The Internet Kitchen: Yard Work!


The Internet Kitchen: Yard Work!

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Our new Colorado home is a lot more space than we are used to, especially outside space! We didn’t have any outdoor space at all in DC.

We woke up yesterday to find that one of our trees (we have trees!) has decided to drop all of its leaves at once on our poor driveway/yard.

This was my first realization that, yes, we have a yard. And I have to actually do work in it. I think this is a good thing, but I’m sure I’ll be the bumbling idiot on the block for a few weeks because I have no fancy power tools to help with my yard maintenance.

My project for this weekend is just to figure out how to make the biggest leaf pile possible so I can throw my cat into it.

Next week I’m posting a few recipes for Thanksgiving dishes with a few tweaks on them from the traditional.

I have a hole in my schedule though on Thursday that I’m hoping you all can fill simply by voting in the below poll!

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And a few links!

On Cheese, The USDA, and Domino’s – Not sure if you’ve seen any of the blogging/news about the apparent hypocrisy that was unearthed about the USDA this week by the NY Times. Turns out that the gov has been preaching that people should eat healthier and at the same time advocating that people should eat more cheese. I have to admit that in the realm of government strangeness this one registered about a 1 out of 10 on my scale. Instead of reading all the crap, just read Jon’s update. It’s pretty spot on. (@ So Good Blog)

Cauliflower SformatoI can’t say that I’ve ever heard of a Sformato, but I agree with The Bitten Word guys that it sure is fun to say. Their version looks better than the original which is nothing new for them. (@ The Bitten Word)

How to Make Pie Crust – Always good to have a reminder on how to do this, because if there’s one thing that can elevate your desserts to the next level it’s a killer pie crust. Turns out it’s pretty much impossible to find a killer pie crust in the frozen section at your grocery store. (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Brussel Sprouts with Sriracha and Mint – When I saw this title I was skeptical, but after I thought about it I think it would be really good. For starters I love sprouts actually and keep meaning to do more with them, but pairing them with the spicy chili sauce and also cooling mint seems like it would be really tasty. (@ White on Rice Couple)

Cherpumple – Sometimes the Internet is crazy. This is one of those times where I read something and thought, “That can’t actually exist.” Only to be immediately proven wrong. You’ll just have to click on it to find out. (@ Modern Domestic)

Have a great weekend everybody! As a reminder, a lot of the links I post on Fridays are from readers who email me links. If you come across a great article or something (even if it’s your own), you can always send it my way!

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  1. I'd love to see some dairy-free recipes for Thanksgiving. My daughter is allergic to dairy products so I will be having to adjust how I cook for Thanksgiving this year!

  2. lol about the leaves and the yard…just over a year ago we moved from a townhouse to a house on over 1/2 acre. What a change! We're still trying to adjust and figure out how to get it under control :)

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