The Internet Kitchen: One Big Red Cookbook


The Internet Kitchen: One Big Red Cookbook

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Since I write for, I was recently shipped a few copies of the new Betty Crocker Cookbook.

This cookbook is a pretty classic one.  I swear I remember some of the recipes from my childhood so it’s cool to see the book being re-released with a new format.  One thing that I love using this cookbook for is a jumping off point for recipes.

For example, I recently made a bourbon chili recipe on Tablespoon that used the Betty Crocker recipe as a starting point.  Since you know the base recipe is tried and true, it bec0mes easier to mess around with them and try to improve them.

This is a seriously big book and I don’t have room for two of them, so I’m giving one away. Just leave a comment on this post and I’ll pick someone at random today at 7PM Eastern Time and ship the book out to them, US residents only please!

A quick poll for the weekend:

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And a few links!

Three Musketeers Popsicle – For some unknown reason, I’ve never made popsicles.  But if I were to make a popsicle, this might be the first one I make.  Kahlua?  Cream?  Chocolate?  Frozen goodness?  I’ll take four.  (@ Endless Simmer)

Roasted Figs with Sage – Beyond this post having some of the best looking figs I’ve ever seen, the recipe also looks solid.  I’ll be completely honest that if I found figs this amazing, I’d probably just eat them raw, but roasting them is good too!  (@ White on Rice Couple)

Acorn Spaetzle – Anytime I want to see an interesting recipe with ingredients I don’t usually cook with, I swing by HAGC.  Hank is always cooking with unique stuff.  I’ve never really cooked with acorns, but I wonder if it would work equally well with chestnuts?  (@ Hunter Angler Gardener Cook)

Sardine Rillettes – I think most people don’t like sardines.  Most people are wrong.  Sardines are salty and delicious and I eat them every chance I get.  Some people might be weirded out by this recipe, but I could eat a vat of it.  (@ Simply Recipes)

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Have a great weekend everyone!  Start your weekend off right by maybe winning a classic cookbook!

UPDATE: The winner of the cookbook is BILL.  Congrats!

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  1. I have had a Betty Crocker cookbook forever and would be excited to see what has been changed.

    One recipe that never fails me from Betty is the Lemon meringue pie. Yum!

    Thanks for a giveaway and happy Friday!!

  2. I would love to have this cookbook. I'm not necessarily a new cook however I try to never make the same thing twice so it would be awesome to have a whole new list of recipes to try!

  3. I LOVE brussel sprouts. Also, I really like cookbooks that attempt to be semi-comprehensive. They're like wikipedia for my random food experiments.

  4. Gingersnaps?! A delicious fall treat…mmmm…I hope they win. And I hope I win this ginormous cookbook! :) Thanks for the chance!!

  5. I love the Betty Crocker cookbook! My mom has the OLD version (complete with stained, falling out pages and a hole from wear on the sugar cookie page). I told her it's the only thing I want as my inheritance, but in the meantime, a new one for myself would be awesome!

  6. Hey Nick! I'm heading off for a gastronomical adventure with my foodie boyfriend to Croatia and Italy for the next 10 days. Will have to catch up on all your food goodness when I get back! I plan to eat my weight in cheese.

  7. Soup season is upon us and I think farmhouse veggie soup sounds so inviting and comforting!! Wonder if the big red book has great soups in it? Would love to find out!

  8. pick me! i have an old old old version of the book that i have from my grandmother, and would love to get an update!

  9. I agree: I voted for the farmhouse veggie soup, too. I am so enjoying this blob; it is inspiring me to get back in the kitchen again and cook – after a long hiatus of laziness, life ups-and-downs, etc. And that cookbook would sure help. ;-)

  10. My mother used an earlier of this edition book when I was young; how I'd love to find some of her old recipes and enjoy them once again. Thanks for the fond memories!

  11. I have my grandmother's hand-me-down oooooold betty crocker cookbook and would love to win this new version!

  12. I'm about to move back out of my mother's home! A new cookbook would be the perfect way to break in my new kitchen :)

  13. I'm a college student with no cookbooks yet… and need a good one! I hope I get it! Also hoping for veggie soup… I live for soups…

  14. I learned to cook from my mother's copy of this cookbook. Now my copy (received when I wed) looks exactly like I remember my mom's looking back then! I plan to give a new one to my daughter when she gets married. It's a family tradition now.

  15. I love gingersnaps! They remind me of my Grandma because she would always make them around this time of year. She always had a Betty Crocker cookbook too. Unfortunately I wasn’t the one she passed it down to. So a new one would be great to have. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. This is certainly a must-have item for any aspiring cook. I can remember my mother's Betty Crocker cookbook, which had many margin notes, changes, and extra handwritten recipes as well. It was a well-worn thing of beauty!

  17. thanks SO much for bringing back the "whole posts" in your email subscription — they're great. When you write about something I want to cook, I have the whole step-by-step process in my email folder marked "recipes" — and that happens fairly frequently so keep up the good work!
    My recent post Writing Prompt: Note Behind the Picture

  18. When I was growing up my mom had a friend who bought and read cookbooks the way other people buy and read novels. She would have a stack on her nightstand and read a cookbook before she went to sleep. As a kid I thought this was wierd, but now I take the occasional cookbook to bed and read it. Would love to give this one a look.

  19. I still have my mothers old Betty Crocker cookbook, which I actually think belonged to her mother at one point. I didn't know they had put out a new one, exciting!!

  20. I voted for the farmhouse veggie soup. Autumn is soup season — to me, at least — and packing a soup with veggies is a great way to get your greens (and reds….and oranges….).

    It would be fun to have a new cookbook!

  21. I remember this book – I even purchased one for each of my daughters-in-law; however, I neglected to buy one for myself – isn't that always the way. I've now moved to the West coast and I'm starting my life over – newly married at 53 – great way to start my library over again.
    Thanks for all the sharing you do – it is an inspiration for weekend cooking!!

  22. Definitely the Paris Brest! The husband and I were flipping through that copy of CI just last night, and we were thinking that recipe looks good but pretty daunting…so maybe if you show us the way with some pretty photos, we'd have the "macheesmo" to take it on? :-)

  23. I've just recently started to have the courage to tweak recipes…and all my favorite cookie recipes are Betty Crocker. It would be awesome to win this! :)

  24. I'd love to win! Betty Crocker is a great kitchen staple and I don't own one of her cookbooks. I'm 3 wks away from having baby #3 and in major nesting mode which means lots of cooking and baking here! On this weekend's agenda is your Corn Dip and one of your pizza recipes

  25. Wow I remember that cook book from my childhood too. It was a binder style and a lot of the recipes were missing, but the only ones I ever went looking for were the pancakes/waffles recipes. I wouldn't mind a new copy as my new bride and I start our own family. Cheers!

  26. I would consider the gingersnaps or the brussel sprouts a win, and to win the giveaway would be a super bonus!

  27. I love a staple cookbook! There are so many recipes out there but sometimes you need one place to find the good old basics!!!

  28. I love classic recipes! And I experiment quite a bit with recipes, so it's always good to have a good base to start with.

  29. I'm hoping farmhouse veggie soup wins the poll! I have my Grandma's Betty Crocker Cookbook, and its missing the page with the blueberry muffin recipe. Judging by how much my Mom makes muffins from this recipe, I'm guessing it got used so much it just got worn out! That is a fabulous cookbook from the days were people one had ONE. I would like it very much!!

  30. I've long thought that all efforts to domesticate acorns – so they don't taste unpalatably bitter – have proven unsuccessful…? Not surprised to see such a wild ingredient, but interested to see no discussion of what I understand to be a long and as-yet futile project. Or at least that's what I read in Guns, Germs, and Steel.

    PS: Pick me for a cook book!

  31. Don't NEED a new cookbook, but can always use new inspiration to get the creative cooking ideas flowing. Thanks for all your great recipes!

  32. Pick me, pick me! I'd love to share the new Betty Crocker Cookbook with my daughter. Jennifer really needs those "tried and true" basic recipes to help her develop confidence with her cooking. We both enjoy your writing and recipes.

  33. I made my first scalloped potatos from a Betty Crocker cookbook! They had little ham cubes with butter and milk on each layer, and were baked until the top was browned. I was so proud to serve them for the whole family, one of my first efforts at cooking for others. Wow, that was a long time ago, and what a nice memory it is. :)

  34. All of my favorite recipes are from my mother's 1970s-era BC cookbook, so I'd love to see the updated version.

  35. Have used my Betty Crocker cookbook many years. It would be nice having a replacement. Thanks for your inspirational blog!

  36. You're so right about using BC recipes as a jumping off point–I've been playing with the BC basic muffin recipe for years–always works.

  37. As a Chef, I often provided the Big Red Book to my apprentices. The cuts of meat, seasonings, basic recipes and starting points were invaluable to new students. We often just skim over subjects in our in class training and it is hard to retain all information in your first few years. I have found the Big Red Book a very good reference for all blossoming chefs to have among their repertoire of cook books.
    Enjoyed your site. Ghi

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