The Internet Kitchen: Nashville Bound


The Internet Kitchen: Nashville Bound

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Betsy and I are hitting the road (or the air I guess) for Nashville this weekend to spend the holiday week with her family.

I always love going to Nashville.  I really think it’s one of the more under-rated cities in the US.  There’s always so much energy and fun stuff to do there, but it doesn’t feel like a big city which is nice.

We are planning on going to a few shows while we are there and checking out the new antique archaeology store because we are addicted to the show American Pickers.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll pop on something.

No poll for this week because on Thursday I’ll be cooking up a storm and making my apple cider brined turkey!

Here’s a few links though!

Pennsylvania Dutch Baked Corn Pudding – I’m always looking for interesting side dishes to change up the Thanksgiving table and a corn pudding sounds about perfect to me.  (@ Spinach Tiger)

Pumpkin Roll – I was always intimidated by the rolled dessert until I made my first one.  It’s not actually that hard and I bet you can handle it.  This would be an amazing dessert to have during Thanksgiving I think.  If you do get worried about making the roll, Jamie also has great tips on making a perfect roll dessert.  (@ My Baking Addiction)

Crispy CauliflowerRoasted cauliflower is one of my favorite things, but couple it with capers and I’m totally sold.  This looks really warming and just perfect for the winter  holidays. (@ The Bitten Word)

Classic and Not So Classic Desserts – A few really fun and delicious looking desserts from one of my favorite recently discovered blogs.  If you have a few minutes, watch the apple pie video that Heather made.  It’s super cute even though I don’t generally think Pugs are cute.  (@ Sprinkle Bakes)

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo by Thomas Hawk.

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  1. Hi Nick, I hope you have a great weekend here. Thanks for highlighting the baked corn pudding. That post meant a lot to me on a personal level. Apple cider brined turkey sounds divine. I may have to try that. Happy cooking.

  2. Weee! Nashville! I am a follower of the blog, and I think this is my first comment. Hit up the Wild Cow in East Nashy and the new sustainable sandwich shop in 12South called Sloco. Maybe we’ll see y’all out and about.

  3. Betsy is from Nashville and you’ve never heard of chess pie? That doesn’t sound right.
    If you find yourself with nothing to do and food on the brain, I suggest that you visit Prince’s Hot Chicken. Be prepared to wait up to an hour once your order (you can call ahead). It is fabulous, tho.

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