Threo Does It All


Threo Does It All

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This is the latest Snippets post where I show some photos taken from my phone! 

Our little dude, Theo, turned three last month and won the official nickname of Threo from a friend. Betsy and I have had such a fun time with him recently. He is on a whirlwind of learning, growing, and just turning into a great little boy.

Not necessarily for his birthday, but around his birthday, I took him to see a huge Monster Truck show with a few of his buddies and fellow dads. When the trucks came out I snapped that selfie of us above. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen his eyes bigger.

Watching a kid watch big trucks go in circles is a truly great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

For his actual birthday, we had cake a few times – at school and at home. He was truly beaming with pride about turning three.

And yes. I ordered a sheet cake from the grocery store instead of making a custom cake for him. Food bloggers are real people too! (And I have a soft spot in my soul for cheap sheet cake and take the opportunity to order one a few times a year for my own eating pleasure).

Meanwhile, Darby learned that she inherited her Dad’s love of cheap cake.

The artificial dark blue frosting really makes her eyes pop.

Over the last month, Theo has really changed how he acts around his sister. It has been amazing to watch. Sure… there are still fights and he might give her a friendly brotherly shove every once in awhile, but he can also be incredibly caring and cute with her. For one, he loves matching with her. He always wants to wear matching PJs at night or these fancy matching track suits that my mom got them.

He loves the track suits (as do I) but he was quick to point that that these don’t technically match because hers is pink and his is orange. Good eye, dude.


A New Rec Center in Town

Basically since we have lived in Denver, they have been constructing a new recreation center a few blocks from our house. It was always in the back of my mind and, honestly, it seemed like it was going to be one of those projects which drags on forever and never finishes. But no! They finished it finally and it opened last month!

The most impressive thing in the rec center is an enormous family pool on the bottom floor. It has a lazy river, huge slide, and massive play area for kids. We go there now every chance we can get. It’s so great to have something for families like this.

Look at that water slide! Woohoo!

Plus, since it’s close to our house, it has given me the chance to hop back on the rowing machine, which is my favorite way to exercise in the winter months. My times are pretty pathetic compared to what I used to pull in college, but it’s still one of the best workouts you can get in half an hour.

Even though the rec center is completely packed now, I’ve never had a problem finding an empty rowing machine because nobody rows! Ha!

Ski Date Day!

Over the long weekend, we took a trip with a few other families up to Winter Park for a relaxing weekend away from the city. Betsy and I got the luxury of skiing all day by ourselves with no kiddos in tow. It was an expensive date day, but we couldn’t have asked for a better day for skiing and we had a blast!

It has been a fun winter so far at House Macheesmo. I’ll be back in a few days with some more cooking!

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  1. Happy birthday Nick!
    Enjoy the luxury of a kid-free cozy couple time, a good meal and your birthday scotch (a single malt ;-)
    Greetings from South Denver

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