The Internet Kitchen: Parentals


The Internet Kitchen: Parentals

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My mom and step-dad are coming down from Wyoming for a weekend visit this weekend.  Definitely one of the nice things about moving to Colorado is being able to see my parents more than once a year.

I haven’t seen them since Christmas so we’ll be doing a lot of catching up.  I think we’ll probably do a hike at some point over the weekend (probably The Hanging Lakes), and obviously we’ll be cooking and eating a lot.

I haven’t done a poll in a few weeks so how about this one?!

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And a few links as always!

Five Ways to Preserve Small Tomatoes – Unfortunately, my cherry tomato plant is producing tomatoes at about a one per week rate which isn’t going to get me a critical mass anytime soon.  But assuming you have better luck getting your hands on tons of cherry tomatoes this season, here’s a great tutorial on all the ways you can preserve them through winter.  (@ Food in Jars)

How to Freeze and Reheat Pancakes and Waffles – I almost always have leftovers when I make pancakes and waffles.  This is the exact method I use for saving mine for future use.  It works great.  When it comes to reheating, I recommend the oven over the microwave.  They get kind of soggy in the microwave.  (@ Good Life Eats)

8 Great Avocado Recipes – If you’ve read Macheesmo even for a week you probably know that avocados are one of my favorite foods.  Here’s 8 fantastic uses for them from a fantastic chef, Marcus Samuelsson.  (@ Huff Post)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the link on how to freeze and reheat pancakes and waffles. I usually don't make them since I cook for one but now I will.

  2. I do the reheating pancakes/waffles thing all the time and I use the toaster for both. It's faster than using the oven but you still get that toasty crust on the outside edges.

  3. PLEASE READ –Once I clicked on the Chicken Noodle link- I received a "questionable" message stating windows found something on my pc and started a scan- I immediately closed the page, but you might want to check this out. I advise against that link right now.

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