Thursday’s Malaise – Pesto


Thursday’s Malaise – Pesto

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I have found myself overrun with basil plants. Not the worst problem a foodie can have, but I want to be sure to use what I can. I have so much freakin’ basil because a friend left three injured basil plants with me before he jetted off for England and they have exploded in my apartment. You can see one of them here. This one is about twice as big now and blossoming which I didn’t even know basil could do, but I know basically nothing about plants.

So I now have a regular basil plant, the purple basil plant, and a Thai basil plant (a bit spicy). A three basil pesto was clearly in my future.

As it goes on Thursdays, I’m pretty lazy. I like to use some left over ingredients from other meals. The only thing I had to purchase specifically for this meal was pine nuts (for the pesto). Basically, I just food processed about 2 cups of loosely packed basil, a handful of pine nuts, a clove of garlic, salt/pepper, and some olive oil, until it reached the consistency I wanted: that of pesto.

The bread and cheese I had leftover from my meatball appetizer a few days ago.

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