The Internet Kitchen: Tweaks!


The Internet Kitchen: Tweaks!

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Over the last few days I’ve received dozens of emails, tweets, and comments with feedback on the new design.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to send me messages with suggestions or stuff that’s broken.

A few of the changes I’ve made from feedback I received:

1) Increased the font size on the sidebar.  This was by far the most requested item so I upped it a bit which will hopefully make those items easier to read.

2) Got rid of one of the ads (from Amazon).  A few people mentioned that the ads seem more prominent on this site.  They are the exact same as on the old design so I think they are maybe standing out more because this layout is cleaner in general.  Hopefully, the photos, menus, and text stand out more also.

3) Cleaned up a good number of posts.  I’m working back in time through all my old posts to format the recipes to fit the new layout.  This is going to take me at least a month.  If you want an old recipe and can’t print it, just shoot me an email and I’ll move that recipe to the top of the reformat list.

Next week is all Halloween week here on Macheesmo, but I’ll let you all pick the base for a cocktail on Thursday!

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And a few links as always!

Candy Corn Fudge – It’s almost time for my favorite day of the year: Halloween!  This fudge would be perfect for big night.  The colors in it are so awesome. (@ Recipe Girl)

100 Ways to cook Hazelnuts – I haven’t cooked much with hazelnuts, but I do love their flavor (especially in Nutella).  Here’s a cool round-up to get your hazelnut ideas flowing. (@ Endless Simmer)

Pumpkin Mudslide Cupcakes – I’ll be honest.  I don’t normally visit Paula’s site, but one of my favorite blog writers occasionally develops recipes over there so I sometimes zip over to see what she’s up to.  She really went above and beyond with these guys!  (@ Paula Deen)

Food Label Report – A recent report was just given to the FDA that urged them to create and standardize food labels that acted similar to the Energy Star ratings on appliances.  The idea isn’t to replace the full-on nutritional panels, but just to give consumers info on the product at a quick glance.  Great idea if you ask me.  (@ Huff Post)

Connect with me!

Throughout the week I love chatting with people and sharing fun and interesting stuff around the web.  I’m fairly active on a few different places:

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And, of course, you can always subscribe to Macheesmo via the feed or via email!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Speaking of Halloween . . . . I have to admit I was the tiniest bit grossed out by the worms you made last year, but Martha Stewart’s Oct. issue (I’ll deny to the death that I read that) has a recipe for a chocolate cake with (fake) cockroaches crawling over it.


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