The Internet Kitchen: Super Bowl!


The Internet Kitchen: Super Bowl!

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It’s pretty hard to live in America and not know that the Super Bowl is this weekend.  It’s written about and talked about extensively on pretty much every media source in the country.

To be completely honest, I usually find the game to be a bit of a letdown just because it’s been hyped SOOO much.  All you can really hope for is a decently close game and some funny commercials.  Both teams are really good this year so I think it should be a good one.

With that in mind, I’m going to say GO GIANTS just because they are the underdogs.  I like Eli Manning slightly more than Tom Brady.  He seems less put together and somehow more frazzled and human.

Tom Brady is a bit too squeaky clean.  I bet he blames his farts on others.

My main goal for Sunday is to make sure I get in a long run before the game so I can eat my face off.

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The Links

There were lots of great recipes floating around the Internet this week.  Here’s a sampling.

Mushroom and Black Bean Breakfast Tacos – I’m a sucker for a good breakfast taco and this looks right up my alley.  I like the vegetarian twist on it.  The mushrooms and beans look plenty filling for me. (@ Crepes of Wrath)

Spicy Grilled Hummus – This was a new one for me.  Basically you lightly grill the chickpeas and stuff and then blend them up!  I can see how that could give the hummus some interesting flavor.  (@ Patio Daddy BBQ)

Meatball Sliders – These would be absolutely perfect for a Super Bowl party.  In fact, they just might make my short list of things to make this weekend.  (@ Ezra Pound Cake)

East Carolina BBQ – Talk about a good way to feed a crowd!  This is actually very similar to the kind of pulled pork I made for the wedding I catered a few months ago.  (@ Ruhlman)

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I live about 45mi. from Indianapolis and Super Bowl mania is in full effect here!! Apparently, the Colts and Patriots are rivals (who knew?!) so I’ve been getting an earful at work for the last week!

    Also, I’m stoked about those mushroom tacos! Thanks for the link! :D

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