The Internet Kitchen: New Condo!


The Internet Kitchen: New Condo!

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We bought a new condo this week!

Not for us, of course, but for our favorite black cat, Tipsy.

She’s had a rough year being constantly pestered and chased by the beast, Porter.  After a fairly fortunate weekend in Black Hawk a few weeks ago, I decided to spend some of the winnings on my baby girl.

Is it totally excessive? Absolutely.  Are there a million better ways I could’ve spent $70? Definitely. But the dog doesn’t bother her quite as much and she has left it for just a few hours over the last many days.

It’s possible that with this purchase Betsy and I moved solidly into the crazy-cat-couple category.

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Lemony Macaroni Salad – Since it’s official summer, you might be in the mood for a macaroni salad. If you’re like me, you might even more in the mood for a macaroni salad that doesn’t just taste like mayo-slop. This looks like the trick. (@ Crepes of Wrath)

Chile Colorado – This caught my eye because I live in Colorado. I’ve never heard of a chile colorado. It sounds perfect though especially if you happen to have some wild boar laying around… (@ Hunter Angler)

Why It’s Ethical to Eat Meat – A few weeks ago the NY Times had a kind of odd essay contest trying to answer the question on why it’s ethical to eat meat. Here’s the winner, but I also found this response to be interesting from a well-respected chef. (@ Ruhlman)

Dinner at French LaundryI’ve never been disciplined enough to take photos during a nice dinner, but I like to look at other people’s photos! (@ The Amateur Gourmet)

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Nah. You’re not even *close* to the crazy cat couple yet. We spent about $125 on our cat condo (we do have 3 cats, after all). Best $125 we ever spent – they love it and play, scratch and lounge on it every day. Sometimes all 3 at once! Tipsy will totally love her condo and she definitely deserves it.

  2. Cats are such cool creatures. I have 2, Shemp is a Maine Coon, he thinks he is a dog he fetches. Sophie is a Simease, she’s is pretty and knows it.
    I too spend over $100 on their condo.
    Enjoy your kitty!

  3. Sweet! I bet Tipsey is very happy now. Not crazy, but a good sympathetic dad! I have a kitty korner on my porch. It includes a 3 level cat climber- a shelving unit- which has a litter box on second shelf and bed on the top AND a window perch off to the side. I have two cats and two dogs- it gives the kitty’s some space higher than the dog so they can look at the dog and show superiority. The dogs aren’t big fans of it. lol.

  4. Here are the reasons you are not crazy for doing so:

    1. If she is sitting in/on the condo, she’s not getting fur on your couch

    2. If she is scratching the condo, she’s not scratching your couch.

    I thought about getting one for my cat, but she is pretty resistant to stuff that she thinks is for cats. She’s pretty sure she is a dog. However, if you put a piece of paper or a plastic bag on the ground, she’s in heaven. She will contort her voluminous body so that no part is off of the paper. Her new favorite perch, however, is the toddler seat that I have for my niece—I brought it inside while my car was in the shop, and she has been in kitty heaven.

  5. ooooo cute lil Tipsy!! I think it was money well-spent! We have THREE cats and a dog, and the dog (a very sweet girl, mixed breed rescue) sometimes goes after the orange male cat (14 years old!) because she wants to PLAY with him. He wants to part of it and smacks her in the face. Whatever works!!!

  6. Taking good care of your cat is not crazy! I hate that cat condos are so spendy, but our cat really loves his, and I think all cats need a safe spot to “escape” when other family members are bugging them!

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