The Internet Kitchen: Reefer Madness!


The Internet Kitchen: Reefer Madness!

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As you might have heard, Colorado, where I live, recently passed a measure to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

There was a ton of money pumped into ads fighting this measure, but it still passed. Unlike the ads would have you believe, I doubt it will turn Colorado into an American Amsterdam. Although, as someone who has spent some time in Amsterdam, it’s actually quite nice! There are worse places to turn into…

Anyway, I’ll be very curious to see how this plays out over the next few months and years. To be honest, I doubt it will change much. Colorado already had pretty lax restrictions on the stuff.

If you’re curious though, I’m not planning on creating a new category on Macheesmo using the newly legal product!

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The Links

Pumpkin Flax Dog Treats – I like to feed my animals good quality food, but honestly, I don’t go crazy. After all, my dog is perfectly happy eating some other dog’s poop. I do get a bit upset at some of the treats out there on the market for dogs. Many are filled with chemicals and gross stuff. So, I’m thinking of making a big batch of these treats over the weekend for my buddy. (@ White of Rice Couple)

Pickled Habaneros – What happens if you end up with hundreds of very spicy habanero peppers? You figure it out I guess! Or you just make a huge batch of these pickles! (@ Food in my Beard)

New York Photo Essay and Sandy Support – If you are looking for a good list of how you can help Sandy relief efforts, this post has a good summary of ways to help. It also has some awesome photos of New York. (@ Eat the Love)

Tortilla Chip Stuffing – As they say in this post, “Have you ever been eating stuffing and thought ‘Wow, I wish this tasted like nachoes!'” I think my wife thinks that for everything she eats! This just might make it on my Thanksgiving menu this year. (@ The Bitten Word)

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Mello photo by Dey.

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  1. As an American, now living in Amsterdam, I’ve gotta say to anyone who is afraid of anyplace turning into Amsterdam, they should really come visit. Yes, their are coffeeshops all around the city, but if you don’t go into them, you can barely tell. The quality of life here is better than almost anyplace in the US. I’m glad the law passed in Colorado. Hopefully in time people will see it is not a big deal, and can turn their energy and resources to focus on actual issues facing the US. Well done CO!

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