The Internet Kitchen: The Open Road!


The Internet Kitchen: The Open Road!

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It’s finally here! After a week and a half of living in an empty apartment, Tipsy and I are hitting the road tomorrow morning bright and early.

I decided to take my time driving to Colorado so we are doing it in 3 days instead of two which should make it a bit easier on Tipsy and me. I’m kind of worried about her freaking out and having to deal with a crazy cat for three days, but hopefully she’ll be chill about it.

Since I’m driving for a few days and then getting settled for a few days after that, I’m not planning on posting on Macheesmo until mid-next week.

That said, I do plan on tweeting pretty frequently during the road trip. Hopefully you’ll get to see a photo or two of Tipsy and her very fashionable travel harness. So follow me if you want updates!

While I’m traveling though I am posting a few photos in the Daily Snaps section from my recent trip to Italy. So check that out if you’re interested!

No poll this weekend because I’ll be on the road obviously, but here’s a few links for your Halloween weekend!

10 Worst Halloween Food Costumes – I’m so sad that I’m going to be missing Halloween festivities this weekend, but I can say definitively that if I saw Broccoli Roberta I’d sock her in the face. (@ Endless Simmer)

Craziest Caramel Apples Ever – This takes caramel apple to another level. I feel like this could be one of those Food Network Challenges. And this blogger would beat them all. (@ Distracted Homemaker)

The Best Pumpkin Bread You’ll Ever Have – This title doesn’t say much for me because, frankly, I’ve never had pumpkin bread. After seeing this post, I most definitely want some though! (@ Food Loves Writing)

Perfect Pumpkin Cookies – Again. Can’t say that I’ve ever had a pumpkin cookie, but this is the season if you’re gonna do them! (@ Erin Cooks)

Roasted Pumpkins and Some White Chocolate Deliciousness – The actual title to this post is very long, but basically there’s roasted pumpkin involved which I’ve actually had and can say is very good. But then, as a bonus, there’s a white chocolate creation that looks pretty out of this world. (@ Blue Kitchen)

Have a happy and safe Halloween everybody! The next time you hear from me it’ll be from The Mile High State!

Photo by sigma.

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  1. Best of luck to you on your journey to Colorado! I'm a little jealous, though. Colorado, Montana and Wyoming are my favorite states! Have fun, and can't wait until you start posting again!

  2. As I mentioned on that endless simmer post, I am actually planning on being broccoli this year. So I am glad there is no chance I will be running into you, I dont want this blog rivalry to manifest itself in physical form. I said it was gonna be way better than that one though, but upon trying on some of the elements, Im not sure anymore… either way though it's gonna be amazing.

  3. hey, guess what? no more humidity. that's gotta be something to look forward to? i was so stoked when we finally left DC–the summers there were awful with humidity.

  4. Have a safe and hassle free trip!
    I traveled cross country with 3 kitties back in the 70's…we survived. lol
    Good Luck!

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