The Internet Kitchen: Strawberry Gazpacho!


The Internet Kitchen: Strawberry Gazpacho!

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Last month I was contacted by Lipman Produce to do some recipe development for them for a new website they launched.  For full disclosure, they did pay me to do the project, but I love the final recipe and the website has some interesting other recipes from other bloggers that contributed to the launch.

They wanted me to come up with a recipe using their tomatoes so they sent me approximately a metric ton of tomatoes and I got to work.

I came up with a really wonderful strawberry gazpacho.  It’s slightly sweet due to the strawberries and is perfect on a hot summer day.

I try to be pretty selective about what companies I work with and I was happy to do this since they are basically just promoting cooking with fresh ingredients. Hard not to like that!

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The Links

60 Second Aioli Homemade mayo is one of my favorite condiments but it is kind of a pain to make.  This smart technique makes it almost too easy! (@ Amateur Gourmet)

Mimosa TrufflesThese look a bit advanced, but if you’re looking for something really homemade to wow for Mother’s Day, these would do the trick for sure! (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Strange Cookies – I’ve seen a lot of cookies in my day and a lot of cookies with weird ingredients.  I never, ever would have thought to put a hard-boiled egg in a cookie unless it was an April Fools prank! (@ Cupcake Project)

Coconut Shrimp With Orange Sauce – Shrimp are kind of hard for me to find around my neck of the woods, but recipes like this still make my mouth water! (@ No Recipes)

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Have a great Mother’s Day weekend everyone!

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  1. Hi Nick! Thanks again for creating this wonderful recipe. We can’t wait to try it out. It’s absolutely perfect for the summer!

  2. That soup sounds perfect for Summer! Love the idea! Thanks for sharing the cookie recipe. I couldn’t believe how good they were. I didn’t expect it.

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