The Internet Kitchen: Vegas Baby


The Internet Kitchen: Vegas Baby

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This weekend I’m heading to fabulous Las Vegas for a good friend’s bachelor party.  I haven’t been to Vegas in a few years so I’m looking forward to it.  I think we’ll be playing a lot of poker and just wondering around looking at the crazy place.

Besides poker I’ll probably try my luck on the craps tables and my newest favorite casino game:  Casino War aka High Card.  It about as quick as a game can be.  Flip a card.  Lose.  Flip a card.  Lose.  Flip a card.  Lose.  At least that’s how I envision my Casino War experience will go down.

Given that I’m going without my loving wife for a bachelor party, it’s possible that I’ll need to get back on her good graces after I return.

So Tex-Mex is on the menu. You guys pick the dish though!

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And a few links!

The Best Sandwich in the Universe A pretty awesome stab at a really delicious sandwich although it can only be made well in August and other tomato-ripened times.  I’m not sure that it’s my favorite sandwich in the universe, but it’s pretty close (add homemade mayo, add bacon).  (@ Eatocracy)

What to Look for When Picking Fruits and Veggies – Very important if you plan to make the best sandwich in the universe.  Just a great primer on how to pick the best of the best when you’re shopping at farmer’s markets or in the supermarkets for produce.  (@ Summer Tomato)

A How-To Guide to Roasting a Pig – Say goodbye Petunia (the name of the pig).  An awesome photo walk-through (some graphic photos) of how to properly roast a whole pig.  This is still on my list to do someday… (@ Endless Simmer)

Mocha Swirl Cookies – For dessert today, I pick these beautiful cookies.  They look a lot harder to make then they actually are I think.  And the frosting just takes them over the top! (@ Sprinkle Bakes)

Have a great weekend everyone!  Wish me luck on the tables!

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  1. If you need a good bite to eat, look around your casino/resort for a place called "A Dam Good Sports Bar". I hear they have GREAT pork chops. A must go for any good bachelor party.

    Have a good time in vegas! First bet should always be on red 9.

    Boomed it!

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