The Internet Kitchen: Scorched!


The Internet Kitchen: Scorched!

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Our state is burning!

There are so many forest and wild fires in Colorado right now. It’s really quite scary. Betsy and I are lucky to live in a desert so the chances of their being a raging fire near us is pretty small although there were a few small wildfires over the last few days.

Thousands of people are having to leave their homes and might lose them and it doesn’t look like firefighters are going to them fully under control any time soon even though they are working their butts off.

Turns out that if Mother Nature wants to burn things, then things will be burned.

A little rain wouldn’t hurt either.

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The Links

Cold Brewed Coffee – Yes. I’m posting a link to my own site. I can do that! I’m reposting it because it’s very important. Most places in the states will be in the 90s or 100s over the next week and there is nothing better than this coffee to get you going and kill the heat. (@ Self-promotion land)

Steamed Pork Buns – I’ve tried to make these before with some success, but this is as great of a walkthrough as I’ve seen for how to rock great steamed buns. (@ Delicious Days)

Sour Cherry and Rosemary Focaccia – Cherries are in season now and I’ve never thought to put them on flat bread like this. Looks awesome! (@ Not Derby Pie)

Mushrooms TapasThese are just too awesome. Tiny little mushrooms stuffed and served on toothpicks. Love it. (@ Arugula Files)

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Stay cool this weekend everybody.



Photo by USDAgov.

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  1. We use to live in Colorado Springs and I have friends and family there. Several have been evacuated both not being able to go to work and from their home. My one friend works for Hewlett Packard and they have shut down for now. They have posted pictures and it is scary stuff.

  2. I was born and raised in California, where it seems the whole state burns down every Summer. It can be very scary. My boyfriend and I have been dreaming of moving to CO (we currently live in hot, sticky Houston area) for a while now, so we’ve been watching y’all and hoping that everything calms down soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. I have watched poor Colorado burn. I’m glad you are in a safe place. My heart goes out to all who have lost or will lose their homes. We suffered a similar fate here in Arizona last summer. Sad, very sad. I lived in an area of California, before moving to Tucson, where there was a chance of burning every summer. I was glad to move away from all that.

  4. I feel for you guys there. Please stay safe and take care.

    If you do get any rain, we would appreciate it if you would share a bit. We’re in the se us and it’s supposed to be 108 tomorrow…

  5. I just received a French press coffee maker for my birthday, and I specifically asked for it to make cold-brewed coffee. So back to macheesmo I came for the recipe, and then to catch up on a couple weeks of posts I’ve missed. Sure enough, there was the re-post waiting for me – just two hours after I went looking for it for myself!

    Keep up the good work, Nick.

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