The Internet Kitchen: New Computer!


The Internet Kitchen: New Computer!

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I used to be a computing assistant in my college years and if there’s one thing I learned during that job it’s that you get what you pay for when it comes to computers.

I fixed more cheap computers in those years than I can even count. But the kids that spent a few extra bucks on a nice machine rarely had issues.

So when it was time for me to buy a personal computer after college, I bought a really expensive Macbook Pro. That was six years ago.

Until last week, this thing was still humming along like a champ. It was a bit sluggish and couldn’t run every program out there, but it got the job done and never gave me any major problems.

Then, this week, it exploded.

Ok. It didn’t really explode. But something weird happened to it where the entire bottom of the computer popped off and pieces are hanging out of it. Funnily enough, it still freakin’ runs. I have no idea how this is possible because it seems to be missing critical parts.

But whatever. It gave me a chance to backup everything one last time before promptly ordering a new 21 inch iMac which I’m super-pumped about. I upgraded the crap out of it and hopefully it will last me another 6 years!

In other news, I missed the latest season of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution so I’m playing catch up on the episodes. He just re-did the menu at a fast food joint in LA. For the poll this week, pick one of the burgers he came up with and I’ll do my best to recreate it!

[polldaddy poll=”5214840″]

And a few links as always!

Add Me To Your Circle! If you happen to be on Google+, I just got my account set-up. Add me to one of your circles to keep in touch. From what I’ve seen so far, Google+ is really cool. It’s basically like Facebook except it works the way I want Facebook to work. (PS. I’m not sure if that link will work if you don’t have a Google+ account.)

Three Mac and Cheeses – Mac and cheese is always a hit at any party and these three ideas are awesome. Plus they are made in catering quantities which is just plain impressive. (@ The Food in My Beard)

Watermelon Jello Shots – A whole watermelon filled with delicious drunken goodness and chilled. The slices look really cool, but I’m guessing you might want to split a slice with a few people! (@ Savory Reviews)

Creamy Peach Smoothie – Betsy and I are back to making smoothies every day for breakfast and I can’t wait to try this version out. Peach season is just around the corner here so we’ll be getting some very delicious peaches very soon! (@ Pinch My Salt)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo by Young Thousands.

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  1. Okay, I had what I call "The Lipstick" Mac Tower (it had mirrored front drive doors that I could adjust my lipstick in) that I purchased 9 years ago and still ran like a champ … except I couldn't buy a new printer and the hard drive had begun to whine … even after it was turned off, which kind of scared me a little. So I thought it was time to put it out to pasture… my new iMac is FREAKIN' AWESOME! I use it professionally too, I'm a freelance graphic designer and create some whoppin' big files at times. They are expensive, but 9 years, come on, that's like 200 in people years. Just think of all of the recipes I can store and the video I can watch about cooking … the possibilities are endless! Go Revolution Burger…

  2. Congrats on your new computer! I hope it lasts as long as your old one…that's a long time for a computer!

    I love Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution! I think what he trying to do for our school children is so amazing! I have missed a few episodes of this season, too. Are you watching the back episodes on-line? You Tube?

  3. You got me all excited about Google+ and then I clicked the link….it's still in trial run so all I can do is give them my e-mail address and wait 'ti they open it up for more people *sigh* I heard about Google+ on the radio and cannot wait to try it out though – I LOVE that they are fixing all the quirks that facebook isn't. I just want that groups feature!
    My recent post True Colors Swap: The Arrival

    1. Yea… I'm sure they will open it up to everyone shortly. There are definitely a few bugs still that they are clearly working out.

  4. I was always a dedicated PC user and then I realized that I was spending a decent amount of money on laptops and by the time they were two years old they were ready to fall apart (or I was ready to throw them out the window). After years of bagging on Macs I got a macbook pro and I freaking LOVE it! It just works!

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