The Internet Kitchen: Steamboat!


The Internet Kitchen: Steamboat!

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One of the hidden benefits of living in Colorado is that you meet people and then those people move to really awesome places.

Then you can go visit them!

Betsy and I have two really good friends that recently moved to Steamboat Springs, also known as the most stereotypical ski town in the entire world.  This weekend they are having this strange thing called Winter Carnival.  As far as I can tell it involves people skiing through rings of fire and lots of horses and cowboys.

You’d be crazy to miss it!  Of course, it helps to have a couch to surf on for such events.  I don’t even want to know what a hotel room in Steamboat runs in the dead of winter.

The Poll

Instead of posting a real poll this week, I’ll just open it up.  If there’s a dish that you want me to try or some sort of cuisine, just leave a comment!  I’ll pick something from the comments and cook that.

If you don’t have a specific dish in mind, you can also request a kind of dish… something Mexican… something vegetarian… etc.

The Links

America’s Best New Sandwiches – A quick list of some of the awesome sandwiches hitting the streets this year.  I think I will be swinging by the Ink Sack for sure the next time I’m in LA… (@ Endless Simmer)

Braised Short Rib Sandwiches – Some might say that this is a lot of work for a simple sandwich, but I’ll take any chance I can get to braise some short ribs! (@ Pinch My Salt)

Nettle Pasta – Only had nettles once or twice and haven’t found them in Colorado at all, but in general I love green pastas so this caught my eye.  (@ Hunter Angler)

Crab and Brie Omelet – I’m always looking for a good omelet recipe and I very rarely consider seafood for an omelet.  This looks just delicious though. (@ Sugar Laws)

Vegetarian Chili – This recipe is good, but what I’m more impressed by is the photographs.  Chili is almost impossible to photograph and make it look as good as it actually is.  Not a problem for Todd and Diane. (@ White on Rice Couple)

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Cool photo by Moe.

27 Responses to “The Internet Kitchen: Steamboat!” Leave a comment

  1. How about something Asian, preferably with chicken, sweet and spicy, that goes well with baked vegetable egg rolls?

    (I enjoy your recipes and writing style — Thanks!)

  2. I would love to see another tempeh dish, your tempeh scramble got me inspired but I’d like to try a dinner dish as well. Thanks!

  3. Baked vegetable egg rolls sound pretty good. I am always avoiding eggrolls because they are deep fried, but they are a very favorite food, might be nice to make at home.

    A good winter dish is stuffed cabbage. Stuffed with something hearty like beef and rice flavored with onion sauteed in bacon, topped with a nice tomato sauce, then covered with foil and baked in the oven. They come out like soft pillows, and make a great meal. It takes a bit of labor to boil the cabbage leaves, but you can also throw the whole cabbage head in the freezer, then the leaves thaw and are a good consistency to fold around the filling. The cooked cabbage lasts all week, and freezes very well in portions. Here in South Florida, the cabbages are fresh and cheap. OK, I think I convinced myself, at least, I am off to buy a giant cabbage. :) My Mom used to make these, and they are wonderful.

  4. We are in a beans or lentils over rice or quinoa/soup rut. Now, I love soup and beans & rice but we would love some new ideas for lentils in particular. Some great uses for winter vegetables would be good too. Thanks – whatever you do.

  5. I’ve been craving a good Thai curry! Looks like it’s been awhile since you’ve done one, so that would be my request :)

  6. How about something Thai, but not Pad Thai. Maybe a curry or drunken noodles? The suggestion above for a Korean dish sounds good, too!

  7. Something with sofrito :) Ive been dreaming of the grilled steak sandwiches I ate in Puerto Rico. Like the Tripleta :)

  8. Something to help me use up 4 litres of milk. And not mac and cheese, we already thought of that. :)

  9. So excited about some new 8 oz cocottes I got for Christmas, and I’d love some ideas. So how about a savory dish that can be prepared in individual baking ramekins/cocottes? Perhaps a savory bread pudding, vegetable gratin, or french onion soup?

  10. If you are accepting requests what about some sweet custard Portuguese pastries? Pasteis de nata if you are interested.. I am telling you they are worthy of your time.
    Love your blog.
    Keep up the excellent work.

  11. Something with Poblanos, Please? I have a Load of them in the Fridge and was just searching different recipes besides Stuffed. I’ve done Tons with Them, but am trying to find something unique, and….I’m pretty good at that, but, can’t think straight the last few days

  12. I would be beside myself with glee if you made mufungo with chorizo. I would definitely do some happy dancing.

  13. I’d like a recipe for a non-sandwich-related breakfast that can be frozen and reheated in single servings. Maybe a layered casserole or strata, or breakfast burritos?

  14. I’m going to Mexico for a month soon (San Miguel de Allende, in case anyone would like to be jealous), so I should suggest something Mexican. However, I spied some great looking octopus in a Whole Foods today and I’d love for you to make that. Can you even get it in Colorado?

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