The Internet Kitchen: Richmond!


The Internet Kitchen: Richmond!

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I’m in Richmond, VA this weekend to hang out with the lovely people from Sabra hummus. They invited me in to take a tour of their hummus production factory and see how they make their hummus.

Highlights include getting to try every single one of their flavors (there are like 80 – not all are in stores everywhere) and getting to tour a real chickpea farm which may sound boring, but I’m excited for it. I’m also getting to meet some other awesome food bloggers like Dan, Kevin and Amanda, Maria and Josh, Matt, and  Jenny!

I’m planning on taking some photos (although I can’t take photos of everything) and also doing some hummus related recipes in the next week or so.

By chance, Betsy’s brother also lives in Richmond so I’m staying a few extra days after the Sabra tour to hang out with their family. Who knows what kind of trouble we are going to get into. I’ve never been to Richmond before so if you have any food/drink recs, leave a comment!

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No poll this week because I’m on the road and away from my kitchen!

The Links

Grilled Kale Salad – Perfect for summer. I’ve never grilled kale but I can see how it would be plenty sturdy for the grill and get crispy around the edges. Looks perfect. (@ Two Peas & Their Pod)

Pastere – I’ve never heard of this dish before, but it looks really good. Basically, it’s congealed pasta salad. It’s funny because I always have sort of liked eating congealed pastas like when you store mac and cheese in the fridge and it turns into a block. I like eating it just like that sometimes and this recipe reflects that I’m not the only one! (@ Food in my Beard)

Smoked Salmon Candy – You need a smoker for this recipe, but if you happen to have one and happen to get your hands on some good salmon, it seems like as good a use as any. I could eat an absurd amount of this I think. (@ Hunter Angler Gardener Cook)

Heirloom Tomato Salad – It’s starting to be the beginning of really good tomatoes in the markets and I can think of no better way to eat them then sliced with fresh mozzarella. It’s my favorite and I can guarantee that I’ll eat some tomatoes in a salad like this more than a few times in the next month. (@ White on Rice Couple)

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Richmond photo by Ron Cogswell.

4 Responses to “The Internet Kitchen: Richmond!” Leave a comment

  1. Welcome to Richmond! You’re in a fantastic city when it comes to food – we’ve got so much to offer! Ok, here goes with recs: South of the James Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning (get Mrs. Yoder’s sourdough donuts and/or a breakfast pizza from Pizza Tonight); Heritage is a great new (ish) restaurant in town, creative cocktails, innovative comfort food dishes, and fabulous service; Secco is a fantastic wine bar in a cool little shopping district in the city, delicious but affordable wines, beers and drool-worthy cheese selections. I like to order their flight option and have their awesome bartenders choose the wines, they never fail to impress; Dot’s Back Inn is a cool little dive bar/restaurant on the Northside, casual, neighborhood feel and a great, classic, diner burger; Comfort in the art district is just that – perfected southern comfort food. If they still have the watermelon salad on the menu, get it!; Mekong is a super popular Vietnamese restaurant with a huge beer and craft beer selection; and one of my all-time favorites is Stella’s – out of this world greek food with a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Get the lamb frites, they are the end-all. I could go on and on! Hope you get to enjoy any or all of these great places and our wonderful city!

  2. I highly recommend Millie’s Diner for weekend brunch — great food and fun to watch the food prepared. The strongest Mimosas around. If they are too crowded, Lulu’s ( owned by same folks) is great, too!

    1. Oh yea. We ate well! We went to Bookbinders one night and the Lemaire the second night. While I was with my brother in law we went to the hardywood brewery and also a legit vietnamese place that I can’t remember the name of. They also had a great beer list. Then we just cooked at home one night also. :) It was fun. Richmond is cool.

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