The Internet Kitchen: The Taste


The Internet Kitchen: The Taste

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ABC premiered a new show this week called “The Taste.” I got sucked into it and now I’m sort of hooked. It’s basically like The Voice except for cooks. There are four judges of varying backgrounds: Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Brian Malarkey, and Ludo Lefebvre. They pull together a team of four chefs per team and then compete against each other.

The catch is that the dishes that are cooked and sampled are tasted completely blind meaning that the testers don’t know who cooked what dish. My favorite part of the show, by far, is watching the judges debate on whether a dish was made by a home cook or a “professional” chef.

They frequently, but not always, get it wrong. Right now the team line-ups consist of more home cooks than professional chefs. And trust me, there were plenty of professionals that tried out. Many of them were eliminated for being too complicated or making dishes that were just plain weird. Meanwhile, the home cooks just cooked simple, great food.

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One issue with this ever-growing website is that there are some really delicious dishes that are stuck way down deep in the archives. I’m going to try to bring some of these older dishes back to life and update the recipes with new photos and stuff. I’m going to try to do one a month and only feature my favorites (or Betsy’s favorites).

You pick the first one!

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The Links

Mind blowing Japanese Carnitas Tacos – This post title kind of reminded me of those ridiculous Sonic commercials where the dude gets his mind blown by eating a crappy chicken sandwich. Except this recipe actually looks like it might blow your mind. Be careful. (@ Summer Tomato)

Warm Braised Fennel – Fennel is one of my favorite winter vegetables. Some people don’t dig the anise flavor, but I can’t get enough. This looks right up my alley. (@ Sippity Sup)

Pomegranate Goat Cheese Bars – I’ve experimented with goat cheese in desserts and it hasn’t always gone well. These look perfect though. (@ Foodness Gracious)

Homemade Snow Balls – Remember those crazy snow ball desserts that are bright pink? I think you can still buy them actually, but why buy them when you can make them? (@ Vanilla Sugar)

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  1. Now I’ll have to see if there is a rerun on sometime soon, before next week. I was trying to avoid anymore celebrity- and-pro-chef reality shows, but if it features some good home cooks, I’m in. Thanks for the heads up, Nick!

  2. I rarely watch live TV (I DVR everything so I can skip commercials) but I just happened to catch the first episode of the taste and also got hooked! I love that the home cooks did so well, although I was disappointed that a few of the more fun professional chefs who happened to be first to cook were skipped over “because there are so many more to go.”

    I love the idea of revisiting old recipes. I was just telling a friend of mine yesterday that I came across some recipes that I made a while ago, including your deep dish pizza and bacon stuffed corn cakes, that I have been wanting to make again but haven’t because I find so many new recipes all the time that I can’t find the time to go back and revisit some of my favorites. Maybe it is time for me to make that a priority too!

    1. I love Bourdain! He was uncharacteristically nice on this show. I was expecting him to be more of the Simon Cowell meets Chef Ramsey type judge. If you want to see something really funny, on the Atlanta episode of The Layover, he gets Alton Brown wasted and takes him to the skeeziest strip club in Atlanta (think your pleasantly plump grandma-turns-stripper joint). It was pretty odd to see Alton Brown in those surroundings, but he seemed to love it!

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