The Internet Kitchen: Not Sinking Edition


The Internet Kitchen: Not Sinking Edition

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If you’ve been a long-time Macheesmo reader you might remember that I had to have knee surgery last year because of a pesky ACL tear. Long story short, it didn’t exactly go according to plan and I probably need another surgery some time in the next few months.

The doctor told me that running is pretty much the worst thing I can do for it at the moment so I decided to take up swimming.

One problem: I’m horrible at swimming.

I took swimming lessons as a kid but I’ve never really swam for exercise. I’ve mainly always swam for survival.  The first day I tried it I made it one length of the pool and almost drowned. Not exaggerating.

The problem, I’ve discovered, is that I can’t breath underwater. So I’m working on that.

I actually purchased an instructional DVD and have been hitting the pool like crazy every day so hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be a freakin’ fish or something.

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Copyright Issues on Facebook – There is this growing trend of Facebook pages popping up that basically copy and paste photos and recipes from popular blogs and give no attribution, basically claiming the photos are theirs and the recipes are “from their family”.  This is not right on so many levels and this post does a great job of nailing down why. In short, if you see a Facebook page plagiarizing something from a source you know, please alert they original source so they can handle it. (@ I Am Baker)

How to Make Fruit Powder – Honestly, I’ve never even used fruit powder to my knowledge but it looks beautiful and I can see how it could add some serious flavor to a wide range of dishes. (@ Cupcake Project)

How to use Sesame Oil – The short answer to that is just to put it on everything because it’s wonderful and delicious. But if you need a bit more guidance, there are some great recipes on this post from one of my favorite ingredient-focused food bloggers. (@ The Perfect Pantry)

Flatbreads and Lebanese Pastries – For me, this post was a total trip to another planet. I’ve never been to these places but looking at the wonderful pastries made me want to teleport there. (@ David Lebovitz)


Cool swimming photo by Michael Lokner.

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  1. Uh, no one can breathe underwater. My husband swims, too. He’s not supposed to exercise his lower body and he thinks what helps him the most is a mask and snorkel in the pool. Try that. Maybe sinus problems keep you from breathing through your mouth. Keep trying. We love you!!!

  2. Keep at it. I was in an atv accident and broke my hip. Aqua therapy by walking in the pool really made good progress in healing. I then began to swim and now swim for an hour 54 laps in regulation laps.
    Good luck and keep at it

  3. Gills. I think you can buy pocket-sized versions at Wallymart. They come a dozen to a box so you can share with your non-gilled friends and family. Happy swimming!

  4. Oh man, that seriously sucks about more surgery. Good luck with the swimming though! I love it, but almost never do it for exercise. Maybe I’ll have to start!

  5. I speak from experience (four surgeries on my left knee). Try a water aerobics class. One hellova workout (definitely not for wimps) and you never put your head under water. You can breathe, pant, gasp all you like.

  6. My husband and I have begun fitness swimming – every day (almost) since October. I’m a swimmer from way back but not my husband. He has asthma and finds the breathing difficult when trying to swim front crawl, so his 40 laps/day are done in side stroke. He can really motor along (for a couple of laps) when he wants to but generally swims about 45 sec/25m lap – not shabby at all. Try side stroke or breast stroke if you are having breathing issues with front crawl. Although AquaFit classes seem to be more popular with women (and older ones at that), they can be quite a workout and don’t involve a lot of actual swimming. (PS he also has lost 20 lbs since October)

  7. Oh no, that stinks. I had ACL reconstruction last year too, on my left knee. No offense, I sure hope I’m luckier than you with healing. May I ask what went wrong? (To know what not to do… or to freak out when you say “oh, nothing, it just stopped working one day.”) I had mine done in September, later than you, if I remember correctly.

    I am, I guess happily for me, not a runner, so stationary bike has been plenty fine for me to exercise on. Do you have one? It’s surrounded by air… :)

    1. Hey Sara! Sorry to hear about your knee. It sounds like yours is healing better than mine did. Basically, there is just a ton of scar tissue that developed in my knee post surgery which the doc said could be b/c of a sloppy surgery or because some people just heal differently.

      The clean-up job surgery should be a pretty simple one though so there isn’t anything majorly wrong.

      Good luck on the recovery!

      1. THanks! That’s good that at least you only need some cleanup, I was afraid you had to get the whole sheebang done again.

  8. After nearly a decade of swimming competitively, I can safely say I don’t find any other form of exercise to be nearly as rewarding.

    A little unsolicited and probably rather annoying advice:
    Just remember, try to alternate the side you breathe on or you can stress one shoulder more than the other. The last thing you want is a shoulder injury to accompany you knee. I have also found most people who struggle while swimming are fighting the water instead of working with it. Last thing, even when you’re done with the DVD series, pay for a coach for one or two sessions. Sometimes you don’t realize you’re doing something incorrectly and they can help you fine tune your stroke. I still hire a coach occasionally to ensure my technique hasn’t fallen apart as I train for my first open ocean race (5k!).

    1. Hey Julie! Thanks for the tips. Yea… the DVD I’m using focuses on breathing every third stroke so you alternate.

      I think I probably will pay for a few lessons once I get the basics down. It really is going well though. I’m making good progress at the moment. Thanks for the tips. :)

  9. Hey Nick! It’s Lexi! from Wyoming! I often look at Macheesmo but this is the thing that made me need to post. i could never swim either (I blame growing up in Wyoming… 1 month of pool weather and mostly creepy public pools). About 2 years ago now I took 4 months of swimming lessons with a local Masters Swim club. I bet they have one in GJ. It was the most rewarding thing I had done in years: to learn something I could never do. It was like if someone had said “Oh, you need to be upright to walk. Let me show you.” Having someone teach you basic skills and watching you drill, and correct you, made all the difference. I recommend starting with fins as well, so you don’t have to worry about any lack of kick strength while starting to get your skills down. You’ll get hooked once it starts to feel easier. Happy Swimming!

  10. Hi Nick! Hope your swimming is still going well. I just wanted to comment on a couple of things about the links in this post. I have a Facebook cooking/recipe page, but I never tout a recipe as my own unless it is my own. I typically just post links to the original page for the recipe and my comments if I’ve made the recipe. I’d rather send people to the great pages I find the recipes on. And I’m just about to go to my friends house, whose husband is from Lebanon, and she learned Lebanese recipes from his mother IN Lebanon, and she will be making and baking Lebanese delights as she put it. Of course I volunteered to help! Maybe I’ll come home with some recipes! (Though I probably won’t be allowed to post family recipes, but I can make them!) Have a happy day!

    1. Hey Jason, thanks for the comment. Yea.. the problem is pages that don’t attribute at all. I actually don’t care if people post my recipes as long as they link back to me. :)

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