The Internet Kitchen: Obedience!


The Internet Kitchen: Obedience!

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Betsy and I have almost stopped having friends over at our house because Porter has lost his mind.

He gets so excited when new friends come over that he refuses to let them do anything other than play with him.

It’s a bad situation and after trying to train him on our own, we finally bit the bullet and paid the very reasonable cost to go to one of the dog training classes offered in the area.

We knew just how bad the situation was when we went to our first class this week and he was THE WORST dog in the class by a long shot.

If I were giving him a grade, it would’ve been a solid D- and that’s just because I refuse to fail my family.

He is learning quickly though and I have no doubt that in a few weeks he will be sitting and staying with the best of them!

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  1. I feel your pain! Meg only leaves people alone so that she can fetch their shoes, like “ok! Time for you to go, now!”

  2. …Is Porter a standard poodle? he looks like one…we have had 4 standards in our lives.
    they are sweet highly intelligent..loyal…playful…and very good watch dogs…excellent with children…and etc. they are the very best !
    That being said…they do not like obedience …or school…but once they know you are lovingly serious about it…they will acquiesce ! and you will have the best friend in the world…and your friends will think so as well !
    Al the best Porter…you can do it !

    1. He’s not a standard poodle. He is a mix… we think with some lab and maybe some sheep dog. Your explanation is pretty much spot on for his personality though!

  3. How old is he? We have a chihuahua who is almost 2, and he started out with such lovely manners. He’s turning into a jerk, though. We tried classes at PetSmart and the instructor was a nut job who insisted that her dogs talk to her, and that one of her dogs has had a lifelong ambition to be a seeing eye dog, but as a shih tzu, it’s really hard.

  4. If training classes don’t work, the Colorado Cell Dog Program is terrific. Dog goes to prison for 4 weeks and recieves 24/7 training from an inmate. We have sent 2 dogs through the program. One, a puppy, 7 years ago and just recently a 4 year old rescue dog that came home a happier and much better behaved girl. Prisons nearest you are Denver Women’s and Canon City

  5. Smart dogs are both a blessing and a curse. Adolescence quadruples both. Congratulations on going to a class. Porter will have you whipped into shape in no time. LOL If you aren’t comfortable with any technique being used/taught, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification or a different technique. Any trainer worth their salt has numerous tools in their toolbox.

  6. Yeah…I’ve got a 7 month old goober who LOVES people too. She’s a great Pyrenees and weighs 80lbs already, so her “friendly” is lots of folks’ “terrifying.” Obedience classes were great for her, but it’s definitely a work in progress!

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