!

  8. I love to make one pot meals! Now that fall is here, soups and braised meats are n the menu. Minestrone soup an corn bread.

  9. no-knead bread, braised short ribs, soup, pasta sauce, my grandmother’s chicken and potatoes, cassoulet… so many things!

  10. I would start with the no-knead bread and follow that up with a really hearty chilli to eat with the bread!

  11. Chili first. Then chicken and dumplin’s. Then a beef barley & vegetable soup. Then chicken peanut perloo…

  12. I’d make harvest chili – pork or turkey with butternut squash, beer and black beans (with an assortment of spices).

  13. I would make a whole meal with one dutch oven. Maybe some bread, then braised chicken thighs, and finally a cobbler or something of the sort of dessert. Something absolutely delicious just for my parents as a thank you for helping me go to culinary school!

  14. I really want to try no knead bread, but I may have to come up with something more thrilling to christen the Dutch oven!

  15. Is everything an appropriate answer? Bread for sure. And beans — regular, stewed Belizean style, in chili, etc. And soups. And jams. I could go on…

  16. hi nick! i didn’t know lodge makes enameled dutch oven, that’s awesome!
    first things first, i will make the no knead bread! :)

  17. I would cook any kind of soup first, perhaps chicken noodle. Then of course bread and anything else yummy!

  18. After a summer in Morocco, I would make a braised shortrib “tajine” with prunes and apricots!

  19. Oh my goodness – EVERYTHING! Would have to start with oven-cooked dry beans to make some tasty tex mex dishes and then move on to all manner of soups and stews and sauces and other tasty debauchery…

  20. So many choices and reading down this list has made me really hungry. I used to have a dutch-oven and I would make a chicken and sausage gumbo which is probably where I would start with this new one as well!

  21. Obviously, that bread. :-)

    I had a dutch oven back in the day but the knob on the lid wasn’t safe above 400 deg, which cramped my style a bit. I’d love a proper one.

  22. So many things could be cooked in this beauty! I would start with chicken and dumplings! And then taco casserole, shepherds pie, pot roast………………

  23. A gigantic batch of mulled wine – why not? Also no-knead bread w/ kalamata olives, lemon zest, herbes de provence….

  24. I know in the Kidd household we’re making butternut squash and chickpea curry this week and the dutch oven works great for that slow simmer..!

  25. I have always wanted to try and make Ciopinno, but never had the right equipment. So this dutch oven would take me there… on a more regular basis, that bad boy would be great for cornbread.

  26. I would cook some one-pot meals – roasts & veggies! From stove top to oven – you’ve got to love it!

  27. I use my pot for soups, stews, bread…too many uses to list. I use it year round, I love soups in the summer months also.
    I have bought them for my daughters also, for Christmas presents. They have learned to love theirs too.

  28. I would do a pork roast and just hope it turned out as good as my mom used to make. With a new dutch oven it would have to!

  29. I’m seriously lacking in the heavy bottomed pot department. I’d really love to have something that I could cook some good hearty stews in, as well as something that can go from stovetop to oven!

  30. Polish sauerkraut stew – vegetarian version. Homemade sauerkraut and veggie sausages that would fool even my grandmother.

  31. All of the soups!!!! My 4 year old has been getting sick it feels like all the time this year, since it’s her first year in preschool, so I have been making lots of soup and mac and cheese this fall.

  32. My largest pot, that is oven safe, is only 3 qts, so I see myself buying one of those 5-6 lb pork shoulders and cooking it for hours and making gravy and mashed potatoes to go with. Then “the bread!”

  33. Wow, what to choose? I’m privy to beouf bourguignon, or perhaps a sourdough, or maybe a cacciatore chicken, or anything you can throw at it.
    Like you, I’m partial to green too!

  34. …as a single, old retiree…’reckon I’d start learnin’ to cook for myself…jus’ sayin’…

  35. The possibilities are endless, but the first thing that came to mind was a terrific chili recipe that I haven’t made for a while, or a great fall-apart, tender, pot roast in a rich savory gravy. Just thinking about the choices makes me want to go to the kitchen and cook something down home good!

  36. Chicken Marsala and spaghetti squash, apple crisp, chilli, I’m do hungry now I can’t decide :)

  37. Chili and Guinness Beef Stew….although I never thought about trying bread in a dutch oven…I may need to try that

  38. There is so much I would cook in this Dutch oven…soups, chili and stews, pasta and sauce. I’d love to try baking bread in it.

  39. My husband would cook dinner for me with this!
    I’m going to request carnitas with tortillas, beans and rice

  40. I love to make chicken with 40 cloves of garlic in a dutch oven. I moved early this year from my parents’ house and I used theirs. Now that I’m on my own I need one for myself. This would be great!

  41. I have always wanted a dutch oven to make a beef burgundy stew among many other desires that seem to take less precendence to paying the bills…and saving money for house repairs.

  42. There are so many dishes I’d like to try using this dutch oven…probably chili first…but it also bears a striking resemblance to the personal-sized ice cream bowl of my dreams.

  43. Oh man, where to start! We found the most super-de-duper yummy recipe for vegan chili and make huge batches of it. This dutch oven would be wonderful for chili!

  44. Hands down, I’d make my “famous” cheesy, sinful, yummy au gratin potatoes! Can’t get more warm, fuzzy, and comforting than that!

  45. What wouldn’t you cook in a dutch oven?! A great venison stew to a large chicken stuffed with dressing…!

  46. Endless possibilities. Since I just roasted a large chicken, I would break that baby in with a big batch of rich chicken stock.

  47. When the weather turns chilly my thoughts turn to beef. So, beef stew and an old fashioned pot roast with root veggies top my list.

  48. I would make no knead bread every week! I always have to borrow my sons to do this! And that green would look so cool in my kitchen!!

  49. World famous carnitas; at least they’re famous within my world of family, friends, and co-workers. :)

  50. I would fix a good old “Pot Roast” with onions, carrots, potatoes, and spices. This would be our meal for several days as there are only two of us. I can smell the aroma of it cooking as I write this.

  51. There is a wonderful hatch green chili place just down the street from my house in denver. I am dying to make white chicken chili with roasted green chilies.

  52. This is something I definitely don’t gave! If I win one, I’ll have to scour your recipes and figure out how to use it!!

  53. I would slow cook a lovely pork shoulder roast and then use it a zillion different ways during the coming week!

  54. I’d love to make a batch of “peasant stew” that uses a pork loin, cabbage, turnips, tomatoes, and other yummy ingredients. But after reading the other comments, I think it would be a hard decision!

  55. I would make black eyed peas with portobellos, leeks, garlic and smoked heritage breed bacon.

  56. I would make soup, soup and more soup! The fall chill and winter weather means soup 3-4 times a week in our house!

  57. I’d make Dorie Greenspan’s Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything. I’ll probably make it even if I don’t win the contest. :)

  58. Thank you for this opportunity! Chili, beef stew, pot roast, chicken & dumplings, creamy grits for a crowd, greens … and bread.

  59. A lovely pot of Oxtail Soup and then Homemade Bone Broth. After that the list is endless. My other less expensive pot will be donated to an organization called Opportunity Village in Las Vegas, Nevada. Good luck to all and thank you Nick for your generosity.

  60. I’d cook my mom’s recipe for Chicken Cacciatore – thanks for the chance I don’t have a dutch oven this would be amazing for dinners with the family

  61. I would make no knead artisan bread, spicy tomato sauce, homemade stock, and any kind of soup with the homemade stock. I think my favorite would have to be the bread though, Can’t beat the smell or the taste with butter

  62. I would make a batch of no knead bread. I have really wanted to try some of the recipes that I have but I don’t have a dutch oven.

  63. Wine glazed LAMB SHANKS or Guinness Beef Stew favorites that my monthly dinner club requests most often during the winter months!

  64. The first thing I would make is my grandmother’s soup recipe. Well, not much of a recipe: other than tomato juice, potatoes, onions, carrots and some kind of stock it’s a good way to clean out the refrigerator.

  65. Bread!!! Although I just cooked down a hambone into amazing stock and turned it into ham & split pea soup.

  66. Thank you for the chance at this amazing give away! I would cook beef brisket, its my family’s favorite!

  67. I would make my favorite soup of the winter- creamy dreamy butternut squash soup. Or maybe a wonderful Bolognese to serve over fresh pappardelle pasta.

  68. I would make my mother’s Beef Stew…a staple for Halloween night..it just sat on the stove the whole night :) and of course her onion bread that went perfectly with it!

  69. Lentil soup, stuffed cabbage, chicken soup with matzo balls, chili ( Bert Greene’s recipe. I have 3 of his cookbooks). Oh I could go on and on.

  70. I found an amazing looking spaghetti sauce done in a Dutch oven in the oven… I would start there!

  71. White Chili and a bread recipe that I haven’t been able to try because I don’t yet own a Dutch oven!

  72. I have wanted one of these for forever! What would I cook in it? Everything possible! I love to cook and I would love to try the rustic dutch oven bread too. I’m making French bread right now. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  73. I’d definitely start with a roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots. That screams fall to me!

  74. Everything! Best give away ever. We are a chili family. So much chili. Also stews and soups, and meats. It would be used almost everyday in this house.

  75. Fall staples – Beef Stew, chili, baked chicken with roasted root vegetables, apple crisp or baked apples and bread – what wouldn’t we cook in it is more likely the question :~) And my little boy would say we must have the green.

  76. Eventually, I’d get round to petty near everything I know how to cook (since I’m lazy, I tend to cook most everything in a single pot), but to start I’d love to do a no-knead bread. I love bread. It was actually one of the first things I learned to cook when I was a kid, but I’ve never tried the no-knead, bake-in-a-dutch-oven kind.

  77. I would make curried beef stew. It’s the perfect time of year for stew. I like the pumpkin color. :)

  78. Mostly soups and stews, although I’ve been wanting to try to make a really crusty rustic bread.

  79. I would love to cook a good guinness stew in a dutch oven. This time of year always makes me crave soups and stews that warm to the core and exude comfort in a bowl.

  80. Right out of the package, I would make my mother’s Carolina Pork BBQ with one of these!!
    My mouth is watering already!

  81. I would make a vegetarian chickpea pot pie – you saute the ingredients in the dutch oven, then cover the filling with a puff pastry crust, and bake the whole thing in the oven. Perfect for the versatile nature of a dutch oven!

  82. I would love to make your No Knead Bread in the Green Dutch Oven.
    Green is my favorite color and your recipes are some of my favorites!
    Happy Baking…

  83. Your (divine) No-knead rosemary bread and my Mom’s beef stew…Yum! This would be so fabulous for so many things!

  84. I would cook a traditional Italian osso buco made with veal shanks in the Dutch oven!

  85. This time of year, it would definitely have to be Touchdown Chili or my grandmother’s super luxurious Beef Stew with horseradish cream on top!

  86. Thanks for the chance Nick. I’d work my way through every Persian Khoresh recipe in The Persian Table. Somewhere in the middle of that, I’d do a few of Julia Child’s French recipes. It would her so much use and my husband would think in a rock star!

  87. No knead bread,gumbo, chile, short ribs, cube steaks, fried chicken a n d lots more….just super versatile

  88. Roast deer stew! I was just thinking that I should upgrade. You could go ahead and break it in for me. Just send it full of whatever you make.
    Aqua, blue, or green

  89. Pork Butt! Low & slow, spiced to complement both bbq and carnitas- for tacos. BTW, I like the green too.

  90. No-knead breads. Most recipes seem to call for baking in Dutch ovens and I haven’t found a good substitute. I’d also do soups and one-pot meals.

  91. It’s chili season and I’d make my dad’s special chili recipe with two secret ingredients – beer and unsweetened chocolate. Oops, not so secret anymore.

  92. I’d love to make some different chilis, really perfect my base recipe, as well as crispy roasted chicken thighs with a parmesan and mushroom cream sauce.

  93. I would make fresh bread to dip in my delicious mix of Chipotle Olive oil and Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar!

  94. I was just looking at these this week at the store! It’s fate!

    Crusty no kneed bread and Pot Roast!

  95. I’d go for some Polish comfort food and slow-cook kielbasa with sauerkraut and all the relevant seasonings. Quality eating right there.

  96. Wihiskey-Braised Apple Sauce—-
    made 1200 oz last year for freezing–
    only use Jack Daniels ,–of course—

  97. I have a recipe for a gluten free bread that requires baking in a dutch oven, and I would love to make it!


  99. mmm so many things to make! white chicken chili is a favorite; also I always cook my BBQ pork in mine and it comes out fantastic!

  100. I can think of lots of things to make in this. Chili, bread, roast.
    Great gift.

  101. Very exciting that this contest is valid in Canada. I have a similar one, but would give this to my daughter who is moving into a new house (we have to build it first) in the spring. She’ll be on a tight budget and will be able to do stews and bread in this. I’ve used mine for both and it is great.

  102. I would most often use it to cook bread. :x I would end up doing soups and stews in it too, but bread, yeah, that would be the most likely thing I’d use it for.

  103. Short Rib Ragu – would love to try bread in it too! Make Ragu the day before and bread day of………….. yum!

  104. butternut squash soup, beef burgundy, seafood gumbo, red beans and rice.
    There. I just made myself hungry.

  105. I’ve been dying to try coq au vin when I get something to fit it into- I can make it work by dividing it into two pans, but a dutch oven would be a dream!

  106. There are so many different things to make with a dutch oven – where to begin….
    Sunday Sauce, Grandma’s Soup, Beef Stew, Chili’s of all flavors and spices, and the list goes on and on and on and on……

  107. After 40 years of electric ranges I finally have a gas range! It’s like learning to cook all over again. I would love to add a dutch oven to my skills.

  108. I’d make bread or chili! Or both, and have all the people that I haven’t seen in forever over to eat it.

  109. I would love to learn how to make bread in this Dutch oven. I cook in a cast iron Dutch oven while horse camping but have only made stews and soups. This is too pretty to put over a fire, though.

  110. I would love to try making bread. Of course some chili, vegetable soup, a nice beef stew…so many things! I have never owned a Dutch Oven.

  111. It’s currently making Avgolemono, but it makes everything in our house! It has a coveted spot on my stove and is only moved for washing. It’s in great need of a friend so we can have fresh warm bread at with whatever is being served for the day!

  112. Love me some of your no knead bread! Finally getting cool enough to get the oven up that hot and not explode!

  113. I’d make some beef and porter stew just in time for the cold fronts to start moving in here in NYC!

  114. I’m intimidated with bread making :( so having a dutch oven just might be the ticket for me to conquer that monster :)

  115. Paella and Jambalaya; also I want to conquer slow-braised short ribs and this could be just the thing.

  116. Bread, so much bread! And braised roasts… and all those recipes I drool over but have to skip cause I haven’t bought a dutch oven. And me, DUTCH! Thank you so much for this giveaway. They are beautiful.

  117. I’d use this for my weekly routine – watching football all day Sunday, while cooking lunches and dinners for the week. I’d use it to make soups without having to dirty multiple pots and pans, and I’m also very interested in trying your No Kneed Bread recipe. Thank you for giving me confidence in the kitchen, and pushing me to try new things!

  118. Cassoulet and chili are always winter staples, but I’d love to try a veggie potpie with this!

  119. I think I would love some jambalaya in my dutch oven, slow simmering to develop delicious flavor, then rice stirred in at the end to soak it all up <3. Love this place!

  120. Your bread recipe! Nick, I made your no knead oat bread for my Mom’s birthday dinner last weekend, it was such a hit. I borrowed a Dutch oven for it, I’d love one of my own! Hope you’re well.

  121. I would make an oven baked Squash and Carrot Barley Risotto, maybe add some ground moose meat (I am lucky enough to have in-laws that love to hunt!). MMMMM….now I’m hungry from reading all of these awesome ideas!

  122. spaghetti sauce, chicken & dumplin’s, chili, chile verde, chicken noodle soup, beef stew, chili cheese dip (velveeta, rotels & chili)… I could go on and on

  123. I grew up with an excellent Southern cook.She cooked with love and knowledge.I am late trying to catch up at this late date.She inspired me by cooking dreams for the kids and making it fun.The dutch oven was her centerpiece.Will continue her life for her.Thank you,Garry in Kentucky.

  124. I have been following you for years love your posts. You are an inspiring blogger and make me believe I could do it to if I really put my mind to it! Love my Mario Batalli Dutch oven but love American made products :)

  125. What a Wonderful Giveaway, Nick!!!! Thank-You so much for a chance.
    If I were one of the Lucky Winners, I would have to make a Pot Roast with veggies and gravy first!!! Then I would use the Beautiful pot to make some Homemade Pasta Sauce, and then I would use the pot and make endless soups!!!! I would share with my Mama, and that way she would not have to cook!!! :-D

  126. I love cooking with Dutch ovens! As the weather turns cooler, I crave slow-cooked chicken cacciatore, perfect when slow-simmered in one of these. I haven’t tried bread in one of these yet; that is next on the list. thanks, Nick, for this chance!

    1. I would love the recipe for your chicken cacciatore recipe. It’s one of my favorite chicken flavors.

      1. Hi, Jeanne! no real recipe, I use whatever is on hand, and seldom measure. I start with bone-in skin-on thighs, salt/pepper them and dredge in flour. Then brown til golden, and remove from pot. Then in go whatever veggies to brown a bit, always though onions, red and/or green bell pepper (adds a bit of sweet to the dish), mushrooms, garlic; if I have on hand, I’ll dice up jalapeno (probably not traditional, but I like the spice it adds). Then the chicken breasts go back in the mix, I add a large can of diced tomatoes, season it up with Italian seasoning , with extra thyme and oregano. Then the whole kit and kaboodle gets covered, burner turned to low, to simmer for a couple of hours, til chicken is falling off bones. Awesome over rice or noodles.

  127. German pot roast – pork, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, homemade kraut (yes, both cabbage and kraut), sugar, vinegar and caraway seeds. Yummmmmm!

  128. I love making polenta in a Dutch oven. You stir just once in 50 minutes. A Dutch oven is also good for cooking dried beans in the oven: ready in < 2 hours, minimal stirring, no need to soak. Pick me, please!

  129. The first thing I would make in a new Dutch oven would be a barley and mushroom stew, with lots of celery and carrots and onions. If it was for company I would make my North African Chicken Stew. Guests can smell the roasting spices all the way out to the driveway!

  130. Thanks for the contest, Nick! I think the first thing I would try to make with a dutch oven would be Beef Bourguignon. I’ve always wanted to try to make it on my own :)

  131. My mom often had pot roast in the dutch oven for Sunday dinner. I love a good pot roast. I would also create potato soup in my dutch oven.

  132. Just this week I wished I had a dutch oven to braise some mustard chicken… that would be the first thing on my list!

  133. Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk…saw a post raving about it on The Kitchn but I’ve never had a chance/the motivation to get all the ingredients at once. The farthest I’ve gotten is buying a lemon, which I then went on to use for cheesecake(s)….

  134. I would make my favorite White Chicken Chili and Beans, always a winner for a brisk autumn day.

  135. I would definitely cook a soup in it such as potato or vegetable soup. The fall and holidays are coming and this would be a great start

  136. I’d probably go for a braised pork shoulder, or maybe get fancy and try osso bucco or something!

  137. Homemade healthy bread :) I’ve gotten tired of feeding my family chemicals, and have been transitioning over to from scratch everything as much as I can. No knead, dutch oven bread has been my go to this past week ~ except I have no dutch oven, just wingin’ it! :)

  138. I would make a turkey osso buco, lamb stew, bean soup and would love to try some bread. Thanks for the giveaway.

  139. Hi Nick,

    The dutch oven has become one of my must-have kitchen items! My husband and I have made a number of things in it–my favorite tradition being Osso Buco on New Year’s Day. Sadly, I recently noticed a chip in our dutch oven and I am mourning the loss :( I would love to have a replacement before our next New Year’s meal comes around again :D
    Good luck to all those entered!

  140. I’d really like to make some buffalo chicken chili. It’s been far too long since I’ve had any.

  141. We have a freezer full of okra from this summer’s crop, screaming to be used in some gumbo. Followed by a chicken pot-au-feu.

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