Three Aperol Spritz Variations

Three Aperol Spritz Variations

These three Aperol Spritz Variations have something for everybody. Beat the heat this summer with these easy cocktails!


Three Aperol Spritz Variations

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This time of year I’m always on the hunt for something light and refreshing to sip while I’m watching the kids play in the sandbox. This summer I’ve been rocking the spritz, most importantly the Aperol Spritz.

While the standard is great, I’ve been mixing it up with a few Aperol Spritz Variations that I thought I’d share with you all!


What is Aperol?

If you’ve never had Aperol before, it’s a specific brand of liquor that you can find at almost any liquor store if you ask. It has a deep orange color and has a citrus and fruit flavor to it. It’s a little bitter on its own which is why it’s great to pair it with bubbly ingredients.

Aperol is fairly low in alcohol (11%) which means you can sip it all afternoon.

How to Make a Classic Aperol Spritz

The classic Aperol Spritz is a simple drink to make. Add a splash of Aperol to a wine glass with ice and top with the bubbly drink of your choice (prosecco is nice). Then top it with a little club soda!

I’ve also seen it made with a splash of white wine and then club soda which is a mix of a white wine spritzer and an aperoal spritz!

The Aperol Betty

Aperol Betty

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Aperol Betty - Aperol Spritz Variations
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The Aperol Betty is a super refreshing mix of juices and topped off with bubbly!


1 1/2 ounces Aperol
1 1/2 ounces orange juice
1 1/2 ounces grapefruit juice
Prosecco or sparkling wine
Lemon wedge, garnish


  1. Add Aperol, OJ, and grapefruit to a tall glass and stir together. Add ice.
  2. Top the cocktail with cold Prosecco or sparkling wine and garnish with a lemon wedge.

Aperol Betty - Aperol Spritz Variations

This is such a refreshing drink! It has a mimosa feel to it, but the flavors are amped up a bit with Aperol, grapefruit juice, and then topped with sparkling wine.

I could see making this stuff by the pitcher and dishing it out.

The Aperol Mule

Aperol Mule - Aperol Spritz Variations

I’m a huge moscow mule fan so I had to add some Aperol to my classic moscow mule just to test it out.

The result is actually lighter than a standard moscow mule and has a more citrusy flavor to it.

The Aperol Mist

Aperol Mist - Aperol Spritz Variations

This is the lightest of my three Aperol variations. Add a splash of Aperol to a beer is kind of crazy but it works SO well with a wheat beer.

This is definitely a post yard work drink!

Aperol Spritz Variations

If you’re looking for something crisp and cooling this summer, try out an Aperol Spritz or a fun variation!

Here are a few other great summer cocktails!

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  1. I’m always on the lookout for a great summer cocktail to have in the backyard (also watching my kids, but more likely trying to stop them from taking plants out of the veg boxes rather than calmly play in the sand!). I think I’m going to have to give one of these a try, the Aperol Mist looks particularly inviting!

  2. So after coming across this last week, I decided to try all three of these on the weekend! I was surprised to find aperol mist was my favourite as I’m not much of a beer person but it really hit the spot! Thanks :)

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