The Internet Kitchen: What’s Up Winter?


The Internet Kitchen: What’s Up Winter?

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It has been ridiculously warm over the last month or so where Betsy and I live in Colorado (on the Western side of the state).  It really hasn’t felt like winter at all to me before this week.

It finally started to drop below freezing during the day.  We still haven’t gotten any snow, but I can tell that it’s right around the corner.

Of course, the mountains are getting pelted with snow, but our desert area is dry and relatively warm!

Winter is coming though.  I have to wear a heavy coat now when I walk Porter the Wonderdoodle.

Let’s do something warming for the poll this week!

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And a few links!

How to Host a Cookie Exchange – I just participated in an intense cookie exchange with around 700 food bloggers in it.  It went off without a hitch (as far as I can tell) because the planners were amazing.  Here’s some good tips on how to host your own cookie exchange! (@ My Baking Addiction)

China Trip Recap – Two of my favorite food bloggers just took a spin over to China.  Here’s some of the cool stuff they ate.  Very jealous.  (@ The Bitten Word)

Fish and Chips Tots – I’ve made homemade tater tots enough to know that these might be a bit of work, but man do they look good!  Combining fish and chips in one bite-sized morsel is pretty much the best idea I’ve seen in a while. (@ The Food in my Beard)

Taro Fries – I think I’ve only had taro once in my life and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t cooked correctly.  For some reason though, these snagged my eye this week.  Especially the duck fat version because, well, duck fat.  (@ Tiny Urban Kitchen)

Lofthouse Style Frosted Cookies – These remind me of the soft cookies in the grocery store that I used to eat by the bucket-full when I was a kid.  Those things were so addictive!  These look equally dangerous.  (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

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  1. Another blogger and I have been doing a Blogger Sweet Swap for a few months too and it’s been so much fun. The hard part is taking care of when people are having trouble communicating with each other, but other than that, it’s actually not too bad to organize!

  2. We haven’t gotten any snow to stick here either, though it’s not from lack of trying on nature’s part. :roll: I hope you have a little jacket for Porter the wonderdoodle too, otherwise he’ll get mighty cold!

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