The Internet Kitchen: Vacation!


The Internet Kitchen: Vacation!

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Betsy and I are spending the next week on a lovely beach in North Carolina with some of her family which is an annual tradition.

To be honest, Betsy and I aren’t great at beach vacations.  We are both really pale and burn easily.  Plus I’m a bit frightened of the ocean.

To overcome my fears, I’m going deep sea fishing with her brother one day which should be awesome-slash-scary.  Hopefully, I catch a freakin’ marlin or something just to show the ocean who’s boss.

Since seafood is kind of hard to come by in Colorado, I also intend to eat my weight in shrimp and clams.  I’m not even kidding.  My weight.

Because I’ll be out of the loop next week, I have a bit of an altered schedule for Macheesmo next week.  There will only be four new posts instead of the normal six and I have a few great guest posters scheduled.  Just for a hint, one guest post is for maybe the most refreshing thing ever.  One uses an ingredient that I’ve never used before on Macheesmo (which is hard) and one is about Bulgarian recipes.

So yea.  Not your standard list of guest posts!

No poll this week because I’ll be on a boat listening to, maybe, On A Boat (sound).

Here’s a few great links though!

Milkshakes Gone Wild I’m a pretty big vanilla milkshake fan.  Nothing fancy for me thanks.  Oh wait.  That was before I saw a chocolate avocado milkshake.  That sounds like something I could get behind.  Here’s a list of that and a few other crazy milkshakes to keep you cool!  (@ Endless Simmer)

Cold Sesame Noodle Salad – It’s hot, but you can’t just eat milkshakes and ice cream for every meal.  Sesame noodles are one of my favorite cold noodles and this is a recipe that looks like it would really hit the spot for summer.  (@ The Perfect Pantry)

Inside the Kitchen of the Queen Mary 2 – One of my favorite food bloggers and writers had the chance to tour the kitchen of a really cool ship that makes trans-atlantic journeys.  The photos and stories are really amazing.  I can’t imagine working in a boat and producing thousands of meals a day.  Crazy.  (@ David Lebovitz)

Watermelon Gazpacho – I just made some gazpacho last week and it was really delicious.  But this looks like summer in a bowl to me!  I love the idea to add bitters to it.  A totally refreshing recipe and idea.  (@ Healthy Delicious)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo by Joshua Davis.

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  1. LMAO, nice song, Nick!!! Maybe you should take up scuba diving! HOWEVER, I live in NC, and I do not recommend the mid Atlantic coast for it! :-D Wild NC shrimp are outstanding (to eat). ENJOY

  2. Welcome to North Carolina! I hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation! I discovered one of my favorite ways to have shrimp at a restaurant at an NC beach: Cap'n Crunch Shrimp! Yum!

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