The Internet Kitchen: Seductive Kitty


The Internet Kitchen: Seductive Kitty

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I walked into our living room a few days ago and Tipsy was draped over the back of the couch right under the lamp.  She had one arm kind of draped over the couch is a semi-seductive way.

I’m pretty sure she was trying to entice Porter the Wonderdoodle to come near so she could smack him upside the head which is her new favorite hobby.

Anyway, I felt like I walked in on something private and she glared at me hard for it.

Let’s do a November poll this week!

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And a few links as always!

Creamy Kabocha Soup – I’m always on the lookout for good soups during the fall and this one looks awesome.  I just love the color, but I’m sure it has a deep rich taste to match it.  (@ Tiny Urban Kitchen)

Fennel Apple Fall Salad – This is a salad I could see on the Thanksgiving table.  It’s got some really interesting and flavorful ingredients that I’ve never personally paired together.  Sounds amazing though!  (@ The Perfect Pantry)

The Best Doughnuts in LA – I don’t even live in LA.  In fact, I kind of don’t like LA.  But this was a super fun post to read (and watch) and if I ever get a chance, I’m going to Primos.  (@ The Amateur Gourmet)

Artichoke, Leek and Potato Casserole – Another dish that I think I might add to the Thanksgiving menu.  These flavors are ones that I’m very familiar with but also have never slammed together in a casserole dish before.  Sounds awesome.  Also, Katie just redesigned her site and it’s awesome. (@ Good Life Eats)

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Just make sure it’s fresh pumpkin! None of that canned malarkey – it’s almost impossible to find here ;)

    This is why I am a little afraid of cats. There’s always some sneaky agenda. With dogs it’s just “more food please!”

  2. I swear we all live with the same dog/cat dramas in our homes. My only problem is that my cat is 15 pounds and my dogs each weigh less than 6. I did take a look at the link for the new puppy … ohmy Porter is a great looking dog. Love that black/white face.

  3. I wanted to vote for chestnut, but I didn’t, simply because I have yet to find them that do not have worms. Ihave therefore eliminated them from consideration for a Thanksgiving dish, be it soup, chestnut stuffing, or whatever!

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