Thursday’s Malaise


Thursday’s Malaise

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This last weekend, my girlfriend’s parents came into town so I was looking for something tasty, simple, and impressive to serve. In my opinion, there is not much better on a Fall morning than a warm stack of nicely cooked pancakes. And none of that bisquik stuff. I’m talking real pancakes. These pancakes:

Thursday’s are sort of my lazy days around here, so rather than reposting a step-by-step guide to these beauties, I’ll just leave you with the recipe: Buttermilk Pancakes. Two quick notes about this recipe: First, use 3/4 cup milk, not 1/2 a cup. Also, my photo kicks their photo in the ribs.

The next part of this recipe is homemade whipped cream and it really sets the whole thing over the top. Again, the recipe. It is really not that hard to make your own whipped cream and it is actually cheaper and better for you than cool whip. Cool whip is so uncool.

Make these this weekend. That is all.

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