The Internet Kitchen: Mountain Biking


The Internet Kitchen: Mountain Biking

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It turns out that Betsy and I moved to what is, pretty much, the best mountain biking in the entire country. This was news to me, but since it’s one of the most popular activities to do around here, we’re diving right into it!

It’s so popular here that I think there are more bike shops than bars.

That says something.

So, we’re renting a few bikes this week and hitting a trail or two that are on the easier side. I’m expecting it to be like skiing the first time: Fun. And Painful.

But I feel like we’d be stupid to not give it a shot. It would be like moving to Paris but refusing to consume baguettes, cheese, or wine. Silliness.

For the poll this week lets do something that would be a good post-bike ride meal.

[polldaddy poll=”5042299″]

And a few links!

The “No Nitrites Added” Hoax – I seriously hate it when food producers put things on packages that are just plain meaningless. I hadn’t even noticed this one until I read this article but it’s pretty spot on. (@ Ruhlman)

The One Pot Wonder – Who doesn’t love a good one pot dish? I know I do. I actually make version of this meal every few weeks just because it’s so good and fairly simple. This version is taken to another level though with prosciutto, lemon, and good veggies. (@ Thursday Night Smackdown)

Warm Coffee-Infused Chocolate Cake – A warm chocolate cake with a crazy coffee sauce? I’m not a huge chocolate guy, but I could get behind this pretty quickly. (@ Food Loves Writing)

Crispy-Fried Atherina (Smelts)Some people might be turned off by these guys, but I can imagine chilling on a beach with a beer and a big fat plate of these things. I’m not even sure how to find these in my area, but I’m officially on the hunt. (@ Kalofagas)

Have a great weekend everyone! Hopefully I can avoid a 127 hours situation…

Photo by Yann Ropars.

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  1. Did you move to Grand Junction? Thanks for using my photo. Free Lunch Trail is scary/awesome.

  2. Hey!, may i ask, those graphics self-made or
    taken from some photo banks? I am sorry 4 my bad language skills, but i hope that you might still understand my question.

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