The Internet Kitchen: Whitewater


The Internet Kitchen: Whitewater

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Some of Betsy’s coworkers planned an awesome rafting trip for the upcoming holiday weekend.

The rivers in Colorado are running incredibly fast right now. A few people have already died this year! I haven’t been whitewater rafting in many years so we will be doing the full training thing again.

But it should definitely be exhilarating! I would say that I would take some photos but I doubt my camera would make it through the trip.

Let’s do something different this week for the poll.

Pick a Rachel Ray recipe and I’ll try to improve it!

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And a few links!

Horchata – On a hot summer day there isn’t much better than this refreshing beverage. To those that haven’t had it, it might sound weird to make a drink out of rice, but trust me. After you have one, you’ll want two more. (@ David Lebovitz)

Two Sour Cream Dips – This weekend is prime time dip weekend. Here are two quick and easy dips that you can whip up in a few minutes. They are pretty unique of course, given the source. (@ The Food in my Beard)

Sour Cherry Syrup – Cherries are super in-season here right now and this just looks like a fantastic use for them. Mix the syrup with some soda water and bam. Homemade cherry soda! (@ Food in Jars)

Bacon Swizzle Stick Bloody Mary – I’ve done this before but it’s a great reminder that putting bacon in a bloody mary is a really good idea. (@ Tastes Better With Friends)

Have a great 4th of July weekend everyone!

Photo by Tim Tuttle.

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