The Internet Kitchen: San Antonio!


The Internet Kitchen: San Antonio!

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I’m headed to San Antonio for the weekend for a conference. I’m pretty excited to get down south and experience some Texas heat!

I will obviously be attempting to consume as much Tex-Mex as possible while there.

If anyone happens to know any good San Antonio food spots, leave a comment!

There’s no poll this week because I’m going to be traveling.

The Links

Organics Versus Conventional – There was a huge study that came out this week that the media is simplifying down to say that Organics aren’t actually better for you than conventional foods. The study is a good one, but doesn’t say that exactly. Here’s a good summary of it. (@ Summer Tomato)

Cupcake Nuggets – It’s a cupcake. It’s bite-sized. It’s fried and dipped in sauce. Need I say more? (@ Cupcake Project)

Wonton Soup – This is one of my absolute favorite things, but I’ve never attempted it at home. Just seems a bit too complex. As with a ton of recipe though, once it is broken down, it doesn’t look too bad actually. (@ No Recipes)

Blackberry Sonker – I’ve never heard of a sonker before. But this looks really good. I figure you could substitute any good berries you could find this time of year. (@ Lottie + Doof) PS. Big shout out to this blog that I love that just celebrated its four year anniversary.

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Have a great weekend everybody! If you need me, I’ll probably be drinking a margarita!

Photo by Jim Nix.

13 Responses to “The Internet Kitchen: San Antonio!” Leave a comment

  1. Chunky’s Burgers is a small burger place that was on Man vs. Food for the Ghost Chili Burger. I was there last year and there were a bunch of fire-fighters there trying to do it. It didn’t work out well for them…

    I’ve found the river walk is way too touristy for me. My company has a plant down there, so I’m there a couple of times a year, and I usually stay on the river, but avoid the actual riverwalk when picking a place to eat.

    Try the flying saucer (north-west side) for a big beer selection after you eat. It’s kinda chainy, but there are tons of beers.

  2. The tableside guacamole at Boudro’s on the Riverwalk will change your life. Also love Rosarios on South Alamo. Soluna on Broadway. And the tostada burger at Chris Madrid’s is unbelievable.

    And if you just want a Mexican dive with incredible food, Patty’s Taco House. They’re only open for breakfast and lunch.

  3. You’re in luck–looks like this weekend we’re getting a nice little break from the triple digits (at least in the Dallas area, where I live). Be sure to do a post on your trip including dining reviews; we moved down here a year ago and San Antonio is on my hit list of places to visit.

    1. Yes! I’d love to see a round-up of where you go. My best friend just moved there about a month ago and I’ve been trying to plan a visit, so I’d love the recommendations!!

  4. Thankfully know one has posted this yet, but if anyone in San Antonio tells you to go to Mi Tierra, please don’t. It’s kitchy and fun, but the wait isn’t work the heat lamp burned food. I say go with the recommendations above. Also, while not small and local, There are some Pappasitos down that way. They are a Houston based restaurant and have VERY good fajitas, actually, they have the best fajitas I’ve had in my life an I was born and raised down that way. Have fun!

  5. For traditional Tex-Mex, Jacala’s has been around for decades and most of the staff has been with them too. If you are sticking to downtown, I think Mexican Manhattan is still around. Good stuff.

  6. El mirador close to downtown. La Frite Bistro. La Gloria at Pearl Brewery is a MUST. Taco Garage on Broadway. Eddie’s Taco House. La Fogata, have a Rita rocks or two. Try a funky joint called MK Davis on Flores for CFS (chicken fried steak) or get your CFS at DeWeese’s Tip Top. You will rarely go wrong if you try any mom and pop mex restaurant on just about any street. They’re like delis in NYC.

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